Panhandle British Car Association: October 2005 Newsletter

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October 2005

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: John Barber

Bill Moseley and Tom Schmitz 


Pensacola, Florida.   PBCA's October meeting will be Monday, October 17 at Po Folks, on 9th  Avenue, across from Best Buy at Cordova Mall.  Email notices for PBCA  events will be sent to you and you can refer to  for a complete listing.   You will also receive a reminder call form the PBCA Telephone Tree.   This seems to be working quite well thanks to our Board Members at Large,  each of whom make about 25 calls every month to remind members of our  meetings and special events.  Attendance has been significantly up  since this was implemented this year.  When there is a need to know how  many people are coming to an event, they will make that part of their  message, as does the email you will receive, and it is important that you  respond, as that is usually the basis we use for determining how much food  is needed for an event.  And events involving food seem to be our best  attended activities. The members who make the effort to plan these  events for the club will appreciate your cooperation in doing your part  to make the events successful and their jobs a little easier to  plan.

The Nominating Committee will  present their slate of officers and additional nominations from the floor  will be accepted.  Election of 2006 officers will take place at the  November PBCA meeting and they will be inducted at the PBCA Christmas  Party December 3.

.                                                               Featured Events


PBCA Progressive Dinner is  coming up  RIGHT AWAY, Sunday, October 16 starting at 3:00 pm.  The  Progressive Dinner will begin with hors d'Ouvres at Vince and Pat Cooke's  home on Perdido Bay in Lillian, Alabama at 3:00 PM.  It will  progress from there for a variety of desserts at Fritz and Ann Klumpp's home  in Pensacola.

This is the part of the event that  we need members cooperation for:  If you are bringing hors  d'ouvres, email call Pat Cooke at or call 251  961-1221.  If you are going to bring a dessert, email Ann Klumpp at or call  8500 477-9277.   Please let them know no later than Monday October 10 th. 

Following are directions to both the  Cooke's home and the Klumpp's home:

Bring your  Imaginative Hors  d'Oeuvres to the first stage of the Progressive Chow Down to the Cooke's at  3:00PM on 16 October in Lillian.       

Directions to  the Klumpps:  Because you will be coming from the Cooke's part of the  Feast in Lillian, these directions are from the Cooke's at Lillian:  Go east on  Highway 98 to Blue Angel Parkway; turn left (north) on Blue Angel  and proceed to Pine Forest Road;  There is a stop light and double  left turn lane at Pine Forest; turn left and proceed north on Pine  Forest, you will go under I-10, and continue to the stop light  at Nine Mile Road; turn right onto Nine Mile and go east  to Scenic Highway which is Highway 90, go right (south) on Scenic   Highway to the second turn which is Noriega Drive; go to Noriega Lane and  turn right and the Klumpps are the 4th house on the right.  The address  on the brick post is 10170 and their phone number is 850  477-9277.


PBCA 4th annual Poker  Rally -- Driving and eating!  Mark your calendars for Sunday  afternoon, November 13 th. Note date change from Nov. 20.   Full details will follow.  For those of you who aren't  familiar with Poker Rallies -- they are just for fun; really a  combination of driving and eating - not unlike a Progressive Dinner but  with a planned tour and only one meal.  Not a competitive rally  or poker game!!  You sign in, take a route sheet, start at your  convenience, and drive a short, planned tour.  You collect  playing cards at the start, along the route, and at the finish.  Many  cars elect to drive together (which is OK because no competition is  involved).  At the finish, the tour will stop for a meal. "Winners"  have the best Poker hands.  If you elect to fill out a short  questionnaire along the route you will probably be one of several 100%  scores.  "Winners" are selected by drawing a card.  
Driving the tour is not a  requirement!!  If you are not driving, please volunteer to help out or  just come and join the group at the finish.  Questions? contact  Rallymaster, Bill Moseley at

                   Hurricane Katrina Devastating to  Some British Car Friends  

We had hoped that a storm like  Ivan would never happen again, but the British Car Club of New Orleans, the  English Motoring Club of Mississippi, and the Mardi Gras T's endured an even  worse hurricane, Katrina.  PBCA members have heard from several of  their members and more news is to follow. Homes and cars have been  lost to be sure and we are not certain about the status of some of our  friends.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.

British Motoring Club of New  Orleans' webmaster Keith Vezina has his website on-line again and says,  "So many people are asking about the status and  whereabouts of others.  Since I don't have everyone's e-mail  addresses, I would strongly suggest that everyone post their status reports  and queries on the "Forums" page of the web site".  The website is <> .

As we, PBCA members, get  information, we will send emails to PBCA members with what facts we  receive.  The brief facts that we have so far is that Harold O'Rielly's  cars and home were destroyed under 8 feet of water, Anne and Floyd Friloux  had damage to their business but their home survived okay, David and Menda  Hayden were far enough west in Abbeville to have survived well, Bill and  Sally Breithoff and his TR8 are okay but we don't have any info on their  home.  Roy Richardson and his family are okay and in Houston.   Allen and Sue Bradley, their home and cars are okay.


