Panhandle British Car Association: December 2005 Newsletter

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December 2005

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
Acting President: Keith Sanders


Bill Moseley

PBCA, Pensacola, FL -- Don’t forget – PBCA will again drive in the Lillian Christmas Parade.

Dec. 10 Saturday Lillian Christmas Parade, Lillian, AL. Parade kick off is 1:00 pm, plan to arrive by 12:30 pm. Decorate your car or not as you choose and the club will provide the candy to throw to the crowd. The parade is only about 3 miles in length (cool December weather keeps overheating at bay), we all have a great time and the kids love our LBCs almost as much as they do the candy.


Bill Moseley, Rallymaster

The fourth annual PBCA Poker Rally was a resounding success this year! From the start, the objective was to integrate all the British car clubs as well as the other-make clubs. Everybody drove home happy and with something in their hand. This year, we had participation from eight clubs in addition to PBCA.

Participating clubs were: (In no special order)

  • Panhandle British Car Association 
  • Porsche Club of America
  • West Florida Corvair Club
  • Panhandle Miata Club
  • South Alabama British Car Club 
  • Mardi-Gras MGs
  • Rare Air VW Club
  • Pensacola Mopar Association
  • Gold Coast Mustang Club

    Your kind thank-you letters are appreciated. The rally has been modified yearly to fit the needs of the area.  Recently retired airline captain, Dick Maddux and wife, Mitzi suggested that we make the rally longer -- start at the same location and drive the country roads north into Santa Rosa County to finish at their airplane hanger at the Chumuckla, Florida private airport.  Suggestions indicate favor of the longer Chumuckla trip and running it in the spring, after the time change.  

    Special thanks to Dr. Bill Silhan and Melissa Silhan for preparing their Winged Wheel Garage for the one hour social and sign in and polishing up their rare car collection for display.  Bill and Melissa have (almost) recovered from a hurricane nightmare in which IVAN blew off the door and part of the siding from Winged Wheel.  If you look closely at his Morgan-inspired Winged Wheel Garage sign, you will see that it looks like it was used for machine gun target practice!  

    Thanks to:

  • Ralph and Peggy Overly for handling the registration as they have done for the past three years.
  • PBCA's Curt and Midge Derby for picking up the ball and running with it.  Larry Cowan's Goat Lips staff showed up late and Midge and Curt were kind enough to handle the collecting of Goat Lips' $7.50 flat charge.  Curt and Midge made it as smooth as possible.
  • Dan Avallone, of the West Florida Corvair Club for sending his photos. Three are used in the montage.
  • Ron Newman for making about twelve of the photos with my camera.
  • Larry Cowan, owner of Goat Lips Deli, for opening for us on his off day.  His party room was just completed.
  • Keith Sanders for hanging the PBCA banner and British flag in the party room.
  • Pep Boys and Office Max for providing the nice "freebie" items and my daughter, Kristin, the area representative for Astra-Zeneca Drug Corporation for the goody bag idea and providing some items, including the bags.  How could you miss Nexium and Seroquel?  "No, doctor, the purple pill is to be taken orally."


    (Montage: Bill Moseley; Photos: Bill Moseley, Dan Avallone, Ron Newman)

    39th Annual AACA Show

    The Antique Automobile Association of West Florida’s 39th show couldn’t order a prettier fall day and the location on the Pensacola Junior College; Milton Campus was beautiful. British cars made up a significant part of the over one hundred entrants. You don’t compete against other cars. The judge’s point sheets decide your award. Cars compete only against themselves, that is, based on the final tally of the judges. This year was a tough one. Only four of us were awarded first place and I hasten to add that there were a lot of beautiful British cars on hand!

    PBCA’s Curt and Midge Derby shocked the crowd when they were awarded the top trophy of the day, BEST OF SHOW - LEAST POINTS DEDUCTED in their perfect 1953 MGTD. A Herculean feat for a British car to win it all!!!! A personal thrill for me to write about it!

    PBCA Results:

  • 1st and Best of Show - Curt and Midge Derby, ’53 MGTD
  • 1st Lou Goldstein, ’57 Jaguar XK-140
  • 1st Craig Hurt, ’79 Rolls Royce
  • 1st Bill Moseley, ’80 Triumph TR-8
  • 2nd Jim Haskins, ’53 MGTD
  • 2nd Dick Maddux, ’59 Triumph TR-3
  • 2nd Tom Schmitz, ’68 MGB
  • 2nd Mickey and Kay Kay, ’67 MGB
  • 2nd Bob and Margaret Henson, ’67 Jaguar E-Type
  • 3rd Mike Japp. ’77 Triumph Spitfire
  • 3rd Keith Sanders ’68 MGC GT
  • And PBCA’s Joe Hajcak who entered his Porsche

    Midge and Curt Derby - First Overall Trophy-First Place Plaque; Photo: Bill Moseley

    Curt and Midge Derby’s winning MGTD; photo: Bill Moseley

    Craig Hurt and his 1st Place Rolls Royce

    Fairhope British Car Festival

    The South Alabama British Car Club’s fifteenth annual Fairhope British Car Festival was not put on as a show for the first time. It was limited to a gathering of British Cars enthusiasts at the same location, Fairhope Beach Park, Fairhope, Alabama because of the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Everyone was pleased to see a number of people from the New Orleans area on hand, some without their British cars. Some of the proceeds from the event were donated to the hurricane relief fund at Bayou La Batre. Attendees from PBCA were: Keith Sanders and his friend Chandler had both of their MGCs, provided the PBCA PA system and ran it all day.  Donna Cunningham Brian Daly, '62 MGA; Richard DeCrevel, MGB GT; Gus and Ann Fell, TR8; Jerry Hall, '67 Lotus Élan; Bob and Margaret Henson, '95 Jag XJS; Mickey and Kay Kay, '67 MGB and family; Dick Maddux, 59 TR3 and Mitzi Maddux, '94 XJS; Ray Reese, '65 Sunbeam Tiger; Tom and Jeanne Schmitz, '69 Jaguar E-type, Diane Seals, '73 MGB; Bill and Melissa Silhan, '65 Jaguar E-type.  

    PBCA participants in the Valve Cover races were Mickey Kay, Bob Henson and Tom Schmitz.  Mickey Kay was the overall winner.