Panhandle British Car Association: October 2003 Newsletter

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October 2003

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Ron Newman


Bill Moseley

Pensacola, FL   Check for information on upcoming events in the PBCA website,  maintained by webmaster, Mike Japp or call Tom Schmitz.  Next meeting will be Monday, October 20 - Dinner from 6 to 7 - Meeting begins at 7:00 sharp.  Same location at Seafood Shanty, 6550 Pensacola Blvd.

 The Sept. 15 meeting was conducted by John Barber, vice president.  Treasurer, Tom Schmitz made a thorough financial report as did Ralph Overly with his well kept minutes-of-meeting.  Keith Sanders again conducted drawing for prizes --  everybody's favorite because so much is given away!  V-P  John Barber mentioned that  Keith's "Master Chef" photograph in the Sept. British Marque was "beautiful".  Welcome to Bruce Gilbert, who is a student in the Navy Cryptology School.  Bruce drove over his beautiful new Mini-Cooper S after seeing the club meeting in .

(see for details)

11 - 12 - Sat., Sun.    Natchez, Miss. British Car Show
18 - Sat.     Navarre Beach Car Show - all cars - Two British Classes
20 - Mon.   Regular PBCA dinner - meeting  
26 - Sun.    PBCA Progressive Dinner

8 - Sat.      South Alabama British Car Club - British Car Day, Fairhope, AL
8 - Sat.       Chattanooga, TN British Car Show
16 - Sun.    PBCA Poker Rally - 2nd Annual - You don't want to miss it! - The drive begins at and ends with dinner at Cracker Barrel next to the I-10 Pensacola exit.  (info:  Bill, 850 456-9040)  Go to , Upcoming Events, to see  last year's photos.
6 - Sat.
    PBCA Christmas Party  

PBCA's July event, on the 24th, saw many PBCA members drive their British cars to the U.S. Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin AFB.  The museum is located  about 60 miles east of Pensacola, near Ft. Walton Beach, FL.  Members spent a couple of hours in and around the museum and enjoyed the huge outside birds which, among many others, included a B-52, a beautiful WW II Superfortess, and the same super fast "Blackbird" that holds the world speed record .  Inside there were dozens of beautifully displayed aircraft and weapons displays of all types and eras.  The event was nicely organized by PBCA's Steve Sanders, who lives in Mary Esther, near Eglin AFB.

USAF Lt. Col. Chris Monahan, a new PBCA member, led off the museum tour and provided us with some fascinating non-classified details of his cutting edge experience in the USAF 28th Test Squadron of the Test and Management Group,  53rd Air Wing, located at Tyndall AFB..  He is second in command, what we Navy officers refer to as Executive Officer, with about 270 people in the unit.  His enviable job includes testing  F-15 updates and evaluating the USAF's new F-22 fighter.  He describes the F-22 as a revolutionary, different concept -  eons ahead of the F-15 with power, speed and stealth in a different class.  Chris explained how F-22 instrumentation is vastly simplified, one handling the work of several, and able to do much more than anything before.  Even Bill Gates couldn't buy himself such a great job.  Chris also pilots his Jaguar XKE coupe.

 Following the museum visit, we enjoyed Chris and Ann Monahan's hospitality in their nearby home.  Ann is from Tasmania and showed us her Tasmanian Devil and other marsupials in their back yard.  They were, of course, realistic statues that were cleverly placed near the bushes.  Ann's mother still lives in Tasmania.  A photo shows her Mom  sitting in a huge field of poppies on the Tasmanian farm.  Ann explained that the poppies are commercially grown and used in morphine production.  Ann explained how extremely well secured the poppy fields are.  You would probably find it easier to walk onto Tyndall AFB, stroll up to a F-22, and kick the tires!

(Photos from museum trip-- Bill Moseley)
PBCA arriving at Air Force Museum
PBCA arriving at Air Force Museum

Chris and Ann Monahan and organizer, Steve Sanders
L-R  Lt.Col Chris and Ann Monahan and organizer, Steve Sanders

USAF aircraft with its weapon display
USAF aircraft with its weapon display.

Steve Sanders leads off TR-8's
Steve Sanders leads off  TR-8's


PBCA's Dick and Mitzi Maddux  hosted PBCA "up in north Escambia county" in their aircraft hanger on the CHUMUCKLA, FL
grass strip airport assisted by Bill and Elaine Cornacchione (no, that's not misspelled)  Dick is a Continental Airlines pilot by profession, flys his own plane for fun and keeps it safe in the hanger.  Keith Sanders brought the drinks, etc. and members brought side dishes and dessert.  "North Escambia county" means something here in Pensacola -- Escambia is longer that Rhode Island.  A beautiful day and a good time for the 30 plus members who where there.  Photos are not ready yet.

The busy winter season is here ---  Stand by for fun!