Panhandle British Car Association: January/Febuary 2005 Newsletter

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January/Febuary 2005

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: John Barber


Bill Moseley

Show Date - Sat., April 16, 2005
Pre-Show party - Fri., April 15, 2005

Pensacola Beach British Car Show -- Our 13th and biggest show! Virtually everybody is familiar with it but if you are a first-timer, see details in You are welcome to email Tom Schmitz (see article header) or telephone Tom at (251) 961-7171 if you need more information.

Sad news. Bob Mason, founder of the South Alabama British Car Club in Mobile and Mardi Gras MG's in Fairhope recently passed away. A retired Marine aviator, Bob wants to be remembered either flying a Marine aircraft or at the controls of his MGB's. He will be remembered and, according to ancient Egyptians, those who are remembered still live.
Webmaster's note: His obituary is here.


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Sunday, Feb.27 - PBCA "Sadie Hawkins Choice Tour" starts in Pensacola and goes to the new shopping mall in Malbis, Alabama

Monday, March 21 - PBCA meeting - Eat at 6 - Meeting at 7 - Po Folks Restaurant - across the street from Cordova Mall, Pensacola

Saturday, April 9 - PBCA Technical Session (show tune-up) at Tau's, Pensacola, FL

Monday, April 11 - IMPORTANT! PBCA club meeting at Po Folks - SHOW BAG STUFFING. Eat at 6 - Meeting at 7.

Friday, April 15 - PBCA "Red Beans and Rice" Welcome dinner party 6 PM for Pensacola Beach participants at host hotel, Best Western Resort Hotel, Pensacola Beach.

Saturday, April 16 - PENSACOLA BEACH BRITISH CAR SHOW - Everyone attend!

PBCA Past Events

PBCA Poker Rally

The third annual PBCA POKER RALLY took place last November with members from four different clubs. Rallymaster, Bill Moseley, designed the rally course, a scenic 40 mile guided tour. Six specially designed trophy mugs were presented in the post-rally dinner at Mesquite Charlie's Steak Emporium for the best poker hands, a vote by entrants for "the car I like best", and for the most accurate on-course questionnaires.

Special thanks to Ralph and Peggy Overly. Since the first Poker Rally, they MADE IT HAPPEN on rally day by generously donating their time and expertise as registrars; signing in and out entrants, making sure that they got all materials, and handling the scoring.

"Third Annual PBCA Poker Rally" photo: Bill Moseley

Lillian Christmas Parade

PBCA drove again in the huge Lillian AL Christmas parade, throwing candy to the crowds along the route. It was great fun and the British cars were cheered by the crowd.

PBCA line up for Christmas Parade. photo: Bill Moseley

PBCA Christmas Party

About sixty attended the PBCA Christmas Party last December. Thanks to Ann Fell for her organizational skill. More next month.

Tally of Hurricane IVAN British Car Losses

As of this writing, these are the losses that have been reported:

  • Jack and Carolyn Bauer, entire house and an MG TD, MGB, MG YA.
  • Dick Maddux, 2 TR3s, his plane and hanger destroyed.
  • Bob Dorsey, 1976 MGB, which he bought new in London, was totally destroyed and major house damage
  • Bill Shanahan, his house is gone, saved his, XKE and XJS.
  • Lee Nesmith, house and Austin Healey 3000 destroyed.
  • Page Simonson, all five British cars, home, motor home and other cars destroyed.
  • Frank Hubbard, salt water damage to his TR8.

    Bob Dorsey in late MGB from April 2003. Photo: Mike Japp

    Bob Dorsey's late MGB at 2003 Poker Rally. Photo: Bill Moseley

    Letter from Bob Dorsey:

    Carol and I lost our MGB during Hurricane IVAN. It was a sad day to see the beautiful MGB towed away following its write-off by the insurance company. It was purchased new in London, England in 1976 and we enjoyed the car for almost 30 years. We will not be buying another British car at anytime in the future for we will be restoring our house for quite some time. We have enjoyed the friendship of all the wonderful people in the PBCA and will look forward to seeing you at some of the area events.

    Thanks, Bob and Carol Dorsey

    PBCA Features the Overlys

    Ralph and Peggy Overly are this month's featured PBCA members. Ralph is famous for his meticulously detailed minutes of the meeting. He and Peggy are diligent registrars, the lynchpin of any event. They recently bought a beautiful 1969 MGC-GT, named "Toy" . Ralph wrote:

    Last September, I accompanied PBCA's Keith Sanders, Chairman of the North American Registry, to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the John Twist MG Family Reunion. About 500 MG's were there along with 15 MGC's. While returning to Pensacola, we stopped to refuel in Indianapolis. A man was admiring Keith's MGC and told us that he had a MGC-GT he was considering selling. After receiving some good email photos I decided to see it. Keith and I drove to Pittsboro, Indiana after Thanksgiving, saw the car, and I bought it. "Toy" started out in Mobile, AL and I am the fourth owner. Fortunately, it was owned by conservators who didn't alter the car.

    I have spent many happy hours cleaning, polishing, driving, and discovering our MGC-GT. My wife, Peggy, gave it the name, "TOY", which will stick.

    Ralph Overly with "Toy". photo: Bill Moseley