Panhandle British Car Association: September 1999 Newsletter




September 1999

As published in the September 1999 edition of the "British Marque" newspaper.

PRESIDENT:  Jeff Olive, (850) 944-5509        EDITORS:  Pete & Norma Peterson, (850) 435-6859
The SEPTEMBER 1999 Event

Once again, you faithful editor has failed to make an outing. It appears that motorcycle racing at Roebling Road took priority over the Sunday, September 8 rally/drive to Biloxi. So, with information provided by Gus Fell, the following dissertation is presented.

Once upon a time, there was a contingent of British car drivers who were members of a great organization known throughout the realm as the PBCA. They voted on an outing to the Imperial Palace Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, to ogle over the fine automobile museum that is located therein. Their plans came to fruition on Sunday, September 8, 1999, when a somewhat diminished number of members proceeded to drive their non-British vehicles to the wonderful city of Biloxi, where they toured all manner of unique automotive contraptions, some of which were, in earlier days, owned by various celebrities. Members met at scattered locations along the route, almost becoming a full contingent at the Spanish Fort overlook off I-10 near Mobile. Upon arrival in Biloxi, they discovered that casinos have a wonderful buffet with unlimited mouth-watering delicacies just waiting to be consumed, so, in the finest traditions of the PBCA, they swarmed over the dining area and sampled practically everything in sight. Following their natural prowling instincts, they came upon several slot machines and gaming tables, where they tended to lose most of their weekly allowances to the machines and croupiers. Overall, it was reported that a great time was had by everyone attending, even though the museum was not quite what they expected. As always, when PBCA members get together, they find a way to have a good time!!!

The Monday, September 16, 1999 meeting was well attended, and resulted in a great deal of business being conducted. Our erstwhile leader, Jeff Olive, was absent, but passed the reins to the able hands of Bob Hensen, who directed the meeting. Discussion centered on the upcoming British Car Show in Montgomery, Alabama, which has proven to be one of the most popular gatherings each year. We only hope that a hurricane does not come calling on the Gulf Coast as it did last year, necessitating an early return home. Once again, the Montgomery club has announced tours to both the Knox Kershaw and Pat Ryan classic car collections after the show. These tours make the trip to the Montgomery show even more worthwhile, and contain among the best and most extensive samples of automobiles outside of Harrahs.

Tom Schmitz passed on a rumour to the effect that valve cover racing will be part of the venue at the SABCC show scheduled for October 2 in Fairhope, Alabama. Tom, as the standing PBCA valve-cover racing champion, enthusiastically challenges all comers to meet him on the track, where skill and dexterity will prevail in determining the next champion!! All PBCA members are encouraged to attend this event, as it always is one of the best.

The meeting continued with Tom Schmitz providing us with the financial report (we are still very, very solvent), our acting President making some statements about something, then the meeting gradually deteriorating into blithering about the heat, cost of gasoline, British car maintenance, and ending with us all sort of just sauntering on out the door.

  • September 12= British and European Motorcycle Show and Poker Run, D&D Cycles, Pensacola, Florida
  • September 20= PBCA Monthly business meeting, Hall's Seafood, Gregory Street, Pensacola, Florida
  • September 25= Montgomery British Car Show, Shakespeare Park, Montgomery, Alabama
  • October 2= SABCC British Car Show, Fairhope, Alabama
  • October 16= Brits on the Bluff, Natchez, Mississippi
  • November 13= Barclay House British Festival, Pensacola, Florida
  • December 4= PBCA Annual Christmas Part, Best Western, Pensacola Beach
  • December 18= Christmas Parade, Lillian, Alabama
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