Panhandle British Car Association: October 2009 Newsletter

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October 2009

Contributing Editor: Tom Schmitz
President: Curt Derby

Emerald Coast Car Show

Ft.Walton Beach, FL - Some did brave it on Saturday, September 12th, and made it to the Emerald Coast Car Show at Ft.Walton Beach. It rained on them all the way there and then stopped once they were registered.

Not for long. Then the rain came again. Everyone had to close up the cars and wait for the judges to come so they could open the bonnets and boots and windows. It rained basically the whole time. At the very end for the presentations the sun came out for a short while, then clouded back up, but no more rain.

Don and Marion Warnecke brought their 1958 MGA (Don had his new painted wire wheels). Bob Manske was there with his '55 MG TF-1500. Rich Willows coerced him into

coming. Rich and Darla were in their Healey 100-6. Dee Dee Daniels brought her 1994 Jag XJ6.

Rich and Darla got 1st place in the British 6, 8, 12-cylinder class and the Warneckes got 1st for their MGA in the 4-cylinder class. Bob got 2nd in that class while Dee Dee took home 2nd in her class.

All and all not the worst day we have had, but certainly not the best. But we are all glad we braved the weather and made the show.