Panhandle British Car Association: September 2008 Newsletter

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September 2008

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Curt Derby


Bill Moseley

Pensacola, Florida. Next meeting, Monday, October 20 at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Eat at 6:00 – Meeting at 7:00

Upcoming events:

October 4th Sat - 12th British Car Day, Montgomery, AL, hosted by the British Motoring Club of Montgomery. Show site: Lagoon Park. Times: 10am-2pm. Contact: Steve Griffin 256-234-3343 or Ron Pardo 334-207-2030;

October 4th Sat - 9th annual ice cream social at Richard & Donna Cunningham’s. Takes place at 2:00 PM. SABCC will furnish cups, plates, soft drinks, etc. Please bring your favorite ice cream toppings, any other goodies you might like.

October 19th Sun - Polo Matches with Mardi Gras MGs, Fairhope, AL (changed from October 5th)

October 18th Sat - Navarre Car Show, Navarre High School, FL.

October 20th Monday - PBCA Meeting at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Town & Country Plaza, Pace and Fairfield Blvds, Pensacola.

October 25th Sat - South Alabama British Car Club (SABCC) Fairhope British Car Show.

November 1st Sat - Chattanooga British Car Show

November 7th-9th - Fri-Sun - Florida Suncoast MG Car Club Jamboree 16 in St. Petersburg, FL. All-British car show at St. Petersburg, FL (800) 227-8045.

November 16th Sun - PBCA Scatter Rally

Reschedule: PBCA Road Rally will be rescheduled in February

November 17th Monday - PBCA Meeting at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Town & Country Plaza, Pace and Fairfield Blvds, Pensacola. Election of club officers.


December 6th Sat - PBCA Christmas Party, Pensacola Beach Resort/Days Inn, 16 Via de Luna Dr, Pensacola Beach, FL. Dinner, 6pm. Installation of new club officers.

December (TBA) Sat - Lillian Alabama Christmas Parade

December 14th Sat – Pensacola - Quayside Gallery Arts and Hor'dourves Tour.



PBCA Zoo Tour

September 13 - The 2nd Annual PBCA Zoo Tour brought out eight British cars and 15 members.   The special route from the Lillian Shopping Center to Doc's Seafood and the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo was 40.4 miles with a route questionnaire of 25 questions about observations along the way. 

Those attending and their place with the questionnaire were:

Rich and Darla Willows, '58 Austin Healey 100-6, 1st place

Bob and Risa Manske, '55 MGTF, 2nd Place

Michael and Jennifer Bamford, '89 Jaguar XJ6 3rd Place

Mickey and Kay Kay, '67 MGB, 4th Place  

Robert and Linda Carleen, '61 MGA, 5th Place

Ralph and Peggy Overly, '69 MGC-GT, 6th Place

Bob Henson, 92 Jag XJS and Tom Schmitz, '55 MGTF, set the route and the questionnaire therefore they did not do the questionnaire.  Jeanne Schmitz had a perfect 25 point score but was disqualified due to suspected excessive hints from Tom.

The group had a nice lunch at Doc's and then walked across the parking lot to the Zoo in time for the 2:00 pm Bengal Tiger Cub show.   The club, as in the past, picked up the tab for the entrance fees and a cup of snacks for the animals.  After an hour of so at the Zoo, everyone headed their individual ways having enjoyed another fun PBCA event. 



Ready for the Tour Photo: Robert Carleen


Emerald Coast Car Show

September 6 – Ft. Walton Beach, Florida – Ten British cars entered the all-car show. This time, Panhandle Cruisers added a first ever: Two fixed British classes and the new UNLIMITED CLASS SPLITS for both marques and models. Four judges carefully graded all cars in the four areas, Exterior, Interior, Engine compartment, and Undercarriage, adding to a perfect 100 points.

So far as I can find out this is the first time that unlimited splits for British cars were ever used in any all-car show.  We had only one split this time for the three MG-Ts out of the 10 British cars that entered.  There would have certainly been more splits if a large British contingent were there.  The split, Curt Derby's MGTD and the MGTFs of Bob Manske and Tom Schmitz, were scrutinized ---  All three would up with the same score and were awarded first place.  Head judge, Warren Peacock, told me that the MG-Ts were beautiful and although each car lost some points for different things, the cars were not compared and the high scores stood at first. 

My feeling is that we will have a huge British turnout when the word gets around that we Brits are appreciated by the Panhandle Cruisers -- Something that is lacking in a lot of past all-car shows. Unlimited splits will be used in the all the bigger Panhandle Cruisers' shows. When the Cruisers’ National Show rolls around May 16, ’08, it will take place in downtown Pensacola. I predict that a huge number of British cars will enter and there will be many marque – model splits.

The winners were:

Bob Manske, MGTF, 1st; Curt Derby, MGTD, 1st; Tom Schmitz, MGTF, 1st; Richard and Darla Willows, Austin-Healey 100-6, 1st; Sterling Bingham, Rolls Royce, 2nd; Bill Moseley, Triumph TR-8, 2nd; Jack Laird, ’59 Austin-Healey Sprite, 2nd; Ralph Overly, MGC-GT, 3rd; Richard Bishop, MGB, 3rd.

(All photos: Bill Moseley)

Totaling scores - Bob Manske’s rare original paint was a big plus.

Judging continues --

The four-cylinder class

The 6, 8, 12 cylinder class

Richard and Darla Willows’ Austin-Healey judged first in 6, 8, 12 cyl. Class

Ralph Overly’s MGC-GT judged third in 6, 8, 12 cyl. Class

The MG-T guys, Bob Manske, Curt Derby, Tom Schmitz



September 20, Pensacola – Drive-In Movie.

The second Drive-In Movie took place at the Belmont Arts and Crafts Center. Cars of every type were there to enjoy “Gumball Rally” plus old drive-in shorts put together by Henry Hensel and Bill Silhan. The concession was as good as before and the popcorn, even better. $15 per carload went towards the educational Belmont Arts and Crafts Center. Don’t miss the next one!!!

Lining up for movie

Jaguar and Thunderbird side-by-side

“That’s All, Folks”