Panhandle British Car Association: Jan/Feb 2016 Newsletter

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January & February 2016

President: Taber Tompkins,
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis

What have you done?

by Richard Lewis

Without being told, Your Loyal Correspondent (YLC) suspects that you already know this is a new year. With that knowledge firmly in place, what are we going to do about it? How can we make this a better year than last? YLC is not going to delve into all those issues that usually make the list of New Year’s resolutions, things like lose weight, stop smoking (what, you are still smoking?

Are you mad? Has Demon Nicotine rotted what few brain cells still rattle around in that cavernous space? This is your mother speaking — stop!), or all the other things you promise sincerely and with the best intentions, and are eaten with guilt by January 31st for failing to deliver on.

No, this is truly YLC speaking to himself in regard to resolutions related to his own British car, and if you want to tag along, jump aboard.

First and foremost, he resolves to make sure he takes the shining, sparkling TR6 out of the garage more often than monthly.

It is amazing, at least to YLC, how many excuses one can find for not unlimbering the LBC — “Looks like rain, it’s really cold, it’s just a short trip and the sedan is so much more comfortable, my back hurts and those seats are murder,” and so on, ad nauseum. No more! The noble engine’s roar will be heard with regularity! Even the top will come down! On to the open road!

Next, he will start doing more of the required work on the car than he has in the past. Yes, getting under the car is harder than it used to be. Yes, bending over the engine bay can bring on back pain. Yes, skinned knuckles are not pleasant, but there will be no more of this taking it to the mechanic for every little thing like changing the oil, adjusting the timing, changing the points and plugs, rotating the tires, and so on. While there are likely jobs that will require more expert hands, those aforementioned are jobs that can be done by YLC, and even a few more complex ones, and he will desist with taking the easy way out!

Lastly, since three resolutions are enough for anyone, he will resist the temptation to covet every beautiful car he sees, and definitely resist buying any more of them. In the past, YLC has yielded to the siren song to “own just one more, that can’t hurt anything.” Yes, it can. No more irrational purchases, no more buying cars that are mainly held together by rust. YLC seeks focus, and the pleasure of owning a car he cherishes and, most of all, uses!

Well, we’ll see how all of this goes. If any of these resolutions strike a chord with you, help yourself. Whether YLC lives by any of these, time only will tell. The end of 2015 was a busy time for PBCA. Let’s review some highlights.


December 1 — December 1st saw the Tuesday morning breakfast and Show Committee meetings. We enjoyed breakfast and then continued work on the April 15-16 Brits on the Bay Show, which promises to be a humdinger. Last year’s show saw stormy weather, which caused a drop in attendance but still a surprising number of attendees brave enough to challenge the intermittent showers. We have been assured that the weather will be perfect next year and we are making book on it. It will be a great show.

December 5 — The big Christmas Party at the Grand was a swimming success, with the largest attendance in recent years, good food, and lots of fun with the Dirty Santa Gift Swap.

December 12 — Lillian Christmas Parade, as always organized for us by Tom and Jeanne Schmitz. It was a nice turnout and great fun for kids, with lots of candy and small toys coming their way.

December 18 — The Executive Board met at the Grand to plan events for the next year and to attend to some unfinished business, including the revision of the By- Laws, which would be sent to members at the beginning of the year.

December 19 — Our Christmas cookie, cake, and pie luncheon and tour started with the tour of Historic Bagdad and then lunch, which included about fifteen homemade desserts in competition. All proved wonderful.

In the new year

January 13 — The Executive Board met again to finish the work of the December 18th meeting. The schedule of events was approved, plans were made to distribute the By-Laws, a review of Christmas Party expenses was presented, and the purchase of club badges was discussed.

January 18 — Regular monthly meeting at Sonny’s BBQ. Club business, including a review of recent and upcoming events, plans for By-Laws distribution, and club badges were all discussed. Volunteers are needed for the Fancy Friday event and program committee.

January 29 — This is the date of our First Friday event.

Until next time, remember to put the clutch down when you shift.