Panhandle British Car Association: May 2003 Newsletter

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May 2003

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Ron Newman


by Bill Moseley, PBCA Newsletter Editor


Always check our up-to-date website at . You will find results of the Pensacola Beach British Car Show along with photos of every entrant made by webmaster, Mike Japp. Next PBCA meeting: Monday, June 16.

The PENSACOLA BEACH BRITISH CAR SHOW held its eleventh straight no-rain weekend!! By saying this, the twelfth one next year might be hexed. Mild temperature, beautiful sun to enjoy right beside the snow white Pensacola Beach and the addition of a canopy tent made it a winner. Many beachgoers strolled through to see the cars (or did so because it was the shortest way to the beach) and we are happy to report that all 123 British cars exited in the same condition that they arrived.

Be sure to read the composition that was sent to PBCA by the British Motoring Club of New Orleans' Menda Hayden. Her club won the "most cars entered" award with sixteen driving over from New Orleans. Menda has the gift of writing a beautiful account of what a British car show means to everybody. Be sure to refer to PBCA's website account of their magnificent March New Orleans show. Thanks, Menda.

The Best of Show, judged award belongs to Mark Caldwell and his 1966 Austin Mini-Moke. photo: Mike Japp

People's Choice belongs to Don Wood and his 1965 Sunbeam Tiger. photo: Mike Japp

Longest Distance Driven (omiass) award belongs to Robert Overdorff and his Mini Cooper. photo: Mike Japp

Many Triumph Wedges in line for inspection. photo: Bill Moseley

John and Carolyn Wade cross the bridge to Pensacola Beach.: photo: Bill Moseley

PBCA members who made the Friday night Red Beans and Rice Beach Blast a success: They are (L to R) Ann Fell, Peggy Overly, Kevin Curran and Nelda Sanders. photo: Mike Japp

Last month's British Marque accidently omitted some PBCA trophy winners at the March 23rd New Orleans British Car Show:

They were:

  • 2nd Place - Scott and Brenda Putriment, 1971 MGB GT (photo)
  • 3rd Place - Gus and Ann Fell, 1971 Jaguar XJ6 (photo)
  • 3rd Place - Mike and Cherie Japp, 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 (photo)
  • 3rd Place - Keith and Nelda Sanders, 1968 MGC GT

    The British-Euro Car Display was held May 10 in front of the National Museum of Naval Aviation. at N.A.S. Pensacola. PBCA had the best turnout with Fourteen British cars and with the German VWs, Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes and Audi's, enjoyed the hospitality of the Naval Air Museum and lunch in the Cubi Point Cafe, an identical set up of the former and (in)famous Cubi Point Officer's Club which was located in the now closed Naval Air Station in the Phillipine Islands. Some also attended "The Coral Reef Adventure" IMAX movie. See it under Other Shows on our website, Also see the Museum's website at

    PBCA's Jerry Hall stands proudly by his Lotus Elan with only a small portion of the National Museum of Naval Aviation as a backdrop. photo:Bill Moseley

    Britishers who attended were: Bob Henson, XKE; Margaret Henson, XJS; Mack and Debbie Innis, New Mini; Jerry Hall, Lotus Elan; Bill Snyder, MGB V8; Dave Burrows, MGB; Diane Seals, MGB; Mike and Cherie Japp, Spitfire; Bill Moseley, TR-8; Steve Sanders, TR8; Bill Silhan, Aston-Martin DB-6; Tom Schmitz, MGTF and new member joining that day, Jim Haskins, MGTD. Keith Sanders, Joe Hajcak and Gerald Davis were there with their German iron.

    A must-attend on June 8 will be our great annual Tour from Pensacola to the Fish Camp Restaurant at Bon Secour, Alabama. We will meet in the morning at the Great Wall of China restaurant parking lot and drive over as a group. The Great Wall of China is located on the West side of Navy Blvd.just north of Hgy. 98. Bon Secour is a community a few miles west of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Details to follow by email and our website, The feature: You and one guest will pay the first $5.00 each and PBCA pays the rest!!!

    Welcome to our new members joining PBCA recently. They are: Jim and Ellie Haskins of Mary Esther, FL, who drive a green '53 MG TD; Kristopher Williams, Pensacola, 2002 Land Rover Freelander and a '76 Spitfire; Roy Ide of Milton and Tom Scott of Pace. Both Roy and Tom are currently in the market for British cars.

    Recent travelers attending out of town events were: At Chateau Elan, May 17th, were Keith and Nelda Sanders, MGC, Dave Burrows and Jane Agee with the Moss Motors booth, Dick and Mitzi Maddux who dropped by from their cabin in the Smokies and Tom Schmitz who had his MGA Coupe at the Chateau and his Bugeye Sprite at Townsend, TN the previous week.

    -THE END-


    by Menda Hayden, British Motoring Club of New Orleans

    When you get to the big fish sign and turn right headed toward Pensacola Beach, your heart rate rises.

    Pullin into the Best Western parking lot you see old friends right off the bat. And you know right there in that very lot youíll have new friends before the weekend is over.

    The Friday night welcome gathering out by the pool brings cool ocean breezes, the smell of the sea, and good food, the sounds of the gulls, and laughter of fun people. You go to bed with no doubt Saturday is gonna be a great day.

