Panhandle British Car Association: January/Feburary 2002 Newsletter




January 2002

As published in the January/Feburary 2002 edition of the "British Marque" newspaper.
President: Ron Newman
Contributing Editor: Tom Schmitz (251)961-7171

Celebrate 10 Years at the Beach April 19-20th!

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Christmas at the Beach too...

And speaking of being "at the Beach," 49 members gathered in the party room at the Pensacola Beach Best Western for the Annual PBCA Christmas Party on December 1st.

Every year we keep increasing the amount of food and every year it disappears faster than a Jaguar down the straightaway.

Most of the revelers participated in the "Dirty Santa," featuring some really nice gifts that got a lot of theft action before landing for a third and final time with happy new owners. Imported beer, booze, picnic baskets, and many car-related items made the rounds.

There was a necklace that many of the ladies aeemed to covet. A two ton floor jack was one of the last gifts opened no one could lift it off the table to unwrap the box to see what was inside.

Bill Snyder was honored as the PBCA 2001 Member of the Year and presented a plaque. Bill recorded a perfect attendance, making all scheduled events and meetings during 2001. He was also always right in the middle of things, organizing, assisting and generally keeping things moving. Bill can always be depended upon to use his extensive mechanical abilities and knowledge to help members defeat the British Car Gremlins we all experience from time to time. Congratulations, Bill, and thank you!!

Following dinner the new officers for 2002 were announced. They are Ron Newman, President; Keith Sanders and Bill Comcchione, Vice Presidents; Ralph Overly, Secretary; Tom Schmitz, Treasurer; and Bob Henson and Gary Jensen, Board Members at Large. Bill Snyder was named to the Executive Board as well as Sylvia Newman, Historian, and Mike Japp, who continues to produce and maintain one of the best British car club websites to be found on the Internet at www.geocities.coin/pbcal. If you have photos of yonr car(s) that are not on the website, get them to Mike and he will include them for all to see.

Twenty-two of us took advantage of the low December room. rate and stayed at the beach Saturday night. We gathered for brunch Sunday morning at the Bayside Grill to wrap up a very nice weekend and a great kick-off to the holiday season.
Food, food and more food!!

On October 21st, about 40 PBCA members continued to prove the club basically operates on its collective stomach. Of course, that is not news to this group, as any event featuring eating of any sort tends to draw a big crowd..

We met at the Pensacola Visitors' Center and drove to Navarre where we enjoyed a great layout of hors d'oeuvres at the lovely home of Wally and Sue Lord.

The caravan then headed back west to Ron and Sylvia Newman's new home near Grand Lagoon for a delicious dinner of ham, lasagna and all the trimmings. Sylvia's eisterinade a lasagna that was to die for.

Prying the crowd away was a real task but we managed to get everyone on the road to Innerarity Point to enjoy the always fine hospitality at Bill and Melissa Silhan's beautiful home and a wonderful layout of desserts.

The general consensus was that another Progressive Dinner should be on the 2002 Events sched- ule very soon, and Ron is already getting that planned. It will be announced along with the rest of the 2002 events in the next issue of the British Marque.

Weather & PBCA shine at the Lillian parade

For the fifth year, PBCA members got into the holiday spirit at the Lillian Chriatmas Parade by fielding eleven decorated cars. The weather was gorgeous, with the temperature in the 70s and the skies sunny. Those parading were Chuck and Charlene Byrne in their XJS, Tom and Shari Francis in their MGB, Joe Hajcak, MG TD, Bob Henson, XKE, and Margaret Henson, Corvette.

Pete and Norma Peterson used their Spitfire to tow Bob Lembeke's Mini through the entire parade. Boy, did the Triumph clutch smell after that workout.

Fred and Carol Saas brought their Jaguar MkV, and Tom Schmitz led the group with his MG TF.

Bill Snyder rode shotgun with Lembeke while Gail drove Bill's '67 Ford, which he recently bought from a longtime Lillian resident.

Joe Stephens rounded out the field in his MGB. The slow pace and high temperatures took their toll on Fred Saas' Jag and the Francis' MGB but both recovered after a cooling down period. They reported in after making it home in fine shape.

We always get a lot of fun comments about our LBCs and reward the crowd along the parade route with more than a 100 Ibs. of candy thrown to the spectators.


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