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Last changed: May 6th, 2012

Other area shows & outings that PBCA members have attended!

Year 2012

  • Mitty Historic Sportscar Racing
  • EuroShow 2012 at NAS Museum

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    European Car Show at National Museum of Naval Aviation

    May 5th, 2012, NAS Pensacola, FL

    Photos by Mike Japp

    There were over 75 cars present!

    Walter Mitty & Historic Sportscar Racing weekend

    April 27-29, Road Atlanta Raceway, Braselton, GA

    sponsored by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

    Photos by Mike Japp

    Turn 5 racing

    Turn 5 racing

    Racing uphill "esses"

    Jaguar leads the pack

    TR4 at racing speed

    Looks like fun!

    60's racing Spitfire

    Triumph TR4/250

    Spitfire racing

    Jaguar & Mustang

    Supra, Spitfire, Corvette

    Triumph display area

    nice TR3

    Race car display

    Group 44 GT6

    Stag & TR6

    Going to Friday parade lap

    Rain cancelled Friday parade lap

    View into paddock

    Modified Spitfire rear

    nice Spitfire

    nice Spitfire

    Triumph guys camping area

    Triumph 2000 Mk1

    Union Jack on roof

    Spitfire racing

    TR6 & TR250

    TR6 & Spitfire


    TR250 & GT6

    70's Spitfire

    Triumph car show

    '49 Triumph 2000 roadster

    4 Triumph TR250s

    4 Triumph Stags

    many Triumph TR3s

    many more TR6s

    TR6 2nd row

    Overlooking the track

    To Triumph parade lap

    back half of Triumph group

    front half of Triumph group

    My Spitfire in the pack

    Group 44 GT6 goes by

    Zoomed into the track

    Spitfires race prep

    racing Corvette

    early Spitfire 1500

    nice Triumph TR6

    New Spitfire owner

    Waiting for parade lap

    Ready to go!

    On the track!

    Before Turn 10A

    Before Turn 6

    Exiting to pit row

    Next race begins

    Infield camping 'A'

    Waiting for racers

    Triumphs racing

    Spitfire & GT6 photographed

    Two racing Spitfires

    Special Triumph TR250K

    Triumph racing

    Fast Spitfire

    Bob on the backstretch

    Spitfires in the paddock

    Bob's Spitfire at rest

    Spitfire Mk4 engine

    racing Spitfire inside

    1967 Triumph TR250K

    view of 6cyl engine

    period photographs

    Visiting Spitfire

    Mustang off the track

    Caution lap past crews

    My Spitfire camping spot

    nice TVR from NY

    Joe's Stag & Herald

    Overlooking the paddock

    View from walking bridge

    Triumph racers

    Mike Cook & John

    Mike Cook & me

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