Panhandle British Car Association: February 2009 Newsletter

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February 2009

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Curt Derby

Biggest Road Rally Ever!

Bill Moseley

AT 6:00 PM DINNER, 7:00 PM MEETING AT O'Charley's, 6233 N Davis Hwy, Pensacola.

Plan for the big PBCA British Car Show, Sat., April 18. 

January 31 PBCA Shrimpboil

An article on the Shrimpboil and a list of participants will be in next month’s British Marque.

cars parked at Bear Lake
PBCA cars arrive at Shrimpboil. Photo: Curt Derby

cars parked at Bear Lake
Event chairman, Mickey Kay, stirs the shrimp. Photo: Curt Derby

Feb. 7, PBCA – PCCC Road Rally

Warren Peacock, President, PCCC and Bill Moseley, Rallymaster

Besides the fun of driving, the objective of the Road Rally is to bring together all the clubs with the encouragement that they include everybody in their major driving events.

You can see all the photos on:, Club Recent and Upcoming Events and, Past Events

This year's Panhandle British Car Association – Panhandle Cruisers Car Club Road Rally was a resounding success. The biggest ever. The weather was perfect for a 52-mile drive from Pensacola to Atmore, Alabama over “roads less traveled”. We had 76 drivers representing 17 clubs and 190 people served at David’s Catfish House. (Actually, 25 clubs if you counted the second clubs.) Drivers and navigators showed up to register at the Burger King at Nine Mile Plaza to drive, have fun driving, and eat at David's Catfish House in Atmore, Alabama. David’s Catfish House did a wonderful job of making sure everything was just right. Bill Moseley visited Josh Godwin, one of the owners, to make sure they would be prepared with a full staff and plenty of vittles. Bill told Josh the previous Saturday that we would have over 120 people. Josh was telephoned after registration so he wouldn't be surprised when 190 people arrived. Each entrant was given a printed course instruction sheet and a questionnaire when they registered and by 10 AM they were all on their way. Action Mailing professionally printed the forms, a gratis, so the event cost the club nothing. Cindy and Warren Peacock and Bill and Monnie Moseley headed straight to Atmore and arrived just as the first participants were getting out of their cars. The staff at David's Catfish House started serving as soon as the first participant was seated. During the dinner, the 25 or so items were on display and were given to the drivers with the highest scores on the questionnaire. We had a PA system but it decided not to work so Warren and Bill did a lot of yelling. Everyone enjoyed themselves and no one left hungry. A few of the drivers and their co-pilots headed for the nearby Wind Creek Casino after eating to try their luck. We had a great time and we are looking forward to next time. Thanks to everyone for joining us and to the management and staff at David's Catfish House.

The seventeen clubs that were represented on the Road Rally, in no special order, were:

  • Panhandle Cruisers
  • Panhandle British Car Association
  • Pensacola Austin-Healey Club
  • Mardi Gras MGs
  • Gearjammers
  • BMW Club
  • Sonnenschein Porsche Club Chapter of Porsche Club of America  
  • Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)
  • Birmingham British Motoring Club
  • Mustang Club of America
  • Toronto Porsche, Upper Canada
  • Antique Car Club of America
  • MSCC (Corvette Club)
  • Southern Mopar
  • South Alabama British Car Club (SABCC)
  • Deep South Cobra Club
  • Gulf Coast Cruisers
  • And several unattached drivers

    PBCA drivers and their navigator were:

  • David and Marion Warnecke
  • Rich and Darla Willows
  • Tom and Mary Keyser
  • Bob and Rise Manske
  • David and Laurie Powers
  • Vince and Pat Cooke
  • Bob Henson and Tom Schmitz
  • Curt and Midge Derby
  • Roger and Robert Herman
  • Russ and Cathy Pascoe
  • Kevin Curran (no co-pilot)

    Photos speak louder than words:

    rally 2009
    Probably the best rally photo ever, in beautiful color. Escambia Grain Mill is in photo. Photo: Jeff and Janet Newman, Birmingham British Motoring Club

    rally 2009
    British cars arrive at the start. Photo: Dick Bishop, Mardi Gras MGs

    rally 2009
    Driver, Roger Swain, with registrars, Monnie Moseley, Cindy Peacock, and Warren Peacock. Photo: Bill Moseley

    rally 2009
    PBCA’s Vince and Pat Cooke begin the drive. Photo: Bill Moseley

    rally 2009
    Panhandle Cruisers’ Richard Spry, at the only choke point, 6 miles from finish. Photo: Bill Moseley

    rally 2009
    Arrival at Atmore, Alabama. Photo: Dr. Jon Wagner, Pensacola Austin-Healey Club

    rally 2009
    A NICE 41 Ford!! Photo: Jon Wagner

    rally 2009
    Some old cars. 1950 Oldsmobile, Bill Vickery, Antique Auto. Assn. of America. Photo: Dr. Jon Wagner

    rally 2009
    Some new cars. Jerry Cowing’s Ford GR-40, Deep South Cobra Club. Photo: Bill Moseley

    rally 2009
    About 1/3 of the rallyists enjoying lunch. Photo: Joe Teer, Panhandle Cruisers

    Upcoming events

    March 14th Saturday - Panama City British Car Show. Website:

    March 16th Monday - PBCA Meeting at O'Charley's, Eat 6pm, meeting 7pm.

    March 21 Saturday - New Orleans British Car Show. Website:

    March 21 Saturday - Fairhope Arts and Crafts Show. Display your British Car. Website:

    April 13th Monday - PBCA Meeting at O'Charley's. Eat 6pm, meeting 7pm. Goody bag stuffing for our April 18 show. All members should plan to attend.

    April 17th Friday – Brits on the Bay welcome party with Red Beans and Rice at, Days Inn Pensacola Beach, 16 Via de Luna Drive, Pensacola Beach, FL.

    April 18th Saturday - Pensacola British Car Show "BRITS ON THE BAY"!!!

    May 1-3 Fri-Sun - British Car Rendezvous, Tallahassee, FL at the Tallahassee Antique Auto Museum. Website:

    May 9 - Euro Show at NAS Pensacola - All-European Car show located at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, NAS, Pensacola.

    May 8-9 Sat/Sun - Townsend, TN, British Car Gathering. Website:

    May 16th Saturday – Panhandle Cruisers National Show, Downtown Pensacola. Judged show. Unlimited British marque or model splits plus two standing British classes: 4-cyl and 6,8,12-cyl.