Panhandle British Car Association: June 2006 Newsletter

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June 2006

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Mickey Kay




Bill Moseley


Pensacola, FLPIG ROAST on July 23!!!!  Remember – No regular meeting in July.  Instead, Tom and Jeanne Schmitz will host their famous 11th annual Pig Roast at their Lillian, AL home.  You will receive email notice or you can call Tom at 251 961-7171.  SABCC, MG-MG, and PAHC will join us.




Last Is First!  June 11 - The latest event in this writing comes first – with real DRIVING.  The most successful event of the month involved a scenic rally-like tour of 50 minutes, which terminated at beautiful Lulu’s restaurant in Gulf Shores, AL.  Tom Schmitz and President, Mickey Kay came up with a real winning combination – Lots of Driving and Good Eating!  A huge group of 23 cars and 42 people drove a tour over scenic roads that most of us had never seen.  Led by Tom and Jeanne in their yellow MGB, the group stopped for a reserved seating lunch right on the water in Lulu’s open-air setting. 

Lulu is Jimmy Buffet’s sister, if you didn’t know.  Great fun!!!! 


Photos speak louder than words:


All photos:  Bill Moseley


PBCA British Invasion musters for the tour to Lulu’s



Cars photographed from Bill Moseley’s TR-8


Ordering lunch at Lulu’s


Capt. Vince Cooke and Tom Schmitz look at camera.



A tugboat pushes a giant barge.






Lunch is served.


Bill and Melissa Silhan’s Austin-Cooper Traveler in front of Lulu’s



Letter of Commendation from Capt. Vince Cooke, U.S. Navy, Ret.


“Thanks Tom and Mickey; we had a grand time on the run to Lulu’s. You are to be commended for your perseverance in your efforts to keep the club on track.  The club owes you and Mickey, and Jeannie and Kay a debt of gratitude for continuing to pass the word on these outings and rallies.  Some times it is frustrating, I am sure, when you don’t get the response you hope for, but your persistence is nevertheless admirable, and what keeps the club going. 


Today, I am sure, was a rewarding day for you and Mickey Kay who put this event together.  With 42 people showing up for the rally to Lulu’s, which meant more than 22 cars, since many drove singly, this was truly an astounding turnout.  I was astonished when we drove up to the Dollar General in Lillian, expecting just a few cars from Lillian, and instead was greeted with a display of over 22 British cars.  Well done, Tom and Mickey and “Thanks for Pressing On”. 


Pat and Vince Cooke, E type and XJS Jaguars”



Vince and Pat Cooke leave Lulu’s in style.



Lulu’s Tour Questionnaire results and list of who attended – Tom Schmitz


Lulu’s Road Trip and Lunch Attendees: Other than the PBCA Christmas Parties and the Pensacola Beach Show, this was an all time high turnout of PBCA members for an event and an all time high for number of British cars participating.   42 members and 22 LBCs....Great job folks!!!!


Those attending in order of Tour Questionnaire Contest Results: (After removing “The white house that was actually red brick with 16 white columns” and the controversial  “Wolf Creek under Hwy 20” questions:


1st Place - Diane Seals & Kathryn King – ‘73 MGB - Missed none of the 18 questions.  Good for you ladies!

2nd Place –Missing 2, all of the following:

            Vince & Pat Cooke – ’69 E-Type roadster

Keith Sanders & Judi Bottari – BMW Z-3

Chuck & Charlene Byrne -’94 XJS V-12 Conv.

Rich & Darla Willows – ’75 Triumph Spitfire

Kay Kay – 67 MGB (with no help from organizer and Prez Mickey)

3rd Place – Missing 3

            Bob & Margaret Henson – ’95 XJS Conv

            Bill & Melissa Silhan – ’64 Mini Traveler

4th Place – Missing 4

            Tom & Carolyn Wolf – ’74 Porsche 911

5th Place – Missing 5

            Ralph and Peggy Overly – ’69 MGC GT

            Steve & Margie Farrell – ’67 MGB

6th Place – Missing 9 and the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge, Whoops!!!!

