Panhandle British Car Association: October 2001 Newsletter




October 2001

As published in the October 2001 edition of the "British Marque" newspaper.
President: Gus Fell, (850) 994-0123
Contributing Editor: Tom Schmitz (251) 961-7171


PBCAers are turning out in record numbers for the Regular Monthly meetings at the Seafood Shanty. 26 attendees at the August meeting filled the room assigned to us.September brought out 39 members and guests and overtaxed the facilities to the point that the October Meeting, October 15, will be held in a larger room with additional staff to handle the crowd. Don't let the minor snafus deter you from making the next meeting as we have been assured that they will be ironed out. We will begin planning for the 2002 10th Annual Pensacola Beach Show, the Christmas Party, Nominating Committee and be looking for suggestions for events next year. Ann Fell will also be taking orders for Club shirts. Look forward to seeing you there October 15 at 6:00 pm for dinner, 7:00 pm meeting.


August 18th was a good example why things slow down on the Gulf Coast in August. The temperature was in the 90s and the humidity in the 150s for the first European Car show at the Naval Air Museum at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Previously this show was limited to all the German car clubs in the area but this year it was expanded to include British cars and was renamed the European Car Show and will continue in future years to include us. The humidity had everyone dripping. Most of the 16 PBCAers attending the show could be found basking in the A/C in the Museum and restaurant overlooking the show site. Several took in the Omni Theater presentation about the exploration of caves. In typical coastal fashion, by 3 pm the word spread that a hail storm was reported 2 miles away at the east entrance to the Air Station and everyone scattered for home.

Those braving the weather were Gerald and Libby Davis; Bill Snyder, MGBGT; Joe Hajcak, MGTD; Gus and Ann Fell, XJ6; Bill and Monnie Moseley, A/H 3000; Dick and Mitzi Maddux, TR3; Bob, TR3; Tom and Jeanne Schmitz, Jaguar 420 Saloon, and Bill and Elaine Cornacchione who were glad their TR3 is still under restoration. If ever there was a day that our LBCs could use A/C this was it.


Most car shows come off without a hitch, at least any noticeable ones. The owners of five PBCA cars are still wondering what the ---- happened at the First Annual Riviera Rally in Foley, Alabama, September 15th. Bob and Margaret Henson and Dieter and Inge Bruening showed up in their XKEs, Bill Moseley in his A/H 3000. Tom Schmitz, MG TF1500, Fred Saas, Jaguar Mark V and Scott Putriment, Oldsmobile, rounded out the PBCA group. The multi-marque show started out fine, the weather was great and the parking lot was bearable once we found a little shade under one small crepe myrtle tree. But by 4:00 pm things had gone to ----!!! The 3:30 awards program was no where in sight, no one knew who the raffle winners were and after a long hot day on the asphalt, people were beginning to head home. By 5:00 pm still nothing and with rain threatening, everyone headed home. We still don't know who the trophy winners were or if the show ever ended.....those strangely painted hot rods may still be sitting there in the parking lot. Guess this will teach us to stick to British Car Shows with precise British efficiency. This was one we doubt we will be recommending for next years agenda.


The October 21st Progressive Dinner is the next PBCA Monthly Event. This is being organized by Ron and Sylvia Newman and will include hors d'oeuvres at Wally and Sue Lord's, main course at the Newman's and dessert at Bill and Melissa Silhan's. We will meet on U.S. 98 at the Visitors Center parking lot at the Pensacola end of the three mile bridge to Gulf Breeze at 2:00 pm. We will leave promptly at 2:00 pm for the Lord's in Navarre. By the time you read this, you will have gotten a map and directions in the mail and confirming emails. We will also have the final details and maps at the October 15th Monthly Meeting. If you have not yet let us know that you will attend, please call Ron and Sylvia at 850 492-9791. This is one event we need a head count on so as to plan for food. PBCAers are known for their appetites, so we are looking for a big turnout for this one.


Here is a little club trivia you may have wondered about but never really wondered enough to ask or even care. PBCA currently has 86 members residing from Mobile, AL to Panama City, FL. These members claim ownership of 136 British cars and 2 Triumph motorcycles. This does not include parts cars and other immovable hulks which embarrassment precludes admission of ownership. Twelve members admit to three or more with one claiming 7 (5 running, 1 being restored) and another is blessed????? with 10 ( 9 running and 1 under restoration).

They include the following marques and types:
MGs - 49 consisting of 5 T-series, 5 MGAs, 4 Midgets, 2 MGCs and 33 MGBs.
Jaguars - 37 - 1 120, 4 140s, 1 150, 1 MK V, 1 MK1, 1 MKVII, 1 420, 4 XJ6s, 9 XJSs, 13 XKEs and 1 XJ8.
Triumphs - 29 including 4 TR3s, 1 TR250, 4 TR6s, 1 TR7, 6 TR8s, 8 Spitfires, 4 GT6s and 1 TR2000 Roadster
Austin Healey - 6 made up of 1 100-6, 1 3000, 1 Sprite and 3 Bugeyes

The remaining 15 consist of:

3 Rolls Royces, 2 Minis, one each Mini Moke, TVR, Rover, SD1, Lotus, Land Rover, Morris Minor, Morgan, Aston Martin, Cobra, MG Replica.

And we love them all!!!!!


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