Panhandle British Car Association: July 2019 Newsletter

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July 2019

President: Paul Salm
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

It's Over

by Richard Lewis

The 2019 "Brits on the Bay" Car Show is over, and all Your Loyal Correspondent (YLC) can say is, "Thank God." That sentiment is not because it wasn't the biggest, best, most magnificent show on the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast. It was, drawing participants from multiple states in the South, as well as the lower and upper Midwest, and about 140 cars of nearly every British marque, and with the best Friday night Welcome Party almost anywhere. The featured marque was the TR6 and eleven showed up. Fred Veenshoten, owner of two Morgans, made a real effort to invite Morgans and 14 showed up, perhaps the largest turnout of Morgans of any show remotely nearby. It was all of these things, and more. And it was just plain fun.

Now there are no more hours-long planning meetings, no more scrambling for this and that, sometimes at the last minute, no more multiple phone calls arranging for whatever, no more ... until next time, which looms large, cranking up about October.

What's ahead

Now there's a change of pace. Now we can focus on road trips, outings, rallies, picnics, Fancy Friday on the Town, Breakfast at the Grand, shrimp boils, the Christmas Party, and the like.

The show is hard work that pays off, that leaves one with a great deal of satisfaction, pride in a job well done. But as they say, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." So it's time for fun.

One of the most pleasant things we do for fun is our bimonthly "Fancy Friday on the Town" dinner out. We try to find either a slightly upscale eatery or one that is unique or simply interesting.

Recently we went, some 29 PBCAers, to a British-themed restaurant, Calvert's in the Heights, that specializes in pub food. Decorated as it is with the Union Jack, beer ads, pictures of British scenic spots, and ready with Limey beers of multiple descriptions, everyone fell into the spirit, even trying out some really wretched British accents.

There's more events like this one to occur over the next few months, even as we plan for the 2020 show. Make sure you are there.

Recent events

May 20 -- Monthly PBCA meeting for business, including a review of the 2019 show, food, conversation, and 20/20, plus door prizes.

May 25 -- Silverhill, Ala., Classic Car Show. Multiple marques, but with a British car section. All four PBCA attendees walked away with prizes.

May 31 -- Fancy Friday on the Town. See above.

June 4 -- First Tuesday Breakfast at the Grand. PBCA gathered for good food and conversation at one of our most popular events.

June 17 -- Monthly meeting at Sonny's on Navy Boulevard at 7 p.m.

June 22 -- Garage Tour organized by Fred Veenshoten. Details should have arrived via e-mail.

TBD -- Autojumble (tentative). More via e-mail.

Until next time, enjoy yourself.

Getting Fancy (with PBCA) on Friday. From top: Our dinner destination, Calvert's - great food. Photos by Gail Sanders.

Line-up of British cars at the British-themed pub, including Bob Manske's TR3, mostly self-restored.

The usual suspects.

Who says ladies don't love British cars?

Tim Maynard gets sage advice from President Paul Salm. They had to push it off to get his MGA started, but hey, isn't that how you start British cars anyway?