Panhandle British Car Association: March 2018 Newsletter

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March 2018

President: Paul Salm
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

The Virtues of Torpor

by Richard Lewis

Your Loyal Correspondent (YLC) recently heard a fascinating TEDTalk on National Public Radio that discussed a topic dear to his heart, procrastination. The gist of it was that procrastination often leads to better, more creative ideas and solutions, giving more time for reflection, culling the good from the bad, and coming up with a better solution. Amazing, yes? YLC thought so, too. And it was a soul-satisfying message to the premier procrastinator of all time. It excuses so many sins.

This applies of course only to topics to be settled in the near future, not immediate matters. If the bear is charging, if the tiger is about to chomp, procrastination is a very bad idea.

But you know what YLC is talking about. As good as this news is, and however well it might work for others, regrettably, he is not at all sure it is working for him, as his “better solutions” are as rare as hen’s teeth.

As is all too often the case, YLC delays beginning a Marque article to the panicky last minute. But that’s not all. The new book he is so diligently working on hasn’t had a word added for three weeks (though it is true that a dead computer that could not be repaired and finally was replaced was the partial cause, but he could have gone around that — and he reveled in his inactivity). In the words of Kurt Vonnegut, “And so it goes.”

So finally he steals the line from 18th century letter writers: “I take pen to paper…” to get moving.

Coming soon, Brits on the Bay!

This is the frantic season for PBCA as we scramble to get all ready for the Friday Night Welcoming Party at the Pensacola Museum of Commerce and the Saturday “Brits on the Bay” event, in an effort to make it meet or even exceed the string of successes we have had of late with our shows. Just a touch of hysteria creeps into our voices as we see those fateful April 20-21 dates approach with all the ferocity of a charging water buffalo. We remember the old adage, “All events are closer than they appear in the rearview mirror.”

Our successes are our enemies at the moment. We are mission-driven to make each show better than last year’s. And we refuse to disappoint you. Our new show location at Seville Square and Fountain Park gives us golden opportunities to provide a close-knit, more personal event, filled with the old standards plus a few new flourishes, and we will seize those opportunities.

If you haven’t already volunteered, call Marc Cherry at (520) 237-0285. He’ll be glad to hear from you.

And so YLC gives fair warning. You do not want to miss this one. Put April 20-21 on your calendar. Do it now.

Vince Cooke

A sad event recently came our way, and the way of the family of long-time member Vince Cooke, with his passing. This is especially bitter for all as it follows the death of his beloved wife Pat, who died on January 22nd. We wish to convey to the families of Vince and Pat Cooke our deepest sympathies in this dark hour.

Upcoming events (tentative)

March 3 — Panama City Car Show, details via e-mail.

March 6 — Breakfast at the Grand at 10 a.m., followed by the Brits on the Bay Show Committee.

March 8 — Amelia Island Car Show.

March 17 — Fairhope, Ala., Car Show & Crafts Fair. Details via e-mail.

March 19 — PBCA membership meeting at Sonny’s BBQ on Navy Boulevard at 7 p.m.

March 23-24 — New Orleans Car Show, details via e-mail.

March 30 — Fancy Friday on the Town at the Bonefish Grill, Pensacola. Details via e-mail.

Until next time, no racing down Palafox Street.

PBCA Pig Roast
Two beautiful Jags at the 2017 ‘Brits on the Bay’. The event returns in April. Photo by R.T.Manske.

Also returning will be the always popular Not Quite Fab Beatles tribute band. Photo by R.T.Manske.

PBCA pre-show party
The late Henry Hensel and friend Ingrid Candelaria at the 2017 Brits show. We all miss Henry. Photo by R.T.Manske.

PBCA pre-show party
Gracing the entrance to the Brits Welcoming Party at the Museum of Commerce last year were Werner and Alicia Kettelhack’s 1954 XK120 ...

PBCA pre-show party
... and a stunning MGB GT

PBCA pre-show party
Just a few of the MINIs at the show.

PBCA pre-show party
President Paul Sam, who always projects dignity, also at the show.