Panhandle British Car Association: April 2005 Newsletter

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April 2005

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: John Barber


by Bill Moseley

Photos and Montage by Bill Moseley.

PBCA’s 13th annual Pensacola Beach British Car Show, April 16, was a tremendous success in the wake of hurricane IVAN’s destruction of Pensacola. A HUNDRED ENTRIES!! Pensacola Beach appears to be about 50% recovered but many resort hotels, homes, businesses, and some of the best restaurants are still being rebuilt. PBCA was fortunate to be allowed to use the beautiful front parking lot of the Hampton Inn Resort Hotel, which, after six months since IVAN, is still closed for repairs. Many thanks to them and their staff for their help. The weather was the most perfect ever with a breeze and a sunny high of 75 degrees. Show cochairmen Tom Schmitz and Bob Henson hurdled over the many obstacles to stage the show in distressed Pensacola Beach. Keith Sanders set up and manned the PA system and brought everything needed in an 18-foot truck. Jeanne Schmitz and Midge Derby got all the entrants registered, logged in to the registration book and windscreen placards made to facilitate proper parking and awards presentations.  This was accomplished in the face of the constant "refreshing" beach breeze that tried to blow everything away! PBCA’s Curt Derby, Best of Show winner with his 1953 MGTD, lent his graphic arts skill to design this year’s show artwork as well as spend the entire morning with the parking crew.  He must have had his car well prepared before he left home with it.  Mike Japp has photos of all the cars and the show winners on the PBCA website,  Several members of the New Orleans club also have many photos on their website .  

On the way to Pensacola with the New Orleans caravan group Friday afternoon, Cathy Greensfelder blew the temperature sensor fitting out of the radiator on her MGB but made it to the island with chunk of wood as a makeshift plug.  She was awarded the Hard Luck Trophy.  British car owners and their friends are past masters at improvisation.  

Our friends from South Alabama British Car Club and British Motoring Club of New Orleans as well  as the folks from Knoxville and Atlanta made up a large part of our entries. We thank them very much for ignoring the horror stories of Ivan and making the trip!  

The party room at the Pensacola Beach Best Western, host hotel, was still under reconstruction as is the entire ground, beach, and floor of the hotel.  Therefore they graciously opened the entire lobby and entrance area to the hotel for us for the Friday night PROTOADS Red Beans and Rice Welcome Party.  Ann Fell did her usually fantastic job providing food for and serving approximately 150 people.  She had the able help of husband Gus as well as Annette Barber along with Nelda Sanders and Melissa Silhan whose cleanup efforts left the lobby as spotless as when we started.  

All in all many PBCA members, too many to name without leaving someone out, pitched in to make the 2005 Show a success in spite of some formidable early planning problems created by Hurricane Ivan.  They are all to be thanked for taking part of their day to help make things work out so smoothly.

  • PBCA’s Bill and Melissa Silhan won the People’s Choice with his magnificent 1949 Triumph 2000 (shown second up from lower left of show montage).
  • PBCA’s Curt and Midge Derby won Best of Show, Judged with their 1953 MGTD..

    Click here for a complete list of award winners

    Keith Sanders moves back as PBCA’s Bill Silhan prepares to test the aerodynamics of his People’s Choice award
    (photo – Keith Vezina, British Motoring Club of New Orleans)

    Curt and Midge Derby’s MGTD won Best of Show, Judged (Photo by Mike Japp with Curt's camera)

    New Orleans British Car Day, British Motoring Club of New Orleans

    See the New Orleans show photos on plus many photos of the Pensacola Beach show.

    The 2005 New Orleans British Car Day, Saturday March 19, was an enjoyable event, keeping with their tradition of putting on a fine event at the Delgado College campus that features a grassy site with plenty of shade trees.  The awards dinner following the Show provided both good food and good entertainment and they had some great door prizes.  There were 139 cars on the field and SABCC scored a First in Class for each car there.  For some unknown reason, attendance from the east, both SABCC and PBCA, was way down from previous years, but hopefully both clubs will make it next year and support their show as they do ours.  

    PBCA members who attended:  

  • Tom Schmitz    First Place '59 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite
  • Bill Moseley    First Place, '80 Triumph TR-8
  • Bill Silhan      First Place '49 Triumph 2000
  • Bob Henson     First Place JCNA (Jaguar) Concours, 2nd Place XKE Class
  • Vince Cooke   First Place JCNA Concours, 3rd Place XKE Class
  • Keith and Nelda Sanders   MGC Roadster  

    Tech Session, Robert Tau Automotive, Saturday April 9. 

    Eleven members and nine of their LBCs gathered at Tau's for various technical discussions and to give advice to Ron Newman, who set the session up, on his brake pad replacement project on his TR-8.  Naturally the wheel cylinders were not leaking when he started, but started doing so after he put the new pads on.  A little tuning on Ralph Overly's MGC-GT sent it home running much better than when it arrived.  Of course, the thing that brought everyone out in the first place appeared with Keith Sanders and his MGC-GT.....the chicken, fries, cold slaw and sodas and all the chicken disappeared in a flash..........Man, can this group eat!!!!.  

    Those attending were Bob Henson, '92 XJS Coupe; Tom Schmitz, '68 MGB; Diane Seals, '73 MGB; Jim Haskins, '53 MGTD; Fritz Klumpp, '55 MGTF; Frank Hubbard, '80 TR8; Don Hambrick and Curt Derby and Ron's friend from England, Reg Kelly.

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