Panhandle British Car Association: March 2008 Newsletter

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March 2008

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Curt Derby


Bill Moseley
Pensacola, Florida – April Meeting Date Change – Monday, April 14.

The date of the PBCA April Meeting at Picadilly Cafeteria will be April 14, a week earlier than usual. We will do the “goody bag” stuffing for the “Brits on the Bay” the following weekend. If members have not yet registered for the show, do so at the meeting and save $5.00. Bring your sponsor checks and items for the goody bags. Dinner 6:30 pm/Meeting 7:30 pm.>

The following articles are by: Tom Schmitz

“Brits on the Bay” Show Site Change

April 19 Sat. - The 16th Annual Pensacola British Car Show, “Brits on the Bay” will be held at a site two blocks north of last year’s site at Admiral Mason Park in Pensacola. The show previously scheduled to be in Seville Square had to be changed due to a new ruling of the Pensacola Parks Department limiting the number of cars allowed in Seville Square to 38. Obviously our usual 100 plus cars well exceeds that number.

The map to the site of the show is available on the PBCA website, Show flyers with the map and a registration form will be available at April 14th PBCA meeting at Picadilly Cafeteria. Registration forms are also available in the website.

One advantage of the new site over last year’s is the many large trees and ample shade. It is also quite visible for the general public who would care to visit the show and admire the cars. There are several restaurants within easy walking distance and we will have the food vendor who was there last year and whose food was well received.

A new addition to the show this year will be a Parts and Accessories Sale. Attendees are encouraged to bring any items related to British cars that they wish to sell. They will need to be marked with the owner’s name and a firm price. PBCA will charge a small percentage commission for handling the sales. Particulars of the sale will be available at the show site. Unsold items will need to be taken home by their owners. Anyone wishing to sell a British car on their own at the show is welcome to do so and there will be no charge for those sales. The car for sale must be registered as a show participant at the regular fee of $25.00. We need PBCA volunteers to help man the sales area. No one should need to volunteer for more than one hour if everyone will pitch in and do their part helping with the show.

At the April 14th meeting, we will do the traditional “goody bag” stuffing after the business meeting. Come and help. It only takes a few minutes and is a good way to participate in the job of putting on the show. Please bring in your sponsor forms with checks. We will be printing the large Sponsor Display poster later that week and need to have all sponsors accounted for by then.

Any items for the “goody bags” should be brought to the meeting. We will be stuffing 125 bags so will need that many pieces of each item. We will also include business cards or flyers for the people donating the items if they so desire.

Panama City, Warm Reception on a Cold Day.

Rich and Darla Willows, Tom Schmitz, Ralph Overly, Bob and Margaret Henson, John Mahone

At 7:30 a.m. Saturday, March 8th, the weather was dry and sunny but the temperature was in the 40s when five British cars left Gulf Breeze and headed for Panama City, Florida. Two hours and 125 miles later, with the temperature no warmer, the five arrived to a warm welcome by the Bay British Car Club for the 7th Annual British Car Display and Highland Games. While this is officially the 7th annual show, the event actually goes back at least 13 years when several of the PBCA members making the trip this year, were also there for the first British car gathering at the Grace Presbyterian Church Highland Games. PBCA has had a presence there every year since that first gathering of seven LBCs.

Making the trip this year were Rich and Darla Willows in their ’58 Austin Healey 100-6. Bob and Margaret Henson drove their ‘92 Jag XJS and Ralph Overly was in his 69 MGC GT. Tom Schmitz led the caravan with his ’68 MGB and they picked up John Mahone and his ’73 MGB in Ft Walton Beach. John was the only one of the group who braved the trip with his top down both over and back.

While this was a car display this year and no trophies were awarded, everyone attending won at least one door prize with a good part of the loot going to the Willows. They will make good use of the array of Meguires Car Care products. This year the return trip was via Highway 20 through Niceville, bypassing the tangle of traffic in Destin, and they arrived back in Pensacola before dark having enjoyed what those little British cars were made for … driving.

3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off

Vince Cooke samples the chili (Photo: Curt Derby)

The 3rd Annual PBCA Chili and Gumbo Cook-Off drew 22 PBCA members, four chilis and one gumbo to the Spanish Cove clubhouse in Lillian, Alabama. February 23rd.

