Panhandle British Car Association: May 2008 Newsletter

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May 2008

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Curt Derby


Bill Moseley and Tom Schmitz

PBCA Upcoming events:

June 10,Tuesday - Naval Aviation Museum Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to be held at the National Museum of Naval Aviation. Causal dress. Plan to arrive for social hour from 5:00. Dinner at 6:00. Park behind the museum in the area behind the Blue Angels atrium.

June 21, Saturday - Alabama Blueberry Festival Car Show, downtown Brewton. Will have one of the "huge" trophies (like Best Engine or Best Paint, for example) for the Best British Car. Everything else Top 30. 9:00 - 3:00 Sam Archer, 850 937-8894 or Glen Freeman, 251 867-4781.

June 16, Monday - PBCA Meeting at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Town & Country Plaza, Pace and Fairfield Blvds., Pensacola.

July 20, Sunday - Joint PBCA-SABCC-MGMG-PAHC Pig Roast at Schmitz house, Lillian, AL. Monthly meeting announcements included. No regular meeting this month.

June 28, Friday - Classic and Custom Car Drive-Inn Movie; Arrive at dusk at Belmont Arts and Cultural Center, corner Belmont and DeVilliers. Have or bring a FM radio. Watch for email. Bill Silhan, chmn.

August 18, Monday - PBCA Meeting at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Town & Country Plaza, Pace and Fairfield Blvds, Pensacola.

August 23 or 24 (TBA), Sat. or Sun. - Dick and Mitzi Maddux's Hanger, Chumuckla Int'l Airport Picnic. Bring covered dish or dessert.

September 6, Saturday - 16th Annual Emerald Coast Car Show, at Ft. Walton Beach High School, 400 Hollywood Blvd. S.W. This professionally judged show has over 200 cars - This year will feature two fixed British Classes, 4-cyl and 6, 8, 12 cyl and will have class splits according to entry, the "Expanded British Class". Jim Robert, 850 934-4113

16th Annual Brits by the Bay

Bill Moseley

These are my thoughts about the people who were instrumental in the success of our big 16th annual British car show: They are men and women from all walks of life, young or young at heart. They pitch in, take up the slack, help tow the line, and they are not doing it for personal glory or for themselves. They spend a lot of time on their feet, in the sun, with never enough time to catch their breath, eat, or "make a head call". Tom Schmitz, head honcho, spent countless hours in preparation. Bob Henson, as co-chairman, was an integral part in the planning and details of the show. Bill Weeks, PBCA VP, was instrumental in locating a new show site, which was kindly provided by Moulton Properties. Owners of the 98 cars attending the show seemed very pleased with the shady, grass covered location and we hope that we will be invited to use this site in the future.

Weather of note: Saturday was a beautiful day but on Friday night a huge storm front, which I colloquially refer to as "a rip-roaring gully washer" roared through Pensacola from the east. The brave people who drove in from the west couldn't help getting very wet and deserve a medal of some kind!

Members spent part of the April club meeting stuffing goody bags not to mention all the effort they spent collecting the stuff itself. Bill Weeks, Rich Willows, Joe Hajcak and the parking crew did a fine job of getting everyone through photos, made by Mike Japp, and then quickly to their class parking spaces. Those pre-registered only had to show up and drive to a position in front of McGuire's double-decker bus for Mike to make their picture. There, one of the smiling attendants presented their package to them. No walking a mile, standing at the registration table, or filling out anything. Then you were on your way to enjoy the show.

Thanks to a great deal of hustling on the part of 23 PBCA members, there were 54 Sponsors supporting the show this year. We appreciate the "British Marque" being one of those sponsors. The Sponsor Contest winner, with 10 sponsors, was Peggy Overly. This is the second year Peggy's talents for persuasion has put her in the winners circle. Peggy won a mint coin set from United Bank for her efforts. A drawing for the five additional contest winners will be held at a future club meeting.

The Friday night "Red Beans and Rice Welcome Party, planned and hosted by Ann and Gus Fell of the PROTOADS, entertained the out-of-town visitors and local entrants and made them feel welcome. Gus and Ann write: "The red beans and rice kick-off party for the 16th annual Brits on the Bay was held on Friday night at the Days Inn Pensacola Beach Resort. About 125 people attended the event. Out of town attendees booked 45 rooms at the host hotel, which is on the Gulf of Mexico beach. The PBCA annual event introduced Red Beans and Rice to a number of out-of-town participants. They must have enjoyed their first taste of red beans and rice as there was no leftovers for the show the next day".

