Panhandle British Car Association: Other shows in 2006

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Other area shows & outings that PBCA members have attended!

Year 2006

  • Christmas Party 2006
  • Euro Show 2006
  • Hadji Temple 2006
  • Winged Wheel Tour
  • PBCA Poker Rally 2006

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    PBCA Christmas Party

    December 2006, Pensacola Beach, FL

    PBCA Poker Rally 2006

    12-Nov-2006, Pensacola, FL

    PBCA member Bill Moseley is the rallymaster for our club and operates a fine rally that includes other car clubs in our area to participate in the fun.
    Pictures from the event are on this page. A description of the event before and pictures of previous rallies are on this page.

    Winged Wheel Tour

    26-AUG-2006, Pensacola, FL

    PBCA member Bill Silhan owns a large automotive shop and a large collection of classic cars and not all of them are British. He invited our club members to tour his collection and then follow him home for a relaxing afternoon of food and friends by the waters of Interrarity Point.
    Photos by Mike Japp, PBCA Webmaster.

    Admiring the cars Admiring the cars looking toward 1949 Packard Woodie Wagon and Jaguar XKE Mini Cooper Woodie Wagon 1949 Packard Woodie Wagon 1951 Morgan and 1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster
    Damiler front Damiler back Classic British, American, and German all in one picture! Aston Martin and Delorean Aston Martin Ready to roll towards Bill's house
    Stopping to gather the group Spitfires outside Silhan house Pier looking toward Ono Island, Alabama Nice patio for a gathering Group 44 Jaguar racing photo with driver autographs Enjoying the good food provided by Bill and Melissa Silhan

    More pictures by Bill Moseley:

    51 Morgan, 49 Triumph, 30's Ford Gus explains a RHD door feature RHD Damiler Members admire the Damiler Bill Silhan shows off his Damiler
    view from back of Morgan side of 49 Triumph high view of shop talking about cars enjoying view from Bill's deck
    walkway up to Bill's house living room talking to the birds Bill at Chef duties in the smoke back of Bill's house at water

    Hadji Temple Shriner's Benefit Car Show

    27-MAY-2006, Pensacola, FL

    Photos by Mike Japp, PBCA Webmaster

    hadji2006-1 hadji2006-2 hadji2006-3 hadji2006-4 hadji2006-6 hadji2006-5
    hadji2006-7 hadji2006-8 hadji2006-9 hadji2006-10 hadji2006-11 hadji2006-12

    European Car Show Display at National Museum of Naval Aviation

    20-May-2006, NAS Pensacola

    Photos by Mike Japp and William Kraft

    Pensacola Beach British Car Show 2006

    April 29, 2006

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