    Show Day once again proves to be a blast. This year the club out did themselves. Shade tent, shuttle bus, and they some how finagled the weather to be sheer perfection. Thereís a reason a lot of years the New Orleans Club wins the trophy for most cars entered: we canít pass up a weekend with our Pensacola friends. The cars this year were fee-nom-inal, new cars we had never seen before. It makes it so hard to be judgmental when trying to judge. A close to perfect Mini Moke wins BEST OF cool is that?

    The awards ceremony has a feature that has always truly amazed me. The HARD LUCK AWARD. Letís face it a car disaster could and has happened to all of us. There have been some real doozies. This year Charles' fan blade stickin right out of the hood, looking like a shark fin. Now I am sittin right next to this man during the ceremony and you would expect him to be depressed. No way, he is smiling, laughin, cheerin, havin a good time. This says a lot about where you are and who you are with. THATíS BIG!!!

    I was hit on the way home with a horrific thought. This really needs to be brought to our attention, girls. Do you realize we all had so much fun, no one went shopping? I saw no Alvin Island bags in the parking lot. What is up with that????? I got to thinking maybe the men have come up with something. Did they spike our drinks??? These weekends are about Beautiful Cars, Great People, Fabulous Food, and SHOPPING!!!!! Women keep your eyes and ears open, stay alert. If there is a conspiracy to stop the shopping, we must be vigilant. We must nip it in the bud before it gets serious.

    Once again my sincere thanks goes out to Tom and Jeanne Schmitz and the Super group of people who put on the Pensacola Beach Blast. April in Pensacola will forever be a favorite.

    2003 Pensacola Beach British Car Show Sponsors

    Sponsor Contest Results: Fred Morgan, 10; Jim Cromwell, 6; Tom Francis 5; Bob Henson, 3; Ron Newman, 2; Tom Schmitz, 2; and one each as listed below with Sponsors Names.

    Sponsor ----- PBCA Member bringing in sponsor

  • Jaguar of the Gulf Coast -- Best of Show -- Tom Schmitz
  • B&M Starter and Alternator Service, Inc -- Peoples Choice -- Bill Silhan
  • American MGC Register -- Action Mailing Service, Keith Sanders
  • Pensacola Austin-Healey Club -- Austin-Healey trophies --Bill Moseley
  • Robrand Inc - Plumbing Parts Express, Ft. Walton Beach -- Tom Francis
  • M & D Foreign Auto Parts - Pensacola -- Jim Cromwell
  • Edward Jones - Fred Morgan, Milton -- Fred Morgan
  • Edward Jones - Vann Milheim, West Pensacola -- Fred Morgan
  • Edward Jones - Pete Stieb, Navarre Beach -- Fred Morgan
  • Edward Jones - Bob Fuller, Cantonment -- Fred Morgan
  • Edward Jones - Brett Pruett, Pace -- Fred Morgan
  • Edward Jones - Rick Lambert, Pensacola Downtown -- Fred Morgan
  • Edward Jones - T. J. Henriques, Gulf Breeze --Fred Morgan
  • Baughn Alignment, Pensacola -- Gus Fell
  • Smith Barney - Richard Boehm, Financial Consultant -- Dieter Bruening
  • George H. Henson, Sr., Bob Henson
  • Chuck and Charlene Byrne -- Chuck & Charlene Byrne
  • Gulf Coast Pool & Spa, Inc -- Gary Jensen
  • Oasis Screen Company, Panama City Beach -- Tom Francis
  • Double D Glass and Mirror, Inc, Destin -- Tom Francis
  • All Pro Blinds, Ft. Walton Beach -- Tom Francis
  • Peoples First Community Bank, Pace -- Fred Morgan
  • VANNOY'S Tires, Nine Mile Road -- Ralph Overly
  • CVS Teleproductions, Inc - Richard Cunningham
  • Beach Boy Trolley - Tom McKean -- Ron Newman
  • Robert Tau Automotive, Inc -- Ron Newman
  • Hirst Transmission Specialists, Ensley, FL -- Bill Cornacchione
  • William J. Shanahan, MD - Pensacola -- Bill Shanahan
  • Ensafe, Inc - - Pensacola -- Craig Smith
  • Pep Boys Mobile Highway, Pensacola -- Bob Henson
  • J. M. Kay & Associates/HVAC Mfg. Rep. -- Mickey Kay
  • Hobbit Holes of Navarre, Inc -- Kevin Curran
  • Mystic Bay Motors, Inc - Pensacola -- Fred Morgan
  • Bob Cole Automotive -- Jim Cromwell
  • C & C Import Auto Recyclers -- Jim Cromwell
  • James L. Cromwell -- Jim Cromwell
  • Robinson Automotive, Inc. - Gulf Breeze -- Jim Cromwell
  • Diamond Interiors/Patios Plus - Destin -- Tom Francis
  • Patio Pipe, Ron Sparks - Pensacola -- Tom Schmitz
  • NAPA Auto Parts - Navy Blvd, Pensacola -- Bob Henson
  • Best Western, Navarre Beach -- Alan Williams

    PBCA thanks Best Western, Pensacola Beach for donating half the cost of the motel parking lot security Friday and Saturday nights.

  • *** THE END ***