Everyone was glad to see Keith and Beth Sanders, who drove nine hours from their new home, Sanders' Whitetop Mountain Lodge in Virginia. They brought their motor home again as the central show point and Keith, as always, handled many of the show details as well as performing as DJ throughout the day. Keith is one of the longest standing and most active members of PBCA and we hope that he and Beth will be able to take time off from running their new Bed And Breakfast Lodge to return every year for the show.

Mitzi Maddux and Carla Willows ably handled the Raffle sales with the help of various volunteer ticket sellers throughout the day. Near sell out T-shirt sales were again handled by Kay and Mickey Kay.

A new twist was added this year: the Used Parts Sale. Tom and Mary Keyser manned the tent all day. While sales were limited this year, we hope they will grow next year when more sellers are aware of the potential for clearing some of their "old British car junk" out of their garages. One high point of the sale was that Allen Bradley was able to find a replacement grill for his '70 MGB. Bill, winner of the "Busted Crank Hard Luck" Award this year, had a duck fly into and destroy his grill on the way to the show from New Orleans. It is not easy to find a good; used `70 MGB grill in the first place but there was one [- right at the show.

To some degree, as a result of the Valve Cover Racer building seminar held in early April, there were six entrants in the Valve Cover Races this year. They included, Bob Henson, Mickey Kay, Rodney McDonald and Bob Mahone and his son. Tom Schmitz won the races with his purple speedster with Curt Derby racing to a close second.

A great big THANKS goes out to all the members who gave of their time to help and especially to the Brits by the Bay Staff for the many hours of preparation, which included the necessity of preparing a new show location at the last minute. Couldn't have done it without you!!! Thanks!!!

montage picture
Photos and Montage: Bill Moseley

group picture of PBCA Members at the big show
PBCA Members at the big show.

view of show from top of British double-deck bus
Part of show from top of British double-deck bus

(Photos: Mike Japp)

"Triumphal" were:

Best of Show, Judged Kim McCabe 1968 Triumph TR-250
Best of show: 1968 Triumph TR-250

People's Choice Marty Jones 1947 Triumph 1800 Roadster
People's Choice: 1947 Triumph 1800 Roadster

Complete list of Winners

Click here for list of show winners

Euro Car Display, National Museum of Naval Aviation

Story and photos: Bill Moseley

May 10, 2008 --- This year, PBCA took the lead in organizing the popular, Annual Euro Car Display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. Handling the details was a PBCA committee of Joe Hajcak, Bill Weeks, Rich Willows, Mickey Kay and Bob Henson. Many beautiful German and Italian cars were also on hand. Tom Schmitz handled the registration and collected five dollars from the participants which was donated to the Museum. Margaret Henson sold 50/50 tickets and collected $105 of which $52.50 went to the Museum and Bob Manske won the other half.

This year, cars were parked in the order they arrived so as to facilitate interplay between the owners of the various makes making up the field.

The event is not a show, but a car display, but PBCA provided a nice "Museum Director's Selection" award plaque. Two retired flag officers from the Museum Foundation selected PBCA's Mike Bamford's beautiful Daimler SP-250 as winner.

Seventeen British Cars and twenty PBCA members attended. Touring the museum and eating in an accurate replication of the Cubi Point Officer's Club, the Cubi Point Cafe is always a treat.

For those not from Pensacola, the National Museum of Naval Aviation is the largest and definitely the best museum of its kind.

When you are in Pensacola, it is a must and charges no entry fees. Even for those who have been there before, the exhibits are constantly changing and being added to. There are many things new to see and do with every visit.

One of the German car clubs in Pensacola will be hosting the event again next year at the same location.

Mike Bamford, left, receives "Director's Award" trophy from Bill Weeks.

Part of the cars on display

Cubi Point Cafe is in Background

Robert Manske's newly acquired MGTF being admired.

17 British cars were there and 20 PBCA members attended. They are:

  • Mike Bamford 1961 Daimler SP 250 - Winner of the Director's Award trophy
  • Bob and Margaret Henson Jaguar E-Type
  • Bill Weeks and his son Mg Midget and MGB
  • Joe Hajcak 911 Porsche
  • Tom Schmitz MGTF 1500
  • Mickey Kay MGB
  • Al DeWeese MGB
  • Bob Manske MGTF 1500
  • Jenny Bamford BMW M3
  • Dick Bishop MGB
  • J.B. Clark MGB
  • Roger and Wanda Reetz MGB
  • Bill Silhan Marcos
  • Kim McCabe TR250
  • Ralph Overly MGC GT
  • Gerald and Mary Davis Acura NSX
  • Robert Herman Jaguar E-Type
  • Bill Moseley TR8
  • Denny Justiniano TR6
  • Mike and Thomas Japp Triumph Spitfire