            Phil & Marian Wismer – ’77 MGB


Gus & Ann Fell, TR-8. were honest enough to admit that they were given a questionnaire with the answers typed in the blanks spaces. (Tom’s grading sheet got away some how).


Jeanne Schmitz answer most of the questions but was not qualified as Tom, ‘68 MGB, set the course with Mickey Kay and made up the questionnaire.  She never gets to play!!!


Also, making the run but not doing the tour contest for various valid reasons were:

Robert & Paula Herman – ’69 E-Type coupe  

Bill Moseley – TR-8

Scott & Brenda Putriment – ’71 MGB GT

Kip Lee - ‘75 Midget

Richard Cunningham – ’65 E-type coupe

Fred Beinke - ’80 MGB

Gerald & Mary Davis – ’93 Acura NSX

John & Judy Mahone made a valiant try all the way form Ft. Walton Beach, in their ’73 MGB, but the British gremlins got them and they had to complete the trip in a non Brit car.

Nick and Angie Montelone – Came from just down the road in Gulf Shores in their TR-8.  They have the pleasure of living in the resort community and putting up with the tourists all year around.





May 20 – N.A.S. Pensacola - Our sister club, Sonnenschein (Sunshine) Porsche Club took the lead at this year’s annual Euro Car Gathering right on the green grass in front of the National Museum of Naval Aviation at N.A.S. Pensacola.  All Euro makes from Ferrari to Sprite were in attendance.  The location is in front of the meticulous reconstruction of the old Cubi Point Officer’s Club.  All you had to do was sit by the large glass wall, enjoy air conditioning and food, and get a full view of the gathering of about sixty-five cars.  Congrats to Porsche president, Pete Mellin.


Porsches gather in front of the Naval Aviation Museum


British cars fly the flag at N.A.S Pensacola


More British cars at .


Keith Sanders wins a prize


More British cars at N.A.S.










May 13, near Birmingham, AL –


Tom Schmitz and I drove 275 miles to Tannehill State Park to enter the annual Sports Cars at Tannehill.  Tom Schmitz’s Morgan 4/4 Competition and my Triumph TR-8 won our respective classes.  PBCA attendance wasn’t as large as last year, probably due to the big schedule of events in our area. 


Bill Moseley, First in Class                                                Photo:  Birmingham British Motoring Club


Tom Schmitz, First in Class                                      Photo:  Birmingham British Motoring Club






May 20, Pensacola, FL - The annual all-make show at Hadji Shrine Temple boasted some fine PBCA British cars in competition for the judged British car class.  Jim Haskins had not arrived when the photo was taken.  In the photo, in order, L to R, the cars belong to Ann Klumpp, Jag 120, Curt and Midge Derby, MGTD, Joe and Pat Hajcak’s MGTD, Fritz Klumpp’s Volvo, Keith Sanders’ MGC; and PBCA Webmaster, Mike Japp’s Triumph Spitfire which, incidentally, [his father] bought [it from the 1st owner].


Winners of the British class were – 1st – Curt and Midge Derby’s perfect MGTD, tied for 2nd were Jim Haskin’s (not pictured) and Joe Hajcak’s MGTD, and 3rd, Keith Sanders with his yellow MGC.









Photo:  Mike Japp











May 20 – Silverhill, AL -124 cars were on hand for the all-make show about 40 miles to the west of Hadji Temple at Silverhill, Alabama.  No special British class.  PBCA’s Tom Schmitz was awarded Best in Show, judged, Open Class in his beautiful MGTF!!!!!  Some of the U.S. iron went home disappointed, I’ll bet!  Silverhill and Hadji were on the same day.  President Mickey Kay also attended and nabbed one of the “Top Fifty” awards with his MGB.





Tom Schmitz’s winning MGTF shows its tailpipe to the Open Class!                     Photo:  Bill Moseley



It was a great month for PBCA.  Let’s pat ourselves on the back and make it happen again!