Panhandle British Car Association: April 2007 article

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"Brits on the Bay" 15th Annual Pensacola British Car Show
Panhandle British Car Association
Pensacola, Florida, USA
by Mike Japp

April 21, 2007

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Eight Spitfires and GT6's arrived at the Panhandle British Car Association's 15th annual British car show, this year on a breezy park next to Pensacola Bay. They joined a field totaling 102 British cars of all types and sizes, from sports cars to sedans, from the oldest (a 1938 Bentley) to the newest (a 2005 Lotus Elise). Previously our show has been at Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island, but this year we had the opportunity to re-locate from a parking lot by the hot beach to a cooler grass field and still be by the waters of the bay. Next year we will be at a shady park called Seville Square located only 3 blocks from where this year's show was.

One of the Spitfires is a race-prepared car and was placed in the show's "Modified" class. The remaining five Spitfires and two GT6's were entered in the usual "Spitfire/GT6" class. The group consisted of both local and out-of-town drivers. The Spitfire that was driven the farthest came from New Iberia, Louisiana. The next farthest was a GT6 driven from Pelham, Alabama (near Birmingham), then a Spitfire and a GT6 from New Orleans, Louisiana, then two Spitfires came from nearby Summerdale and Gulf Shores, Alabama, and my Spitfire from northwest Pensacola. The racing Spitfire is local and was the only one trailered to the show because it's not street-legal.

This year's turnout equals our 2004 show in numbers of Spitfire & GT6 cars. However it's been since 2002 that we had a GT6 and this year we had two. Last year's turnout was four Spitfires, so this year is definately an inprovement! There are some more local Spitfires that I hope can attend next year!

The People's Choice awards in the Spitfire/GT6 class were:

  • 1st Place (tie): Anne Friloux, 1972 GT6 Mk3, New Orleans, LA
  • 1st Place (tie): Janet Lovette, 1979 Spitfire, Summerdale, Alabama
  • 2nd Place: Tommy Boudreaux, 1978 Spitfire, New Iberia, LA
  • 3rd Place: Mike Japp, 1977 Spitfire, Pensacola, FL
  • 3rd Place: Bob Lembke, 1966 Spitfire racer, Pensacola, FL (Modified Class)

    The other entries are:

  • Karen Apel, 1970 GT6+, Pelham, AL
  • Randy Cummings, 1978 Spitfire, Gulf Shores, AL
  • Harold O'Reilly, 1977 Spitfire, New Orleans, LA

    Please see our club website for pictures of ALL the cars entered in the show. The website also has details of our shows and pictures of previous shows. Thanks for all who came this year. Please consider helping increase the numbers of Spitfires & GT6s at our next annual show in April 2008. Let's shock owners of other cars by having more Spitfire/GT6 cars than usual!

    Anne Friloux
    1972 GT6 Mk3

    Janet Lovette
    1979 Spitfire

    Tommy Boudreaux
    1978 Spitfire

    Mike Japp
    1977 Spitfire

    Bob Lembke
    1966 Spitfire racer

    Karen Apel
    1970 GT6+

    Randy Cummings
    1978 Spitfire

    Harold O'Reilly
    1977 Spitfire

    Spitfire/GT6 row

    Spitfire/GT6 bonnets

    View toward the bay

    View from the bay

    Eleven pictures by Mike Japp and one by Bob Henson. Images reduced for website. Email webmaster for full-size picture file.