Panhandle British Car Association: April 2004 Newsletter

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April 2004

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: John Barber


by Bill Moseley

PBCA, Pensacola, FL April Meeting - Monday, April 12 - 6:00. Five days before show. Same place, Seafood Shanty, 6550 Pensacola Blvd. Show bag stuffing party!

ALWAYS check our up-to-date website at for everything about the Pensacola Beach British Car Show!!!!
Friday night, April 16 - Beans and Rice feast at Pensacola Beach Best Western. For rooms, call 800 934-3301 and mention the show.
Saturday, April 17 - Show day. Voting closes at 2:00 P.M. Inquiries to Tom Schmitz,

PBCA’s Event for February was held on LEAP YEAR, also known as “Sadie Hawkins Day” which comes around once every four years on Feb. 29.. Jeanne Schmitz came up with the idea of the club ladies planning a Sadie Hawkins event for that day. Margaret Henson put it together, driving to Destin to scope out restaurants and activities and arranging for quiz questions that were to be answered along the route.

PBCA members met on the Gulf Breeze side of the Pensacola 3-mile bridge and toured about 45 miles east along the coast for the get-together and meal in Gulf Breeze at the Anglers Seafood Restaurant. The event was originally intended as lunch, followed with the optional visit to the GULFARIUM, which is next to the restaurant, or a shopping trip to Destin, FL. After lunch, in typical PBCA manner, it turned into an eating event and everybody was too stuffed to go to the Gulfarium. President, John Barber and his wife, Annette went on to Destin for a shopping spree and said the trip “got a bit costly”.

Members attending “Sadie Hawkins Day” were Vince and Pat Cooke, ‘96 Jag XJS, won the Tour Quiz; Bill and Elaine Cornacchione, in his Morgan, took second on the Quiz, and Curt and Midge Derby took third. The Derbys were the only real Al Capp scholars and answered all of the Lil Abner questions. Also attending the event were: Bob and Margaret Henson, ‘94 Jag XJS; Bill and son, Eric Moseley, TR-8; Chris and Ann Monahan, ’70 E-type coupe; Bill Snyder, MGB-V8; Tom and Jeanne Schmitz, ’68 MGB, and in other iron, Jeff and Marie Olive and Keith Sanders.

In the photo of us assembling for the tour, Bill and Elaine Cornacchione’s Morgan leads followed by my son, Eric Moseley, standing by my TR-8. Great weather!! Northerners - eat your hearts out!!!

Bill Cornacchione’s Morgan leads Moseley’s TR-8 on Sadie Hawkins Day. (photo: Bill Moseley)

Panama City show -. PBCAers got an early start March 13th leaving at 6:30 am to drive the 130 miles to Panama City for the 3rd Annual Panama City British Car Show hosted by the Bay British Car Club. The show was in conjunction with the Scottish Highland Games We look forward to hosting Bay British Cars at out April 17 Pensacola Beach British Car Show.

PBCA members who attended were:

  • Fritz and Ann Klumpp - ’54 Jag XK120 DH - 1st Jaguar Class.
  • Don Hambrick - 1st in All-Austin class -’62 Austin Healey BJ7.
  • Bill Moseley -1980 Triumph TR-8 - 1st Triumph class
  • Bob and Margaret Henson - ’67 E-type - 2nd Jaguar class
  • Tom Schmitz - ’68 MGB - 2nd MG class
  • Vince and Pat Cooke rounded out our Jaguar participation with the second outing for their ’70 E-type.
  • Mike Japp, (PBCA’s outstanding webmaster), and his wife, Cherie got their new son, Thomas, started on the British Car Show circuit by visiting during the afternoon. Mike, a Triumph Spitfire man from the get go, was caught eyeing a Jaguar E-type 2+2 for the “kiddy” room in the backseat.
  • Mickey Kay and his son also drove over with their MGB.

