Panhandle British Car Association: April 2013 Newsletter

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April 2013

President & Contributing Editor: Richard Lewis, email: bettyrichardlewis (at)

Heads Up!

by Marc Cherry

PENSACOLA, FL - Our "Brits on the Bay" car show is on April 20th. Please get your registrations in.

We are now fully in our busy season. The promise of good weather drives us to get as much maintenance, driving and showing in before oppressive heat and humidity drive us indoors for the summer. A lot has gone on in the last few weeks and we have a lot before us as well.

Shrimp Boil

At the February meeting, Tom Matsoukas attempted to interest club members in the beautiful back roads that he found last year to the Shrimp Boil, proclaiming all the twists and turns, hills and dales that his TD enjoyed in route to the state park. No so this year. Early attempt to go out and help the Kays get setup stalled. Seem the route let him and the TR6 to the Blackwater River, which had flowed out of its banks and across one of those back roads. The Fish and Game officer at the bridge assured him the road was "fordable, as long as you could see the yellow stripe - but you might get some water over your door sills, 'cause that little yeller car sits real low." Needless to say he opted to take a U-turn instead.

Fortunately no other club members listened to Tom's advice for a great LBC route. That flooding spared Bill Moseley's Atmore Rally from the biblical flooding that messed up last year's event but did manage to rain out the Orange Beach show.

The Shrimp Boil was a great success. Mikey and Kay did a great job prepping and cooking for the group that included Tom and Jeannie S., Richard L., Mark & Judy H., Gene E, Micky M., and Gus & Ann F., Bob & Risa M., Bill & Donna W. and two g-kids, Al D., Curt & Midge D., Keith & Gail S., Rich & Darla W., Joe S., Jeff & Marie O., and a few others we missed. We had the Sanders' Jag sedan, Olive's Mini, Huber's MGB, Manske's Jag, Drop top, Schmitz' Mini, Tom's TR6, and a Mr. Cooper in a Midget that followed the crowd in.

The Orange Beach Show was rescheduled for the 2nd of March for a chilly, but well-attended gathering.

Amelia Island and the Panama City show

I'm still chafing at having had to miss Amelia Island. We'll have to live vicariously through the members that were able to make the pilgrimage. PBCA attendees were Bob and Risa Manske, Gus and Ann Fell, Curt and Midge Derby, and Gene and Eve Wilcox. Everyone except Gus and Ann stayed in Jekyll Island, GA and drove to the show on Sunday.

The format was different this year two shows. One show was on Saturday with the usual huge Concours d'Elegance on Sunday. Although we don't have any reports on the Saturday event, Sunday saw perfect weather and beautiful cars. The event was very crowded with more people than ever being at the show. I guess Amelia isn't "the right crowd and no crowding" show.

The same weekend also held the Panama City show. Tom Schmitz and Bob Hensen attended in Tom's '69 E-Type 2+2. Taber Tompkins drove his '07 Caterham Super 7 SV. They enjoyed the cars on display, the Highland Games and good food. The Bay British Car Club was very welcoming and it appears at least four or five of their members will be attending our Brits on the Bay event.

Last Minute show particulars

Our meeting on the 15th of April is our last before the car show. We will be stuffing the goody bags and coordinating the final details.

Speaking of the car show, we have quite a few changes this year, starting with the fact that it's not a car show but an event - a two-day event. On the Friday we'll have tours and driving events, capped by our red beans and rice dinner. Remember, the dinner is under the big top at the show site this year. Saturday morning brings the car show. We're working on speeding up the balloting to allow our out-of-town guests to get on the road a little sooner.