Panhandle British Car Association: December 2018 Newsletter

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December 2018

President: Paul Salm
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

Supporting other car clubs

by Richard Lewis

As we approach the Holiday Season, let Your Loyal Correspondent (YLS), add his holiday greetings to those of every company in America who wish to fleece you out of your hard earned kopeks by selling you tons of stuff that you absolutely have no need for, but are as bright and shiny and irresistible as the detritus collected by magpies. Happy Holidays!

Our big show, "Brits on the Bay," will be held April 26-27, 2019, and is as bright and shiny and irresistible as anything in store windows, but is full of things that you would definitely love to have (and you can tell your spouse that you definitely need). Mark your calendar, as it is a special treat.

As proud as we are about our show, YLC is happy to report that PBCA both enjoys and wishes to support our nearby neighbors' show efforts, as they support ours.

Brits on the Bluff

On September 14-15, six members of PBCA drove to Natchez, Miss., for the "Brits on the Bluff" show, sponsored by the English Motoring Club of Mississippi. PBCA members have been participating in this show since the early '90s. Tom Schmitz remembers going their first show in 1991, when 11 cars showed up to a vacant lot overlooking the Mississippi River. This year, John Turbeville, EMC President, and Terry Travato, Show Chairman, conducted a great show with 43 British cars in a tree-lined field. Many Natchez residents and tourists came to view the cars.

PBCA members left with trophies, such as Bill and Melissa Silhan with their '60 AC Ace, winning Best in Show. Franz and Monica Bachman tied for 2nd with their '60 Triumph TR3, which they have driven to events all across our county, while Bob Manske walked away with a first for his '08 Jaguar convertible. Tom Schmitz showed up with his TF 1500, vintage 1955, the only T Series MG in the show.

They greeted many old friends at the welcoming party, conveniently located, with the party, host hotel, and show site within two blocks of each other. On Saturday evening, most of the PBCA members walked two blocks to the Biscuits and Blues Cafe for dinner. Natchez is a welcoming town and a great place to visit.


Our good friends at the South Alabama British Car Club (SABCC) always put on a great show at the Fairhope, Ala., Arts & Crafts event. Twenty-six PBCA members made the beautiful drive to Fairhope to participate in what is a delightful show. PBCA walked away with 17 awards, too many to list all of them in the space allotted, including 1sts in class for Tim and Liz Maynard with their 1962 MGA Roadster, Fred Veenschoten with his 1935 Morgan three-wheeler, and Bill and Melissa Silhan with their 1949 Triumph 2000 2+2 convertible. The Silhans were awarded the "Richard Berkley Cunningham, Jr. Memorial Award" as well for their Triumph 2000 [1949 roadster].

PBCA also had seven 2nds and five 3rds, and won "Club with most Attendance" Award, too. In the past, PBCA members have showed up at the Dillard, Mardi Gras MG, Montgomery, Spring Hill, Birmingham shows, and too many more to mention - and the hosting clubs in turn have shown up at our Brits on the Bay event to shine on April 26-27.

We are a tight fellowship. See you there.

Until next time, don't try to light your Yule log with that old gas you've been meaning to recycle.

PBCA calendar

December 1 (tentative) - Bagdad Museum Cookie, Cake, and Pie Cook-off.

December 4 - Breakfast at the Grand, followed by Show Committee meeting.

December 6 - Christmas Parade, Lillian, Ala.

December 15 - PBCA Christmas Party at the Grand.

Date TBD - Executive Board Planning Meeting.

Lotus galore at Fairhope! - photos by Bill Moseley

Morgans, with Fred Veenschoten and his 1930s three-wheeler

Bill Moseley's lovely TR8 and Bill Silhan's gorgeous Triumph Roadster

A pair of E-types, convertible and coupe. Which do you prefer?

TR3s in Fairhope - still an iconic design