The Thirteenth Annual



APRIL 16, 2005

The Pensacola Beach British Car Show 2005 was re-located slightly EAST to the Pensacola Beach Hamption Inn's parking lot located about 1/2 way between the water tower and the Best Western hotel. The Hampton is undergoing renovation and was not be open for guests, but they allowed us the use of their parking lot. Thanks to the Hampton Inn, we were able to still have a show!
Click here for a map of where the 2005 show was!

THE PANHANDLE BRITISH CAR ASSOCIATION presented the Thirteenth Annual Pensacola Beach British Car Show on April 16, 2005, held again at Pensacola Beach, just a few feet of white beach sand from the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It's lovely vacation or weekend paradise only walking distance to restaurants and shopping.

Artwork by Curt Derby

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  • PBCA 2005 pictures by Dr. J.Allen Dunn of Pensacola
  • PBCA 2005 pictures by Floyd Friloux of New Orleans
  • PBCA 2005 pictures by Chris Lambert of Florida

  • Aerial view of beach
    with directions

    Part of Show area
    seen from the beach

    The Guest Tent

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  • Click here for a map and directions to our show!
  • See: Pictures from the 2004 show from PBCA member Vince Cook.
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