Panhandle British Car Association: December 2017 Newsletter

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December 2017

President: Paul Salm
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

President’s Holiday message

by Paul Salm

As the end of the year approaches, I’d like to take the opportunity to look back on all the PBCA has accomplished, and at the same time pause to reflect on the meaning of the Season — and give thanks for all my blessings, which includes being surrounded by people who are dedicated, caring, eager and willing to give of themselves to ensure the amazing success of this club.

Without their continued efforts, individually and collectively, this would have been just another year. A personal thank you must be extended to Vice President Tim Maynard and his wife Liz for handling all the minutiae during my absence attending to family illness.

The highlight of the year, of course, was the 25th Anniversary Brits on the Bay Show. Despite the challenge presented by an entirely new venue, the outcome was a smashing success. This in part due to us holding it in Pensacola’s Historic Seville Square. I say “in part” for obvious reasons, because of all the people who helped make it happen.

Show Chairman Tom Schmitz did his usual superb job. And Site Chairman and trophy fabricator extraordinaire Marc Cherry — what can I say? The trophies said it all.

Too numerous to mention by name, lest I forget anyone, is the entire army of individuals who worked tirelessly during the year. From Friday evening’s welcome party through the last car’s departure, it was the total effort that ensured unparalleled success. Thank you, all.

There were other events, to be sure: the Annual Pig Roast at the Schmitzes’ home, the Shrimp Boil, the Humane Society Fundraising Rally and rallies for the entire club, some for the sake of improving our interpersonal social skills (not always successful!), and others just for the sake of exercising our LBCs. Whether big or small, these would cease to be a part of PBCA life without the members who make them happen. They are the constants that define our success.

As we look forward, the Christmas Party at Seville Quarters’ Heritage Hall will cap off the year. Our sights are firmly focused on the 2018 Brits on the Bay Show. Don’t save the day, save the entire weekend! It will again be at Seville Square, April 20-21. Other events for the year are in the planning stage and, as usual, will offer lots of adventure and mystery.

As I close, in keeping with the spirit of the season, I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

And for those who left us this past year, let us keep them, their families, and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

Events, recent & upcoming Recent

November 4 — The Garage Tour at the Manskes’ drew some 25 members and guests to view Bob’s beautifully designed and large, well-appointed garage. Bob, always a cordial host, provided refreshments galore and did a great talk, explaining its origins and the work he is doing the restoration of his TR3, and a beautiful job he has done already. Thanks, Bob, for a great outing, and thanks to Fred Veenshoten for arranging all our tours.

November 7 — Breakfast at the Grand drew about 20 participants and was, as always, a pleasant event. It was followed by the Show Committee’s work on the upcoming 2018 Brits on the Bay Show, which promises to be a gala affair.

November 12 — Executive Board meeting at the Lewis house, which will be followed by a second meeting at the Manskes’ house to plan events for 2018.

November 17 — Fancy Friday on the Town, dinner at 6 p.m. at the Shark Fin in Pensacola. All are welcome.


Some of these events may already have happened by the time you read this. Details to follow.

December 2 — Bagdad/Milton Tour and Cake, Cookies, and Pie Bake-off at the Bagdad Museum, to begin at 10:30 a.m. Start baking now. All are welcome.

December 5 — Breakfast at the Grand and Show Committee meeting following breakfast. All are welcome.

December 9 — Executive Board meeting at the Manskes’ house, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., to continue planning for 2018 events. All are welcome.

December 16 — Lillian, Alabama, Parade. Details via e-mail.

December 16 — Annual PBCA Christmas Party at Seville Quarters. Details via e-mail.

Happy Holidays, and see you in February.

PBCA Pig Roast
The Schmitzes’ Annual Pig Roast was again a very successful, multiclub affair! Photo by Bill Moseley.

Two scenes from Brits on the Bay 2017. Above: Historic homes and gourmet restaurants surround the show venue, Seville Square. Photo by Dick Bishop.

PBCA pre-show party
The Friday night pre-show party took place in the Commerce Museum in the Pensacola Historic District, a former trolley barn. Photo by Bill Moseley.