    Blue Angel Marathon Car Show - The weather finally warmed up, the sun showed up on the Gulf Coast and provided us with a very nice day for the 3rd Annual Car Show sponsored by the U.S. Navy in conjunction with the Blue Angel Marathon February 28th. PBCA took the honors for number of cars in the show with nine entrants. Bill Silhan took one of the five awards and everyone got a laugh when he had to inform the judge that his ‘65 E-type Coupe was a Jaguar not a Porsche as she announced. Also attending was Bob and Margaret Henson in their ’67 E-type, Dieter and Inge Bruening brought both their ‘70 E-types and the ’96 XJS. This was the first show outing for Vince and Pat Cooke’s ’70 E-type roadster. There were three MGBs: Fred Beinke’s ’80, Dave Burrow’s ’67 and Kay and Mickey Kay brought their ’72 B. Rounding out the field was Mack Innis’s ’02 Mini Cooper and Tom Schmitz’s ’55 MG TF.

    SCATTER NAVIGATION RALLY - Sunday, March 14th brought a few sprinkles of rain and cloudy skies but did not deter four PBCA Jag drivers from participating in a first for us, a Scatter Navigation Rally, in which the participates choose their rally route from a of list of 20 possible sites to visit in a set 2-hour time frame. Each site has variable point values and points are deducted for every minute over the time limit returning to the Rally ending point. The Rally took place in western Baldwin County, Alabama, using a lot of the back roads and byways that add a scenic touch to the event . The end point in this case was Ed's Seafood on the causeway between Baldwin County and Mobile where everyone enjoyed great seafood dinners in the club tradition of putting food foremost in all events.

    The rally was sponsored by the BMW Club and the Mardi Gras MGs. Jaguars were the predominant marque of the four PBCA members who entered the Rally. Chuck and Charlene Byrne drove their ’94 XJS V12 Convertible. Bob and Margaret Henson had a real cleaning job on their ’94 XJS after 4 ½ miles of dirt road that was not part of the Rally. Bill and Melissa Silhan, drove their ’65 E-Type. Tom and Jeanne Schmitz got thoroughly confused from the very start, came in 45 minutes late and ended up taking the “Booby Prize” for last place.

    Participants in this Rally indicated that they will look forward to joining PBCA for our 3rd Annual Poker Rally coming up in November.!!!

    Featured Members - This month, PBCA members Ann and Fritz Klumpp are featured. Ann is the proud owner of a concours class Jaguar XK-120 Drophead that she said she has wanted since she was twelve years old. Her husband, Fritz, being a chivalrous Navy Officer by way of Annapolis, bought one for her as a little gift .

    Ann wrote this nice paragraph for British Marque:

    It was love at first sight. The XK 120 captured me at the age of twelve. It was the most beautiful car I'd ever seen. When I was sixteen, my dad took me car shopping out of town. We were in another dealership when I noticed the JAGUAR dealership across the street. In front sat a British Racing Green XK 140 DHC. Like a magnet, I was drawn to it. I stood transfixed, taking in that burled walnut dash. the leather seats, wire wheels, and that sleek "leaping cat" form. I reached inside to the price tag which was hanging on one of the knobs on the dashboard. I knew the price would be high, but I was still shocked to see $4,700! I knew that the XK-120 would have to remain a dream for me. I married a Navy fighter pilot, Fritz Klumpp, and moved nine times in six years, until he became a Delta Airlines pilot. Then we moved 8 more times. We went through cars the same way. It never really mattered to me what I drove, as long as it was reliable. I had put my dream car away as a "never-to-be". In September of last year, as our 42nd anniversary neared, Fritz asked me if I could fly down to West Palm Beach over the weekend to see my new car. Stunned, confused, and wary, I asked for an explanation. He pulled out a page he had run off from the internet and showed it to me, saying, "This is your new car. Happy anniversary." The tears started to fall as I looked at my beautiful pale green 1954 XK 120! We flew down, checked it out, and had her shipped home. This past weekend, we took my Jag to the Panama City car show where she won first in class! Even if the Jag hadn't won, she is still the most beautiful car I have ever seen, and my dream come true! -Ann
    Ann Klumpp and her gift from Fritz. (Photo: Bill Moseley)
    Fritz and Ann at Panama City. (Photo: Bill Moseley)

