Panhandle British Car Association: December 2019 Newsletter

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December 2019

President: Paul Salm
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

Where to begin with a proper goodbye

by Paul Salm

No, I'm not leaving the PBCA. Just this past Friday, I was relaxing on the sofa, having finished lunch after a strenuous morning of work on my house (my wife will tell you that’s a whole other issue), and the phone rang.

Well, I just knew it was another telemarketer, but I decided to answer anyway so I could tell them to remove me from their list (fat chance of that happening) in my finest, most tactful manner (another fantasy, I'm sure some will agree). But lo, it was not a telemarketer, it was our beloved PBCA loyal correspondent, Richard Lewis.

I was sure he was going to tell me we couldn't have the scheduled Planning Board meeting at his house that coming Sunday and we'd have to scramble to find an alternate location.

No such luck.

"Paul, we need an article for the December British Marque, and since it's your last month as President, you get the honor and pleasure [or fill in the blank] of providing same."

There you have it, and here I am.

Where to begin and how to say not goodbye, but thanks, to all those who have made the past three years exceptionally satisfying, occasionally frustrating, most always fun and exciting, and always endearing to all who provide the support and guidance to get through the challenges of a continuously growing and successful program?

I speak especially of the Brits on the Bay Show. Our new location, while initially presenting some site challenges, has become an outstanding and exciting atmosphere for LBCs, in large part due to the tireless and steadfast contributions of everyone. Their dogged determination has made this new venue a resounding success.

Lest I offend any one person by omission, to all PBCA members who devote their time and energy to every event throughout the course of the year a most hearty thank you. Not only have you provided the effort to see continued progress, but your enduring and sincere friendship makes it all worthwhile.

I will thank one person, not by name but rather as the "sometimes painful, yet always properly persistent, provider of proper parliamentary procedures" (and there are others), my sincere gratitude - although more often than not, I tended to totally ignore this sage and learned advice. But then, if I didn't do so, what's the point of it all?

Last but not least, I'd like to wish all PBCA members, MGMGers, SABCCers, show attendees, friends and acquaintances of all events, and any others whom I've had the honor and pleasure to meet, a Merry Christmas, and a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year.

One sad ending note: Long-time member and wife of Bob Hensen, Margaret Hensen passed away peacefully. We extend to Bob our deepest sympathy. We will all miss her cheerful presence.

Recent events

November 5 - Breakfast at the Grand followed by Show and Executive Board meeting to plan for future events.

November 9 - South Alabama Autojumble at Donna Eagleton's Garagemahal, which saw an array of car parts, accessories, and collectibles. PBCA members buying and selling included Tom Schmitz, Bill Silhan, Fred Veenschoten and Joe Stevens, with his son John, plus Mike Darby. Unrestrained purchases were made, causing one to wonder later, "Why did I buy that?" The 3rd Annual Jumble will be sponsored by PBCA at a date to be announced.

November 10 - PBCA 2020 Planning Session at the Lewis home to plan for next year's events. About ten members worked for four hours to make an initial draft, with a follow-up session to complete the tentative draft.

November 18 - PBCA monthly meeting, held at 7 p.m. for business, high jinks and prizes.

November 22 - Fancy Friday on the Town, 6 p.m., at a location at this writing to be determined.

November 28 - Happy Thanksgiving.

December 7 - Annual Christmas Party.

December 11 - 2nd Planning Session, to be held at the Manske residence at 2 p.m., to complete planning for 2020 events. All are welcome.

December 15 - Annual Cookie, Cake and Pie Bakeoff to begin at 10 a.m. at the Bagdad Museum.

December 25 - Merry Christmas.

This year, stay away from the antifreeze. It does not mix well with eggnog.

President Paul (left) awards a trophy to VP Marc Cherry at the 2019 'Brits on the Bay' show. Photo by Mike Japp

Renaissance Euro Fest

Euro Fest attracts all kinds, from the elegantly understated Triumph TR3A of Bob Manske (above) to... say, is that a DeLorean in the background (below) with Doc Brown in front? Shades of Back to the Future! Photos by Monica Bachmann