Panhandle British Car Association: April 2023 Newsletter

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April 2023

Website editor: Mike Japp

Out and about with the PBCA

by Paul Salm

Well, as promised, still catching up. Regardless of how well I plan, or at least try to plan, life just will not stop and wait. So it goes.

The first order of business is to relate, again with great sadness, the sudden and totally unexpected passing of John Mahone. John was a long-time member of the club and will be remembered not only for his beautiful MG TF 1500, but for his always genteel, mindful, and considered contributions to the success of the club. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Judy and all the family.

Before any new revelations, I must acknowledge that in the last issue of the Marque, while touting the success of the Dog Daze Rallye, I neglected to give credit to Tom Matsoukas, who has competently taken over the reins of the event with his signature gusto and unfailing cheerfulness.

I know it sounds like a broken record, but Bob Manske hosted yet another successful garage tech/donuts and coffee, and just plain old pick your activity, day. I am happy to report that Curt Derby’s ’53 MG TD, previously listed on the DL, is now up and running as well as it has ever been. The occasion also saw Bob's own MGTF receive some needed fine tuning, and Tim Maynard’s ’62 MGA brakes are again reliable, thanks in large part to Fred Veenschoten’s assistance.

The Shrimp Boil at Bear Lake State Park was a huge success. It is obviously a “foodies” favorite, but the trip to the park itself is enjoyed by all members, as their LBCs were suitably exercised. While I can’t give an exact number, between 55 and 60 members and guests enjoyed an outstanding menu of appetizers, sides, desserts, and, of course, the perfectly cooked shrimp, sausage, corn, and taters, thanks to the culinary efforts of the many willing volunteers — ladies and gents all — under the capable direction of “Chef” Bob Manske.

On March 11th, the Fish and Chips Rallye, a food-oriented event conceived by Paul and Mollie Reese, was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by members of the club. With out going into great detail, the goal was to sample fish and chips at three venues. While it started out well, the only downside was the 1.5-hour wait at two of the establishments. Bottom line, a hit for all — good food, good company, good service, and good venues. The weather didn’t disappoint, either. Thank you, Paul and Mollie.

A quick recap of future events includes the Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival, which will have passed by the time this issue is in print. March 25th sees the British Car Day in New Orleans, which will also be in the rear view mirror. We shall, of course, get the definitive report on the quality of food from our own Taber Tompkins. He may even provide some results of the show itself. A Cruise-In, currently planned for the 26th at the Pine Forest Baptist Church, has yet to be finalized.

Brits on the Bay April 14-15!

The most significant event of the year for the PBCA is, of course, the “Brits on the Bay” show in April.

On Friday, the 14th, Cam Leonard personally kicks off weekend festivities by hosting his ever-popular tour of the ATC/Airport facilities. That same evening our famous red beans and rice dinner, with sides, desserts, and refreshments too enticing to mention, highlights the welcome party.

The show proper on the 15th at beautiful Seville Square in historic downtown Pensacola completes another fantastic weekend when proud owners of painstakingly restored and maintained British vehicles compete for awards. The bottom line is once more we celebrate and share fine food, great friendship, and gorgeous Little, and some Not So Little, British Cars.

As I close this issue, I again solicit your good wishes, prayers, and thoughts for those members and families that are facing any health issues, whether minor or major.

And as always, safe and happy motoring.