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May 2013

President & Contributing Editor: Richard Lewis, (404) 906-2840

Following the British Line

by Marc Cherry

PENSACOLA, FL - By the time you read this, our "Brits on the Bay" car show will be in the record books. With 94 cars registered a week before the show, it is obvious that that the new surge in participation and enthusiasm is paying off.

First, thank you to all of our guests who came from near and far to join us. We really enjoy hosting the regional British clubs and the owners. Please let us know how we did. We have worked hard to make it more than just a car show. Those of you who were able to join us for the Friday events know what I am talking about. We're already at work to expand our Friday events for next year. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us and will join us again next year.

I would also like to thank the volunteers. You may not realize it, but the level of involvement this year really climbed. We had club members, spouses, and their families sign up to fill 83 positions for this show. You did not misread that, 83 volunteer jobs were filled. That number just covered Friday and Saturday, overshadowing the work members did beforehand and behind the scenes.

At press time, Tom Schmitz had 82 sponsorships in hand. That proves some incredible work by our club members. I have been part of car show planning in four different clubs and can say that any of those other clubs would be beside themselves to achieve that level of participation from their rank-and-file members! Thank you, everyone, for pitching in.

PBCA wins Club Participation award at New Orleans show

The British Motoring Club New Orleans hosted their usual great show this year.

The highlight of the Friday Welcome Party was the incredible array of Cajun food prepared by club members - just delicious and fantastic. And they had door prized for just about everyone there.

In spite of the dire weather predictions - which never occurred but cut into their participation - the show went off extremely well. There was a fine display of beautiful British iron on the field and the usual New Orleans club hospitality prevailed. As the old saying goes, "A good time was had by all".

PBCA was well represented and won the Club Participation award. Our members attending (and their class awards) included Mark and Judy Huber, '66 MGB, 2nd Place; Robert Herman, '69 Jag E-type, 3rd place; Bob Manske, '08 Jag XK, 1st place; Keith and Gail Sanders, '87 Jag XJ6L, 1st place; Tom and Jeannie Schmitz, '11 MINI Cooper Clubman, 1st place; and Bill and Melissa Silhan, '49 Triumph 2000 Roadster, 1st place.

Richard and Donna Cunningham were also in attendance, the serious threat of large hailstorm keeping Richard's newly restored E-type safely at home, as was the case with the cars of some of our other members. Hopefully we will have a much larger participation at next year's New Orleans show.

In Other News...

On April 13th, Mack Innis and Bill Silhan attended Euro Fest in Baton Rouge. The invitation-only format ensured that they were up against nothing but outstanding cars. Bill won in the British Open class with his AC Ace and Mack won the Special Interest class with his Aston Martin DB7 Volante. Congratulations!

With the driving season now at full tilt, you may have some minor mechanical issue to sort that could benefit from an extra set of hands, or maybe 10-15 people standing around telling you how you're doing it wrong. Perhaps your car is ready for a good wash and can't think of anywhere better to leave the grime (and possibly some oil) than Bob Manske's driveway.

If any of the above is true, then come on out to Bob's on May 4th for the "Wash and Tune" event. We'll have a good roundup of specialty tools on hand for basic jobs as well as car wash supplies, plus technical and non-technical experts standing around to advise and assist. I'll even bring along all of the tools you've seen in the Tool of the Month column so you can try them firsthand.

Watch your inbox for details on the other events on our calendar!