Panhandle British Car Association: July 2020 Newsletter

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July 2020

President: Paul Salm
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

How to keep on keeping on

by Richard Lewis

The Panhandle British Car club is still on lockdown, with no club activities scheduled for the near future. We did have a "Rally with No Rally" recently, instead a small gathering of folks for burgers and beer at President Keith Sanders' home, with all the cautions observed. That's the extent of it, unique for a club that normally averages at least one activity per week.

Florida is opening up the state, everything from businesses to bars to movie houses, but we are seeing a dramitic rise in COVID-19 infections in our state, so the future is still uncertain.

PBCA, with our membership leaning towards - not all but a number of - superannuated folks, is following a very cautious approach to any large gatherings. We hope things will clarify in the coming months so that we can return to our normal practices.

In the meantime, how to we keep our temporarily halted club alive? Several things have happened, rising organically from all the sheltering in place and the resulting surplus of time for things we were sure we had no time to attend to.

There has been a serious uptick in doing those repairs to our Little British Cars (LBCs) that we put off for ever so long. Your Loyal Correspondent has heard of jobs ranging from repair of windshield wipers and blinker signals repairs to replacements of transmissions and engine overhauls, all things we were sure we didn't have time for.

There have been several instances wehre twos and threes and even a few more careful members have gotten together to tackle some of these projects. For example, when YLC simply couldn't solve the problem of the unopenable glove box, his friend Bob Manske volunteered to take a look at the fabled TR6's problem and solved it so quickly that YLC felt even more inadequate. He also identified several other problems that YLC hadn't even noticed and took care of them as well. Well, that is what a friend is for!

PBCA members have simply kepth up with each other and updated each other on what's going on in their lives. Simple, but important. Our President Keith Sanders has been very good about inquiring about members and keeping in good contact with them.

It is likely that if PBCA weren't such a strong organization, it might have simply faded, never to reconvene, but that is certainly not the case with us. Soon we will return to our former status, an active, vigorous club with strong camaraderie and multiple activities. Just give us a few more months.

In the meantime, stay safe. We want you all back.

Next year we'll be back in our packed-house Friday Welcome Party like this 2019 gala for Brits on the Bay, we hope! Photos by Mike Japp

We missed out on our 2020 show due to the pandemic, but our 2021 show will surely be a humdinger. From the 2019 Brits on the Bay, Bill Silhan's People's Choice 1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster.

Mark Braunstein's Best of Show 1934 Morgan Super Sport 3-wheeler.

Doug and Shannon McArthur's lovely Spitfire.

A Showstopping Jaguar XJ220.