Panhandle British Car Association: August 2021 Newsletter

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August 2021

President: Keith Sanders


by Keith Sanders


Pensacola is a great place to be during the summer months. Lots of outdoor things to do now that we are post-COVID-19. You do need a good top for your roadster as we do have frequent afternoon showers, but cruising around with the top down is great fun as it is almost year round.

We have had several driving events since my last British Marque report.

Left Turn Party

The PBCA Left Turn Party to view the Indy 500 was well attended with 40 people and we had lots of fun with Bridget Wakeman asking Indy 500 related questions every 10 minutes. The food was even better than the race, with everyone bringing a covered dish to share. We filled the street out front with our LBCs and other rides.

Stephens-Schmitz rally

We held a driving rally the weekend of June 26th with John Stephens and Tom Schmitz serving as rallymasters for the event. We criss-crossed many secondary roads in both Escambia and Baldwin counties on our way to finish at Mama Lou's Reataurant in Robertsdale, AL. Several questions had to be thrown out due to the fact that the view from John Stephen's high 4x4 truck, which he used to set up the route, was not the same as from an LBC! A further complication was added when a signed truck was moved after several years of being parked ink the same place.


We returned our meeting to Calvert's in the Heights British Pub in May, with a packed house at their new, larger location. We previously held our meetings at The Hangar in Milton. However, the June meeting had to be cancelled due to a conflict at the last minute. Calvert's wanted our club to pay a room fee plus a guaranteed minimum order amount from our members. We decided our club was not in a position to sustain those demands.

the best meeting location we have had in many years was Sonny's BBQ in Warrington. We had made arrangements to return to our old meeting room beginning in August on the third Monday of every month. We will start gathering at 5pm, order as soon as possible, and the business meeting will start at 7. Our members should enjoy the two hours of social time.

Schmitz BBQ

We did not have our regular July meeting because we always have our annual combined three-club barbecue at member Tom Schmitz's house in Lillian, AL in July, and this year it was scheduled for July 18, begining at 12 nood. All members were invited to attend and and e-mail notice followed. Everyone was asked to bring a lawn chair along with a covered dish.

Drive to British Pedlar

Another planned driving event is taking place on August 7th, when we will tour to Navarre and enjoy visiting and viewing items at the British Pedlar store and have lunch at the British Eatery food truck. We will begin our drive at 11am from the Action Mailing office, 2809 Copter Rd, drive Hwy.90 through Pace and Milton to Hwy.87, and then proceed south to Hwy.98 in Navarre. The British Pedlar is located at 7552 Navarre Pkwy (Hwy 98), in the office complex behind the car wash at the main entrance to Holly by the Sea.

Our plan is to arrive by 12 noon. Members who prefer to meet us along our route, coming from another direction, or wish to drive there directly may do so.

Save the date!

The Annual Dog Days Rally wil take place on Saturday September 25th. The Willows, Darla and Rich, who planned the first-ever Dog Days Rally, will server as rallymasters for the event. More info will follow.

Cars line the street for the Left Turn Party

Fred standing, looking cool.

MGAs of PBCA members Tim & Liz Maynard and Paul & Molly Briggs

Joan and Taber.

Tom Schmitz, host of the annual three-club barbecue in July.