Panhandle British Car Association: January 2008 Newsletter

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January 2008

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Curt Derby

PBCA Christmas Parade and Party

Bill Moseley

PBCA, Pensacola, FLSee you at the meeting on Monday, Feb. 18.

PBCA in Parade - December first was a hectic day for PBCA.  Because of a scheduling quirk, both the Lillian, Alabama Christmas Parade that PBCA has been in for over a decade and the PBCA Christmas Party were on the same day!  This didn’t hinder PBCA.  Along with the Mardi Gras MGs and SABCC, we had twelve nicely decorated cars in the Lillian parade, which is just over the bridge from Florida.  PBCA furnished candy to throw to the crowd along the two-mile parade route.  I couldn’t drive in the parade this year so I concentrated on photography.  Photos speak more loudly than prose:



At the staging area                                                                                   Photos:  Bill Moseley



Tom Schmitz leads followed by Mardi Gras MGs President, Dick Bishop

A huge crowd was on hand






Moody Steadham in his MGB making the last turn home


PBCA’s Christmas Party was held at Pensacola Beach on December first -  Same day as the Lillian Parade!  More than fifty people enjoyed mingling, relaxing, eating, and playing Dirty Santa.  Incidentally, this isn’t anything risqué but is a game that involves everyone bringing a gift that is sure to make anyone happy.  It is handed out, then “stolen” a few times until it is finally retired to the lucky thief.  Big thanks to the members who worked very hard to make things go smoothly – Christmas is past - A joyful New Year to all!


Christmas Feast  1                                                                      Photos:  Curt Derby






Christmas Feast 2

Beth Sanders plays Santa – Husband, Keith Sanders, far left, looks on.