Besides the ritual of chili and gumbo tasting, evaluating and voting, the group spent a good deal of time in the parking lot looking over the nine British cars driven to the event. It was one of those beautiful warm February days that makes it a pleasure to live in our little bit of paradise on the Gulf Coast.

Those members who made the day enjoyable were: Mickey and Kay Kay in their MGB. Mickey and Kay, Spanish Cove residents, set up the event and also hauled a lot of the supplies to the clubhouse. Gus and Ann Fell brought their TR8, Vince and Pat Cooke got a lot of attention for their newly refurbished ‘70 E-type roadster. Good to see that one back on the road after a major mechanical redo by PBCA member, Ian Brown. Rich and Darla Willows drove their ’58 Healey 100-6 and their chili tied for First Place. The other chili tying for First was last year’s winner Tom Schmitz with his Texas Jailhouse Chili. He and Jeanne arrived in the ‘72 MGB GT. Curt and Midge Derby joined the fray with a chili as did Ralph and Peggy Overly who arrived in their MGC GT. Tom and Mary Keyser drove their ’91 Lotus and brought the only gumbo, which was deserving of a First Place even if it was the only gumbo there.

David Anderson, TR250, and Bob and Margaret Henson, ’92 XJS rounded out the Brit car drivers. Also, enjoying the day were Bill and Melissa Silhan and Joe Hajcak.

Spanish Cove is a private community with few non-residents cruising the quiet streets. The arrival of nine old British cars in the clubhouse parking lot drew a good deal of admiring attention.

Mysteries of SU Carburetors Uncovered

Jeff Olive directs the SU choir to sing. (Photo: Curt Derby)

PBCA held a Tech Session Tuesday afternoon, February 26th. The subject covered very ably by Jeff Olive was the care and feeding of SU Carburetors. Eight PBCA members attended the seminar held at Tom Schmitz’s home in Lillian. PBCA must be a very lucky club. Seventy-nine of the members own British cars with SU carbs and only 8 seem to need help with maintaining them. Of course, that is not true but maybe, with Jeff’s help, the eight attending will be able to help the remaining 71 with their SU peccadilloes. Those who should now be experts are Mickey Kay, Curt Derby, Bob Henson, Rich Willows, Robert Herman, Tom Schmitz and Ralph Overly. Jeff found that the carbs on Ralph’s MGC and Tom’s B GT were way out of tune and helped them towards correcting the problems. Also, using Jeff’s expertise, Tom now has his ’67 Mini Cooper S running like the little bomb that it is for the first time in many months.

Also, attending was Ron Davis of B&M Starter and Alternator Service. Ron offered a number of tips on Lucas electrical systems to the group. Ron, who is also the sponsor of the “Brits on the Bay” British Car Show Best of Show Trophy, was a guest at the PBCA February meeting and made a 45 minute presentation on automotive electrical systems in general and Lucas systems in particular. Another good reason to make the monthly meetings to gain knowledge of how those little beasties operate or sometimes do not operate.

PBCA takes All-Foreign class at Orange Beach

by Bill Moseley

Tom Schmitz’s MGTF judged first place (Photo: Bill Moseley)

“Open for inspection”, Bill Moseley’s Triumph TR-8 took second place. (Photo: Bill Moseley)

Feb. 16 - PBCA’s Tom Schmitz and Bill Moseley took both the trophies for “All Foreign Cars” class at the Orange Beach, Alabama all-car show. The Mardi Gras MGs set up their canopies and decorated the area with nice British flags, as you can see in the photographs. MgMg treated everyone to sandwiches, pastries, and drinks. Twelve British cars participated. It was a beautiful top down day.

Fairhope, Alabama Arts and Crafts Festival

submitted by Mardi Gras MGs Chairman, Dick Bishop

“Trail Maids” pose with the British cars (Photo: Dick Bishop)

British cars on display at Fairhope (Photo: Dick Bishop)

March 15 - It was a great event and was well attended with over 25 British cars cars.  Organized by the Mardi Gras MGs, there were British cars from MGMG, PBCA, SABCC, as well as eleven Porsches from the Sonnenschein chapter of the Porsche Club of America, whom we invited to join us.

The Festival covers most of Fairhope and has hundreds of excellent arts and crafts booths as well as musicians and good food vendors. We had the best seat in the town, so to speak, parking our car display on the front lawn of Faulkner Community College, next to the Festival. The car display is actually a part of the Festival and was visited by many festival-goers.

Great fun and we will be back next year!!

- END -