Panhandle British Car Association: July 2015 Newsletter

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July 2015

President: Taber Tompkins,
Guest Columnist: Marc Cherry

Shifting into summer

by Marc Cherry

It turns out that YLC (Your Loyal Correspondent) isnít all that loyal. He has bolted for parts unknown, leaving me stuck with the job. I do not have a doctorate in English, so this actually may end up slightly more comprehensible and more directly to the point.

Now that the summer doldrums are here, itís hard to motivate yourself out into the garage for any sizeable projects. My E-type has just completed its 1,000-mile break-in period for the extensively rebuilt motor. I have the new oil. I have the new filter. I have all kinds of time. What I donít have is the drive to go lie on the hot pavement and actually do the oil change. Maybe next week.

This is when the club shifts its focus to a slower pace and more relaxed events. We had an epiphany of sorts over our planned seaside drive down to Old Florida on Memorial Day weekend. As it suddenly dawned on us that we would have to work awfully hard in the heat and holiday weekend traffic to have fun, we decided weíll try it in the fall when it actually will be fun. In the meantime, please check our upcoming events and enjoy our Dinner Cruise and the Pig Roast.

The last British Line focused on the great and the good from our Brits on the Bay car show so I will not belabor that point, other than to extend my own personal thanks to my army of volunteers that made it our best-executed event yet despite the toll that the weather took on the overall number of cars on display. Without your help, we couldnít have pulled it off.

Sponsorship was also key. The fact that only 67 cars made the show field in the rain didnít reduce our costs in any significant way. Sponsorship made the show successful for us and the grand efforts of a few members really helped our numbers in generating the needed help of local and national sponsors.

We have had a couple of events in the aftermath of our show. The most significant was our hosting of the Pensacola Euro Car Meet in conjunction with the South Alabama British Car Club and the Mardi Gras MG Club. Thank you to both of those clubs for providing volunteers, equipment and door prizes.

Recent events

On May 16th the British crowd at the Panhandle Cruisers show at Five Flags Speedway was decidedly underwhelming as only two PBCA members were in attendance. For our May 29th Fancy Friday event, the club headed en masse for The Fishing Hole as a slightly less fancy iteration of our very successful Fancy Friday series. We had 34 members make the journey to enjoy excellent food at very reasonable prices. The room lent itself to mingling and conversation for an excellent time all around.

Saturday, May 30th brought the Silverhill, Alabama show. All told, 19 British cars made the journey. Six of those were PBCA members. Tom Schmitz took the 2nd place British Class trophy with his MG TF and Richard Cunningham took the Best of British Class trophy with his E-type coupe. The Euro Meet finally arrived on June 6th. The weather was perfect. A handful of us from PBCA showed early to do the set-up and then began registering cars and giving away door prizes. I had to work vigorously to give away all of the door prizes before the show ended! We had some great prizes, too, from wrench sets, insulated mugs and Jeff Olive wooden spoons to tool bags, Dremel tool sets and no small amount of car wash and car service supplies.

We had 121 cars converge at the National Naval Aviation Museum on NAS Pensacola, setting a record for this show, an achievement we can be justly proud of. Heightened security measures ensured no unauthorized personnel or terrorists could gain access to the restrooms. We had BMW, Mini, Saab, Jaguar, MG, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Fiat, Morgan, Lotus, Caterham, Volkswagen, Austin Healey, Triumph, Alfa Romeo, Opel, Audi, Renault and Porsche all represented.

At 1:30 Dina Linn, Curator of the National Naval Aviation Museum, presented the Best in Show award to Tim and Liz Maynard for their 1962 MGA. Between the 50/50 and registration, we raised $1,098 for the Museumís curatorial fund.

Thanks to Paul Salm for taking the lead on show planning. This turned out to be a fine way to wrap up British Car Week by getting our classics out for everyone to see.

Upcoming events:

  • June 27 ó Baldwin County Heritage Museum tour and lunch at Luluís, Gulf Shores, Ala. (This event will have taken place by the time you read this, but as of deadline, itís still ďupcoming.Ē)
  • July 7 ó Breakfast at the Grand, 10 a.m., Crowne Plaza.
  • July 15 ó PBCA Executive Committee meeting, 12 noon, Crowne Plaza.
  • July 19 ó 20th Annual All-British Car Clubs Pig Roast, noon to 5 p.m., Schmitz home, Lillian, Ala. Our guest of honor will arrive at 1:30 p.m. and will be served at 2 p.m.
  • July 20 ó PBCA meeting, Grover Tís, Milton. Fla.
  • July 31 ó Fancy Friday Dinner Cruise on the Perdido Queen out of Orange Beach, Ala., $68.25 per person, tax and gratuity included. Payment must be received by Therese Hemmert on or before July 16th. Please let Therese know right away if you plan to attend so that we can be sure we will have the required 40 people signed up.
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