           Club Fun at Hensel's  Home


The September PBCA  event took place at Henry Hansel's  home in Pensacola on September 17th starting at 1 pm.  Many thanks to  Ann Fell for her efforts in handling food arrangements and coordinating with  Henry.  Lunch was catered by Rick's Ribs at the club's expense and we  enjoyed touring Henry's extensive car collection which includes the '55 red  T-bird many saw at the Pig Roast in July as well as a 59 Buick  convertible, a Jaguar 120S that he is restoring and other rare cars.   His eclectic collection consists of unusual antiques including pinball  machines, one arm bandits and other collectibles including some nicely  constructed bicycles that he made by hand.  Henry has been collecting  memorabilia his entire life as is evidenced by one of the antique toys on  one shelf.  It is a mechanical tin bulldozer that was given to him in  the hospital at his birth.  He has working antique telephones all over  the house, working glass enclosed telephone booths, lamps made of old time  parking meters that turn on when he inserts a nickel and goes off when the  hour is up.  When Henry moved to Pensacola from Wisconsin, he rented  and fully loaded a ten car automobile transporter to bring some of his cars  south. (See the sidebar Member Profile about more of Henry's  collecting) 
 Henry and his friend Mary Bishop were perfect hosts and  it was a fun afternoon.  Henry, Mary, and neighbors Paul Salm and Bill  Gibson did an outstanding job preparing the house and his various  garages to entertain about 40 PBCA'ers.
PBCA members who enjoyed the event were;  Bill and Monnie Moseley,  Tom and Jeanne Schmitz, Bill and Elaine Cornacchione, Bob and Margaret Henson, Pete and  Norma Peterson, Frank and Pat Hubbard,  Gus and Ann Fell, Curt and Midge Derby, Keith Sanders,  Bill and Melissa Silhan, John and Beata Bolton, Joe  Hajcak, Dick and Mitzi Maddux, Ralph and Peggy Overly, Diane Seals her friend, Robert  and Paula Herman, Bill  Snyder, Fred Beinke, Dieter Bruening, Joe Stephens, and, of course,  Henry Hensel and Mary Bishop.

Other Upcoming Events (for complete  list, refer to website)

October15:  Saturday  Navarre Beach Annual Car Show, Navarre High School. (features two  British classes)  email for further  info and a registration form.

October 22: Saturday  Annual Pensacola  AACA Car Show, PJC campus, email, Milton, FL.  This is  a show that PBCA members have attended in force for many years and it  is hoped that we will do so again this year, particularly  as  the 2004 show was cancelled due to  Ivan.
October 28 and 29:  South Alabama   British Car Festival.  Fairhope, AL.  Friday night  Welcome and Elegant Dessert Party at Dahlgren Hall  in Fairhope at  7 pm.  Show is on Saturday.    Registration  8:30 to 12:00.  Awards at approximately  3:30 pm.  Don't forget your valvecover racers for  the races at 2:00 pm.

November 21: Regular PBCA Monthly meeting  at PoFolks. 6/7 pm.  Election of 2006 Club Officers.

December 3: PBCA Christmas Party, 6:00  pm at the Best Western, Pensacola Beach.


Bill Moseley

Henry Hensel
Henry has a very interesting background in collecting and  restoring cars and amassing a large and interesting collection of anything  that is interesting.  We found out on Sept 17 that he restored  the interior of his home to best display much of his collection and it  displays a real flair for the (tasteful) unusual.  He started  collecting cars before he could get collector's insurance and owned, built,  and restored hundreds of bicycles before cars.  He first restored a  1959  Buick convertible and still has it.  In 1983, he found a  1953 Jaguar XK-120S roadster in a garage in Milwaukee that had been  abandoned since 1963.  It was raced at Elkhart, WI, Road America.   It only had 23,000 miles on it and was rust-free.  It's still under  restoration.  In 1988 he found a RHD Mark 9 and bought it as a mate for  his 120S.  He says it has given him many hours of pleasure, punctuated  with moments of terror by a total brake failure in the 90's!  His yard  features a beautifully restored British telephone box -- it took him five  years to convince the owner to part with it.  He had to refinish it  completely, including putting new glass panels in it.
 Henry says that "collecting is a terminal disease which I  hope there is no cure".  "My house is a fun place to live in and if I  was the last person on earth, I would still be dragging cool things home to  enjoy".

 Henry Hensel with King  Tut           (Photo: Bill  Moseley)

 Henry Hensel's Jaguar XK120S undergoing  restoration      (photo: Henry Hensel)
 (the following photos -- Bill Moseley)

Bob Henson, Tom Schmitz, and Midge Derby in Henry's collection room  

Mary Bishop and Ann Fell serve the Bar B Cue and Potato Salad at  Henry's 50's style soda fountain counter

One of Henry's working telephones -- an authentic English Telephone  Booth he restored

Pete Peterson, Curt Derby, Fred Beinke, and Keith Sanders compare notes  on Henry's eclectic collection

                                                                                                                                                        --- Moseley

Mark Your  Calendars...

PBCA POKER  RALLY Sunday,  November 13  (changed from Nov. 20)