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Last changed: 9-JUN-2024
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Gary Arnold's Morgan 2003 Morgan 8
Owners:Gary & Patricia Arnold. Picture from PBCA's 2014 annual show.
More Pictures: PBCA 2013 show
Mike Bamford's Damiler 1961 Damiler SP250 Dart
Owners:J. Michael & Jennifer Bamford. Won a 2nd place award at PBCA's 2013 annual show.
Mike Bamford's Damiler 1961 Damiler SP250 Dart
Owners:J. Michael & Jennifer Bamford. Appeared at PBCA's 2013 annual show.
Marc Cherry's MINI Cooper 2004 MINI Cooper
Owner:Marc Cherry. Appeared at PBCA's 2014 annual show. Marc is a PBCA Vice President for 2015.
More pictures: PBCA 2019 show
Jason Court's MINI Cooper 2006 MINI Cooper
Owners:Jason & Stacie Court. Picture from PBCA's 2014 annual show.
More pictures: PBCA 2015 show
MINI 2014 MINI Cooper "S" Owner:Mike Grieco. Appeared at PBCA's 2024 annual show.
1967 Lotus Elan 1967 Lotus Elan Owner:Jerry Hall. Picture from the Panama City Scottish Festival and British car show March 2002. Jerry has owned this car since 1968.
More photos: Euroshow 2003
Don's Austin Healey 1962 Austin Healey 3000
Owner:Don Hambrick. Won "BEST OF SHOW Judged" at the PBCA Beach Bash April 2004 and at South Alabama British Car Club's show November 2003! Also a 2nd place at SABCC in 2002. Photo by Bill Moseley.
MINI Cooper. 2013 MINI Cooper Owners:Mickey and Kay Kay. Photo from the PBCA 2017 Pensacola British Car Show.
More Pictures: PBCA 2018 show
Lotus. 1956 Lotus Eleven Owner:Bob Lembcke. 1st Place at the PBCA 2019 Pensacola British Car Show.
UK Ford 1930 Ford Model "A" Phaeton
Owners:Mike Scordato. Picture from PBCA's 2014 annual show. This car is right-hand drive and was built in the UK. Ford made the Model A in Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.
More pictures: PBCA 2013 show
1960 AC Ace 1960 AC Ace Owners: Bill & Melissa Silhan. Won People's Choice award at the 25th Annual Pensacola British Car Show 2017.
1967 Aston Martin 1967 Aston Martin BD6 Owners:Bill & Melissa Silhan. Won "Best of Show" People's Choice award at the South Alabama British Car Festival 2003 and at the New Orleans British Car Day March 1999 (picture). This car was featured in the 1997 film, "Excess Baggage" starring Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Walken. Bill had to spend much restoration to recover this Aston Martin from the movie crew's damage to the car during their film production.
More pictures: Tannehill 2005 Best in Show, Hadji Temple show 2003, Panama City Show 2003, AACA 2002, South Alabama British Car Festival 2004 & 2003.
morgan 1936 AC Doctor's Coupe Owners:Bill & Melissa Silhan. Won Best of Show at PBCA's Pensacola British Car show 2024.
Austin Mini estate 1964 Austin Mini estate Owners:Bill & Melissa Silhan. Won 1st place in the Small Sedans class at the New Orleans British Car Day March 2006 (picture).
Damiler 1951 Damiler Empress
Owners:Bill & Melissa Silhan. Won "Best of Show" at the New Orleans British Car Day March 2007 (picture).
More Pictures: During Winged Wheel Garage Tour 2006.
Tom & his Moke 1967
Austin MOKE
Owners:Tom & Jeanne Schmitz. 1st in the Mini class at the Townsend, TN show 5/1/1999. Being purple and a lot of Mini lovers out there, it got a lot of attention. Had a great 50 mile mountain drive after the show in the afternoon.
Tom & his Mini 1967 Mini Cooper "S" Owners:Tom & Jeanne Schmitz. Seen in numerous shows around the southeast. Picture taken at the South Alabama British Car Club Show in front of the historic US Navy battleship, USS Alabama(BB-60).
Tom's Bugeye 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Owners:Tom & Jeannie Schmitz. It won 1st place at the PBCA 2002 British Car Beach Bash. Picture from South Alabama British car club show November 2003.
More photos: PBCA 2019, PBCA 2017, South Alabama show 2014.
Tom's Morgan at Pensacola Beach 2006 1968 Morgan 4/4 Series V Competition Model Owners:Tom & Jeannie Schmitz. Owned since January 2006.
More pictures: top up, Sports Cars at Tannehill 2006, PBCA 2016 show, PBCA 2017 show, and PBCA 2018 show.
Tom & his Mini 2011 Mini Cooper
S Clubman
Owners:Tom & Jeanne Schmitz. 2nd place at Pensacola British Car show 2019.
Aston Martin 1991 Aston Martin Virage Owner:Tom Stanley. Appeared at PBCA Pensacola British Car show 2016.
Taber's Super Seven at PBCA's 2014 show 2007 Caterham 7 SV
Owner:Taber Tomkins. Has appeared at several PBCA shows and outings. Taber was PBCA's President for Year 2015 and 2016.
More Photos: EuroShow 2014, PBCA 2015 show, PBCA 2016 show, and PBCA 2017, PBCA 2019.
J2R 2014 J2R Owner:Fred Veenschoten. Won 1st place in class at PBCA Pensacola British Car show 2017.
Morgan 1935 Morgan Owner:Fred Veenschoten. He recently bought a 1935 Morgan Sports 3 Wheeler.
More Photos: PBCA 2019, PBCA 2018
Rich Willow's 1958 Austin Healey 1958 Austin Healey Owners:Rich and Carla Willows. Picture from Pensacola British Car Show 2007. Drove on the PBCA Poker Rally 2006 through parts of nearby Alabama.
More photos: PBCA Poker Rally 2006, PBCA 2015 show, PBCA show 2016, PBCA show 2017, PBCA 2018 show.


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