Panhandle British Car Association: August 2015 Newsletter

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August 2015

President: Taber Tompkins,
Newsletter Editor: Richard Lewis

3rd PBCA Cruise in Jan. 2016!

The first PBCA Cruise was in February 2011 for 10 days on the Emerald Princess. Thirteen members and friends visited the eastern Caribbean and had a great time (see photos). One of the highlights was the zip line on St. Maarten.

The second PBCA Cruise was in February of this year aboard the Norwegian Dawn out of New Orleans to the western Caribbean. Thirty-one members and friends joined us for a fun time. Again, among the many activities, the PBCA zip liners hit the lines in Roatan, Honduras.

The third PBCA Cruise has been announced and so far nine couples have signed up. This trip will be aboard the Island Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale for 10 days cruising to the southern Caribbean, including Aruba, Cartagena, Columbia, the Panama Canal, Colon, Costa Rica and Grand Cayman, then returning to Ft Lauderdale.

Any British car enthusiasts are welcome to join us and do not need to be PBCA members. We already have an MGB owner from Wisconsin joining the group. Of course, she is not unknown to the group as she was part of the first two cruises and is Tom Schmitz’s sister Linda. If you are interested in joining us on this cruising adventure, contact Tom, (251) 961-7171 or, for details and costs.

Running out of gas

by Richard Lewis

After a brief respite, filled with family, travel, and fun, Your Loyal Correspondent (YLC) is back at the old Underwood. He wants to thank good friend and member Marc Cherry for filling in during his absence. YLC read his article with great pleasure and not a little envy. Instead of circling the barn and wandering through the blackberry patch, Marc gets directly to the point with economy and skill. Thanks again, Marc. YLC is staring at the old Underwood in a listless fashion, in keeping with the weather in Florida during the summer heat.

Any LBC driver brave enough to drive with the top down during one of our sizzling days risks permanent brain damage from Old Sol, who seems to have his temperature gauge set on extra high. The weather is either equatorially blazing or, all too frequently, blowing at hurricane speed, in a serious attempt to kill you. As a native Floridian, YLC should be well used to all this, but it seems never so.

That is part of the reason our usually frenetic pace of events and activities, to which PBCA members have grown accustomed, has slowed down considerably. For example, we postponed our Memorial Day event, the drive to Seaside and lunch at Goatfeathers, moving it to our usually delightful fall, because of extreme holiday tourist traffic on wicked Hwy. 98 and high heat — a deadly combination.

We have tried to plan most events that give some relief from the torrid sun, but have not abjured all road trips. Because summer is also a time when many members take well-deserved holidays, we canceled our July monthly meeting, picking up again in August. Also, many club members will be together at the Pig Roast, which happens the day before what would have been the July regular club meeting.

No one should assume that the calendar won’t be full in August and September, and on into the year. Thus follows a listing of recent and upcoming events.

Recent events

June 27 — Baldwin County Heritage Museum drive and lunch at the Derailed Diner. A good turnout of 16 PBCA members showed up in Lillian, Ala., to head for the Museum, near Elberta, Ala., for a tour of Baldwin County’s vibrant history and culture. Tom and Jeanne Schmitz led the caravan consisting of Bob and Risa Manske, Mickey and Kay Kay, Taber and Joan Tompkins, Al Deweese, Jeff and Marie Olive, Rich and Darla Willows, Bob Henson, and John Grossi and his son. The tour started out with a back roads tour of south Baldwin County. As predicted, we encountered several intermittent showers on the way to the Museum but soldiered on with no ill effects. Following an hour and a half at the Museum we preceded north through the countryside to the famous Derailed Diner for lunch, surrounded by transportation memorabilia of all sorts and enjoying the always-good food the Diner prepares. The lunch was originally scheduled to be at the well-known Lulu’s in Gulf Shores, but it was decided to avoid Gulf Shores or any place even near the beach when it was discovered that there were over 900 Little League baseball players and their siblings, parents and other hangers-on in town for the weekend overpopulating the various beach eateries — certainly a time when all knowledgeable residents make all efforts to avoid the coast. We will venture back to the beach in the fall when the tourists go home and before the Snowbirds show up for the winter.

July 19 — 20th Annual All-British Car Clubs Pig Roast at the Schmitz residence in Lillian, Ala. This event, welcoming not only PBCA members, but also our good friends in the South Alabama British Car Club and the Mardi Gras MG Club, is a prime event for all. Although at this writing still to come, YLC knows in advance it will be a remarkable opportunity to greet old friends and enjoy sumptuous foods of all kinds, many prepared by the excellent cooks among all the clubs.


  • August 4 — Breakfast at the Grand at 10 a.m., followed by the first-of-the-season Brits on the Bay Show Committee meeting. It is a great breakfast place and (does it seem possible that it’s already that time?) this is our kick-off meeting to plan for the best-ever 2016 Brits on the Bay show. All are needed to help.
  • August 7 — Executive Board meeting at the Manske residence. More information as it is available. This extended meeting will be devoted to updating our schedule of events, the by-laws (see sidebar on page 29), website and other matters.
  • August 21 — Dinner Cruise.
  • August 22 — Drive to the Wentworth Museum and lunch at a place to be decided. This spectacular museum, devoted to the history of Pensacola, the first city to be settled in America (however, not continuously; that honor goes to St. Augustine), has recently had a number of new exhibits added. It will be a treat to even recent visitors. Lunch at one of the extraordinary restaurants in downtown Pensacola will follow.

    Until next time, remember that only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.

    FYI: By-law revisions

    The current Constitution and By-laws of the Panhandle British Car Association were approved and implemented in September 1992. They are out-of-date and in need of updating, the revisions to reflect the manner in which the club currently operates. The Bylaws Review Committee of the Executive Committee is currently reviewing the documents and will soon propose various revisions and submit them for the club’s approval. At that time it will be necessary for at least two-thirds of the current membership to approve the revisions. The new by-laws will be published for two consecutive months in this newsletter. At that time members will be asked to vote on approval. That procedure will be outlined at that time. It is asked that all members keep this in mind and actively help in accomplishing this effort.

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