Panhandle British Car Association: March 2020 Newsletter

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March 2020

President: Paul Salm
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

Another go at it

by Paul Salm

It's a new year. Your Loyal Correspondent knows, because all the grind of preparing for our annual 2020 "Brits on the Bay Show" has started in earnest. Mark your calendar for April 16-17, because it will be a humdinger. Our fabulous Friday Night Welcoming Party, followed by the Saturday "Show," has earned plaudits for years, and it promises to be even more spectacular in 2020. Don't miss it.

But wait, there's more

One of the things we take pride in is our generous array of events scattered throughout the year. We include driving events, visits to historical places and museums, and a liberal sprinkling of social events. It is these social events that YLC wishes to draw to your attention.

Some clubs may feel that anything not directly connected to cars is not the function of a car club. We feel differently. Our social events give club members a different venue to interact with members (and often guests we invite). Each is an opportunity for participants to get to know each other on a more personal level, as we learn about their families, histories, and other interests they might have, learning often of shared interests beyond just British cars. This can create bonds that might not be formed otherwise.

Shrimp Boil, Fancy Friday... and Chili!

We have recently had several such events, like our January Shrimp Boil held at Bear Lake in Munson. For years, Kay and Mickey Kay have organized this very popular event, which drew a full house.

"Fancy Friday on the Town" sees us selecting one of the many excellent restaurants in the Pensacola and even nearby southern Alabama area, where we try to spruce up a bit in keeping with the quality of our choice.

We saw eight diners availing themselves of a Fancy Friday at Scopolo's, a fine dining establishment well known for the skills of Chef Gus Scopolo. A dark and stormy night reduced our crowd a bit, but it was a congenial group that enjoyed exceptional food.

February 8th saw us gathered at Spanish Cove Clubhouse for the annual Chili Cook-off. Again organized to perfection by the Kays, with all their worker bees, the again full house enjoyed some eight or so chili concoctions, some prepared to remind you of old Mexico with their spicy condiments.

Winners Bridget Wakeman walked home with a 3rd, Paul Salm a 2nd, and champion Chef Risa Manske 1st place. Great job, skilled kitchen craftspeople. Competing on February 8th with the Chili Cook-off was the Pensacola-Atmore Road Rally, organized in part by our own Bill Moseley, which always draws a flock of domestic and foreign cars. This year's was no exception. Good work, Bill.

Coming attractions

Since we have not finalized our upcoming events, and to avoid errors, we'll share these with you ASAP.

Until next time, remember: Most of life's pleasures are just showing up.

All who made the Chili Cook-off a great success. Super work! Photos by Gail Sanders

Scenes from the Chili Cook-off. Below, from top: Just a few of the 40-odd members and guests who attended; with about eight varieties of chili (some fire-breathers), there was plenty to talk about; Kay and Mickey Kay, chili host supreme, with Keith Sanders; on the far left sit Ann and Rob Bartles, guests from Michigan. Below: The winners! Risa Manske (center) 1st place, Paul Salm 2nd, and Bridget Wakeman 3rd.