Panhandle British Car Association: May 2023 Newsletter

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May 2023

Website editor: Mike Japp

Current happenings

by Paul Salm

A sad farewell: Franz’s last adventure

Those who remember me telling you in recent issues to look forward to “the next installment” of Franz Bachmann’s fearless forays in his beloved 1960 TR3 no longer have to wait. Unfortunately, neither can we share any details of this, his last and final trip.

Unafraid or undaunted by any adventure, challenge, or setback, even death, Franz passed away on Sunday, March 26th. At home with his wife Monica, family, and friends, he accepted his fate quietly, with humility, peace, and grace.

His service, held at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in Crestview, was attended by scores of family, friends, club members and well-wishers, a tribute to the love and affection he garnered from all who knew him.

Enjoy your newfound adventure, Franz. You shall be missed.

See the complete obituary at

Brits on the Bay

In other news, of course, is the big event, the Brits On the Bay Annual Classic Car Show. We’ve been telling everyone about it, marking calendars, sending out flyers, and whatever means possible to get the word out. So, if you hadn’t made plans before reading this, the next issue (June) will tell you what a great time you missed.

For those who will only read of this year’s show, I’m giving you a great big leg up on planning for the next one. Yes, for the year 2024, it will be held on the 20th of April. The show again will be held at the beautiful Seville Square in historic downtown Pensacola, Fla. Red beans and rice party on the 19th.

There it is. No excuses. Make plans now and you can be part of the premier LBC and not-so-LBC classic car show in the Southeast. ’Nuff said.

While planning for the show, we continued to engage in various activities of questionable and not-so-questionable conduct to the delight or chagrin of either the members of the club or the public.

Actually, that’s a lie. The only questionable activities happen at Bob Manske’s garage. And the only questionable areas involve who actually performs the work. Sorry to report that I have no knowledge of anything remotely resembling work at the garage recently.

NOLA and Fairhope

Recent major events included the NOLA Car Show in Metairie, La., on the 25th of March. Members attending and getting awards were Michael King in his 2011 Jaguar XFR (3rd place, Saloons), Fred Veenschoten in his 1952 Morgan F-Super Three-Wheeler (1st place, Empire Sports), Taber Tompkins in his 2007 Caterham 7SV (1st place, Mod Comp), and Bill Silhan in his 1936 AC Doctor’s Coupe (1st place, Prewar and President’s Award).

Bob Manske also attended in his 1955 MG TF 1500. He graciously accepted (with the exception of Taber’s harassment) not receiving an award as his TF was competing against a bevy of beauties (poetic license).

The other “major” recent event, while not a car show, was the annual Fairhope (Ala.) Arts & Crafts Festival. Over its long history, the show has evolved into a super crowd-drawer, necessitating a “park and ride” concept (or “park and hike” for the hardy). Consequently, driving one’s LBC gets attendees into the venue proper, and about 15 members from the local LBC clubs chose to take advantage of the offer — a display bonus for the crowds.

That about sums up the happenings at PBCA at this time. I ask that you keep in your prayers and thoughts the members and friends of the club in need, especially holding onto the wonderful memory of Franz. And, as always, I bid you continued safe and happy motoring.

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