Panhandle British Car Association: Jan/Feb 2017 Newsletter

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Jan/Feb 2017

President: Paul Salm
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

A Fresh Start

by Richard Lewis

As you have likely noticed, 2017 is here — a new year, a fresh start, and an opportunity to correct all the mistakes we have made during 2016 (not likely!). Without mentioning the world scene, and all the bungles we made last year, at least at PBCA we are off to a smashingly successful year. We have a new slate of officers, some in the same positions, some in others and some newcomers.

We especially welcome new President Paul Salm, and Vice President Tim Maynard, both leaders capable of forging some new directions. We also welcome Liz Maynard, who will be assisting Treasurer and Show Committee Chair Tom Schmitz (certainly not new, as he was doing these jobs when he and Moses were in the first grade. And doing them admirably). She is an invaluable resource and we are glad to have you, Liz, and your talent.

The remainder of the Executive Board is made up of people who have served for years and again, admirably, at various endeavors. We are well positioned to make the events we plan even more enjoyable and varied, especially that which is our signature event, the “Brits on the Bay” Show. It is scheduled for April 21-22, with the Welcoming Party on Friday night and the Show on Saturday. And what a show it will be, as it is the 25th Anniversary of the Show, and our plans for both events will exceed anything we have done in the past. The will be a humdinger, so mark your calendar. Additional information is available at our website, — and don’t miss our display ad on the next page.

We are indeed poised to make 2017 a banner year. Come along for the ride. We’ve had an active December and January thus far. Here follows a brief recount of them and what’s to come.


December 3 — Cookie, Pie and Cake Bakeoff and Tour of Milton. About 18 members met at the Bagdad Museum, then on the Brick Road in Milton’s 100th Anniversary of the Road. One of the first paved roads in northwest Florida, it was beautiful to see but bumpy to drive. After this Mixmaster experience, we gathered back at the Museum for a pizza lunch, followed by the some 12 desserts spread on the counter. All were delicious, but the big surprise was Tom and Jeanne Schmitz’s super-low-calorie Key Lime Pie. This diet saver was made from common ingredients, but proved to be delicious! Naturally, the Schmitzes walked away with first prize. Monica Bachman’s liquor-infused cherries took second, and the third place winner’s name, sad to say, is lost to history.

December 10 — The Annual Lillian, Ala., Christmas Parade, with the Schmitzes in key rolls, saw a half dozen PBCA members show up to display their LBCs as they drove through Lillian, showering the crowd with beads. Fun!

December 17 — The Annual PBCA Christmas Party, organized by Bob Manske and Liz Maynard, was a smashing success, according to accounts Your Loyal Correspondent (YLC) received from attendees. Alas, he was overtaken by events and was unable to attend.

January 3 — First Tuesday Breakfast at the Grand saw about 20 loyal attendees enjoying good talk and food.

January 10 — Combined Show Committee and Executive Board Meetings. Although an unusual combination, events required us to conduct both meetings on the same day. This meant a long but productive meeting, both planning for “Brits on the Bay” (remember those dates, April 21-22) and made some further plans for upcoming events. The Calendar of Events requires more work, which we will complete in February. Let’s not put them again on the same day, folks.

Upcoming (as of the Marque deadline):

January 21 — Snow Bird Festival in Orange Beach, Ala. Although rain is forecast, we hope this event, introducing our winter visitors to the wonders of the Gulf Coast, will go forward. PBCA, along with the MGMG and South Alabama clubs, will have the spotlight as we display our cars and welcome visitors.

January 22— Annual Chili Cookoff at the Spanish Cove Clubhouse, Lillian, Ala. This event pits the best hot chili pepper cooks against a crowded field. Organized by Mickey and Kay Kay, it’s guaranteed fun that begins at 1 p.m. and goes until taste buds give out.

January 27 — Fancy Friday on the Town, which is dinner at Kazuku’s Japanese Restaurant on 39 Nine Mile Road in Pensacola. Members who have dined there rave about their culinary skills.

February 4 — Pensacola-to-Atmore Rally. Drawing as many as 150 cars of all marques for a beautiful back road drive from Pensacola to Atmore, ending at Dave’s Catfish House, this event always draws rave reviews. PBCA member Bill Moseley is a key organizer, who recently sent a flyer giving details to all PBCA members. PBCA plans are for the PBCA members participating in the event to follow the Rallye to Atmore, and then, rather than stop at the Catfish House, proceed north to Wind Creek Casino for lunch and whatever other activities so desired. Directions and plans will be in an e-mail prior to the event.

February 7 — Breakfast at the Grand with a Show Committee meeting to follow. All are welcome to both as we continue planning for the Big Show.

February 11 — Shrimp Boil at Bear Lake. Again organized by the Kays, this is a great event, filled with lots of shrimp and the fixin’s, followed by extraordinary desserts. YLC looks forward especially to Carol Stewart’s pies, something worth fighting for, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Worth the drive. Thanks to the Kays for all they do.

February 15 — Executive Board at 12 noon at the Grand. All are welcome as we try to plan for the welfare of the club.

February 20 — Regular PBCA club meeting at Sonny’s on Navy Boulevard, beginning at 7 p.m.

Until we meet again, be more careful about filling your LBC with diesel fuel next time!