Panhandle British Car Association: July 2006 Newsletter

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July 2006

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: Mickey Kay


Bill Moseley

Upcoming Tour and Cookout

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26 – Meet at 11:00. PBCA, PAHC, SABCC, and MG-MG is cordially invited to "Le Tour de Winged Wheel". It will begin with a get-together at Bill and Melissa Silhan’s Winged Wheel Garage on Blue Angel Parkway, the same place that Bill and Melissa provided last November for the Poker Rally. Bill reminds everyone that it is a working garage; therefore, not spotless. Bill said he will try to have most of his rare car collection on display and there will be several "new" cars that very few have seen! The tour will caravan south to the Silhan house-on-the water on Interrarity Point, about 20-plus minutes away. The Silhans will host a cookout and folks can check out his extensive and rare autographed car art collection -- Remember – Dr. Wm. Silhan is Professor of Art at UWF! Bill invites you to swim, sun, or play water volleyball. If we can get enough people in the water, we could have a water volleyball match!

Maddux Chumuckla Airport Party

Saturday, Sept. 9 - Mark your calendar. Dick and Mitzi Maddux will host their annual Chumuckla Airport party. You might call it the Chumuckla Airfield Fly 'n' Drive With Maddux at their airplane hangar. (Fly if you are brave enough!). Full particulars will be forthcoming.


Hot Air at Foley!!

June 17 - The Foley, AL Hot Air Balloon Festival had some up-close scenes of the balloons during the setup and departure. Mardi Gras MG’s and PBCA had a display of 8 British cars (4 MGs, 1TR-8, 1 Jag, and 2 Mini's) and one British Motorcycle, a Triumph, at the Balloon Festival. Mardi Gras MG’s Chairman, Dick Bishop, reports that one balloon team set-up their gear right next to the British Car display.  Dick got to assist them in setting up and hanging on to the basket when the balloon was fully inflated ... they needed Dick’s weight!

Balloon Festival photos: Dick Bishop

Inside balloon during fan inflation and control line adjustments

Elevating balloon to vertical position and positioning the basket

MGMG tent flying British flags at the Balloon Festival





Tech Session at Bill Specht’s

June 24 - PBCA joined Mardi Gras MG’s at the Bill and Pat Specht’s home for the "Specht-Tech Session". The objective was to change the clutch in his MGB. We had a great time - Frank Straub who was a Navy jet-mech mostly rebuilt the MGB. The session took two weekends because the kit that Moss supplied had a wrong part. (I will say right away that Moss corrected the difficulty.)

The problem was with the clutch friction disc purchased from Moss Motors - it didn't fit! Apparently, Moss’s supplier had included the incorrect clutch disc in the kit, which looked nearly correct but didn’t fit onto the transmission input splines. The tech session was postponed for the weekend and we enjoyed Pat’s hamburgers and hotdogs in the Specht home.

Moss Motors immediately sent a new disc UPS and they are doing a random parts check of their inventory to see if this problem is widespread or an isolated instance. Moss Motors took the

problem seriously. Their management has apologized to the

attending members of the Tech Seminar for the inconvenience and wishes to

assure all of our club's MGB owners that this will be monitored to ensure no

further occurrences are encountered. We are impressed with Moss’s course

of action. They hold their relationship with the many British car clubs in

very high regard.

Bill Specht’s MGB in his garage - Bill Moseley’s TR-8 and Tom Schmitz’s Morgan stand by.

Photo: Bill Moseley

Bill Specht, Frank Straub, and Tom Schmitz fit MGB transmission Photo: Bill Moseley

Bill Specht and Frank Straub display the wrong part Photo: Bill Moseley