Welcome to PBCA, 2004! 
Bill Moseley
Pensacola, FL 
--  Next meeting --  Mon., Feb. 16 at Seafood Shanty, 6550, Pensacola Blvd.  Eat at 6:00 - Meeting at 7:00. 
--  CHECK UP-TO-DATE WEBSITE for all upcoming events by Webmaster, Mike Japp, www.PBCA1.com.
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New PBCA President, John Barber relieved popular two-term President, Ron Newman.  This is John's automobile life history, told in his own words:
"I first became afflicted with MadCar Disease in 1963 when I wrestled a TR3 around an airport road course in South Carolina.  During the past 40 years I have owned and raced a variety of British and American sports cars including one mongrel race care I built myself including chassis and body with a turbo charged Corvair engine.  I joined PBCA in 1997 shortly after moving to Pensacola and am currently racing a vintage 1963 E-Type Jaguar in SCCA and VDCA Vintage road races."
John and his wife, Annette are English Bulldog lovers and it shows.  In the smiling photograph, one cannot distinguish between John, Winston and Clementine.  Last year, John personally took delivery of a 2003 Corvette ZO6 at the GM Corvette plant in Bowling Green, KY and drove it in the November PBCA Poker Rally.  See photos of his Corvette on the PBCA website under Events We Have Attended, 2003 --  "PBCA Poker Rally".
Photo captions:
(photos by Annette and John Barber)
1.  Winston, John, and Clementine
2.  John's '63 XKE Ready to Race
(and LINK through www.PBCA1.com Event Calendar)
Pensacola Beach British Car Show - APRIL 17 - PBCA'S TWELFTH  ANNUAL
Saturday, FEB. 7 - PBCA Valve cover race seminar - Tom Schmitz's home, Lillian, AL
Monday, FEB. 16 -  PBCA Meeting
Saturday, Feb. 28 - Blue Angels Marathon Car Show, N.A.S. Pensacola, FL (not affiliated with PBCA)
Sunday, FEB. 29 - "Sadie Hawkins" Leap Year Event.  Details TBA
Saturday, MAR. 13 - Panama City British Car Show, Bay British Car Club, held with Scottish Festival
                              See last year's photos in PBCA website, www.PBCA1.com, under Events We Attended
Monday, MAR. 15 - PBCA Meeting
Saturday, MAR. 20 - New Orleans British Car Day (beautiful all-British show) On the campus of Delgado
                              Community College - see last year's photos on PBCA website, www.PBCA1.com 
                              under New Orleans Show - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Saturday, MAR. 20  - Fairhope British Car Display (not a show) with the huge Fairhope, AL Arts and Crafts
                              Festival  (You are assured of a perfect parking place!)
 Important!!!  ---- PBCA  ANTI-SPAM  EMAIL ----   Important!!!
NOTE:  FROM NOW ON -- EMAIL SUBJECT WILL BEGIN WITH "PBCA" !!!!  This will let you know that it IS NOT spam mail !!! 
  Many members said that they accidentally delete PBCA club notices along with the despised SPAM.  Look for "PBCA" -- Every subject will clearly say "PBCA"  so you will know it's legitimate.  96 of our more than 100 PBCA members are online or at least have an email address. For those members not online, we will continue using the U.S. Mule to send you notices. If you have email but cannot check it regularly, let Tom schnitz know and he will send it to you by snail mail.
In the future every PBCA email will have the first word in the Subject line, PBCA which will be followed by a short subject identifier such as "PBCA  PARADE" .  That will make it easier to keep members from accidentally deleting valid emails from the club.  Hopefully, you will turn your computer on and scan your inbox for PBCA regularly.  If not, you may miss some of the fun that has been planned for the club for 2004 as well as impromptu activities that often are planned on the spur of the moment but are sometimes the most fun.
PBCA's website,  www.PBCA1.com,  gives a brief overview of upcoming events and provides internet links to events BUT the PBCA  Email Notice will provide the complete details that you might need.



If you get this issue of the Marque before February 6, look for the particulars for this event on the website and your email.   If you are one of the people who says every year at the Pensacola Beach British Car Show, "I'd sure like to build one of these valve cover racers sometime", then the time is Saturday, February 7th, noon to whenever the last racer rolls out of Tom's garage door. The location is Tom Schmitz's garage in Lillian, Al.  We will be building several Racers and give you tips on putting one together. In fact we will help you build yours right there if you bring a British valve cover and the other materials.  Specifications and a material list will be on the website and in an email. The email  subject will be: "PBCA  VALVECOVER"   It is not spam -- don't delete it.

Let Tom know at his phone number, (251) 961-7171 or email his address above if you plan to be there.   Tom needs to know how many chickens to kill and pluck and how much soda to buy.



PBCA has an opportunity, for those who like to show off their LBCs to the public, to display them in the 2004 Navarre Mardi Gras Parade which is scheduled for Saturday, February 21.  Line up will begin at 10:00 AM and we must be in place by 11:30 AM. Parade kicks off at 1:00 PM and everything is over by 3:00. The parade begins at the Navarre end of Santa Rosa Island.

PARADE EMAIL COMING - We will have directions and particulars at the regular February 16 meeting. Read your email regularly. Look for PBCA PARADE in the subject line, as complete info will be there as well as on the website.

PBCA has not participated in any of the Florida areas parades since Pensacola restrictions made it impossible . We have had a good turn out over the years for the big Lillian, AL Christmas Parade.  Of course, this past year, the 2003 Lillian Parade was canceled 30 minutes before kick off because of torrential rain. Talk about British car weather protection... you had to have been there!  Rain not withstanding, Kevin and Susan Curran showed up in their TR-6. Pete and Norma Peterson arrived in their Spitfire but spent the morning huddled in Bill and Elaine's Mustang. Vince and Pat Cooke, Bob and Margaret Henson and Tom Schmitz played it safe and brought their Jag XKS but found that every time they opened the window, the rain cascaded in from the edge of the roof --- a typical XJS bad habit.



The Third Annual Blue Angel Marathon Car Show is scheduled for Saturday, February 28, 2004. This year there will be popular voting as well as judged selection for trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place categories.  The Blue Angels Marathon is the official U.S. Navy marathon. 

Time is from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. You should use the Blue Angel Parkway (Back or West) entrance to NAS no earlier the 8:30 am. The front entrance to the base will so congested that you will want to avoid that. There is no fee to participate in the car show. However, those who pre-register will receive a dash plaque.

We will have registration forms and maps at the February 16 PBCA meeting and there will be an email going out to PBCA members with details. Email Subject line will read "PBCA  BLUE ANGEL"   Last year, PBCA had no publicity on this show and there were three British Cars there. Let's see if we can do much better this year and support this local event and NAS activities.



Some of the PBCA Ladies are putting together the Club's February Event.  It will take place Sunday, February 29, which, 2004 being a leap year,  is Sadie Hawkins Day.   The plans are still in the formulation stage.  Particulars will be presented at the February 16 Regular PBCA Meeting.  They will also be posted on the website and will be on email - email subject:   " PBCA  SADIE HAWKINS".