    Sat., May 8 - Tannehill, Birmingham - Information about the May 8 Tannehill show that you might not know. For 14 years, the Birmingham Sports Car Club has presented Sports Cars at Tannehill, the premiere showing of all sports cars, including British, in the Birmingham, Alabama area. This year, the Birmingham British Motoring Club is presenting a complete, joint British show which will feature our British cars.. .

    In addition to British cars, we can expect to see vintage and late-model sports cars of every description from nearly every manufacturer. The Barber Motorsports Museum will add some extra excitement with rare automobiles from George Barber’s collection. You can link through . See Events, May 8.

    Upcoming Events - from Panhandle British Car Association website,

    April 2004	
    Date	Day	Event	
    3	Saturday	Camellia Classic show at Bellingrath Gardens, west of Mobile, AL	
    10	Saturday	PBCA Technical Session (Show Tune-up), Pensacola, FL	
    12	Monday	PBCA meeting (show bag stuffing!), 6pm, Seafood Shanty, Pensacola
    	 Blvd.(US29), Pensacola, FL	
    16	Friday	PBCA -  "Red Beans and Rice" Welcome dinner party for car show participants 
    	 at Best Western Hotel, Pensacola Beach, FL, 6pm	
    17	Saturday	PBCA -  12th annual Pensacola  Beach British Car Show	
    25	Sunday	PBCA - Dauphin Island - Ft. Morgan Ferry Tour, starts in Pensacola, FL	
    	30-2nd	Fri-Sun	Walter Mitty races by HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing), and car show 
    	at Road Atlanta, GA	
    May 2004	
    Date	Day	Event	
    8	Saturday	Blount British Car Gathering, New Location and date, Townsend, TN	
    8	Saturday	Tannehill British car Show, Birmingham, AL	
    8	Saturday	Chateau Elan show, Braselton, GA, Ken Yokelson (770) 804-9380 	
    15	Saturday	Pensacola Euro Car show at National Museum of Naval Aviation, NAS 
    	 Pensacola, FL	
    16	Sunday	PBCA - tour to Fish Camp restaurant, Bon Secour, AL	
    17	Monday	PBCA meeting, 6pm, Seafood Shanty, Pensacola Blvd.(US29), Pensacola, FL	
    29	Saturday	Hadji Temple Classic car show, 9-Mile Road, Pensacola, FL	

    PBCA Badges Are In - Get Yours!

    PBCA member, Don Hambrick, put his Herf-Jones production plant into action and produced this exquisite, jewel-like Panhandle British Car Association cloisonné bar badge - just out Mar. 12. It’s done in polished metal, red letters, official Florida Orange for the state and beautiful ocean blue. Don waived the $700.00-plus cloissone set up charges and company profit. He will sell them at company cost, $35.00. It has to be seen and held to be appreciated. Don also gave PBCA one to raffle at the Apr. 17 Pensacola Beach British Car Show. If you don’t get one at a club show or meeting, email Don at .


    The April 17th the Pensacola Beach British Car Show is still in need of your Class Sponsors and donations of prizes for the Door Prizes and Raffle. Even last minute donations will be very much appreciated. We also need volunteers for helpers on Show Day for various activities. Contact Tom Schmitz,, or Bob Henson with the sponsors or prizes you will be bringing in and if you can help out during the show. We usually have enough volunteers so that no one has to spend a great amount of time during the show. Please plan on attending the “Red Beans and Rice Welcome to the Beach Party” at the Best Western, Pensacola Beach, Friday, 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Remember to circulate around and greet our out-of-town guests. The party is held primarily to have an opportunity to meet other British car enthusiasts and welcome them to the beach and our show.