Panhandle British Car Association: December 2004 Newsletter

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December 2004

Contributing Editor: Bill Moseley
President: John Barber


Bill Moseley


As usual, the PBCA Christmas Party will serve as our December meeting.

The Christmas Party has been rescheduled and will be held Saturday, December 11, at CJ's Smoke House on Davis Highway. (Pensacola Beach is down for repairs!)  This used to be Montana’s and is located just north of 1-10, 1/4 block west of Davis Highway. Take the short street between the Waffle House and Peking Gardens).  There will be dinner and the traditional "Dirty Santa" gift exchange (gifts in the $10.00 –15.00 range).   More information at the November meeting and by email.  We will need RSVPs for this year's Christmas Party and payment in advance by December 4th.  PBCA is subsidizing the dinner and room.  Members (two persons) are $5.00 each.  Guests (over two people per membership) will be $15.00 per person. If you don’t know what Dirty Santa is then beware – Tom Schmitz is the dirtiest Santa of them all !!!


If you can't make the November meeting, send RSVP and Christmas Party payment (and your dues) to arrive by December 4th to:

 Tom Schmitz, PBCA Treasurer, 9609 Soldier Creek Rd, Lillian, AL  36549


Also on Saturday, December 11 – PBCA will participate again in the Lillian Christmas Parade.  Plan to arrive at Lillian about noon.  The parade begins at 1:00.  Call or email Tom Schmitz.



Fletcher Thompson and Bill Moseley on

                     “the track that Fletcher built”(Photo: New Orleans British Motoring Club)


“Valve Cover Races” have grown in popularity and combine both the silly and the serious.  About twelve racers participated.   SABCC’s Fletcher Thompson recently built this sophisticated new track that features a remote starting lever.   Tom Schmitz hosted a Valve Cover Party at his home last February for PBCA and SABCC and using his sophisticated machine tools.



Our sister club, South Alabama British Car Club’s FAIRHOPE BRITISH CAR DAY, October 30, was blessed  gorgeous weather.  The Fairhope Beach had its beach “resanded” since Hurricane IVAN but hulks of sailboats were still resting on their side.  PBCA did quite well in the competition as did SABCC and the British Motoring Club of New Orleans (see other photos at PBCA website,, and New Orleans’


(Fairhope Show photos below)


Bill and Monnie Moseley     (photo:  Dave Burrows)



These Jag XK’s will BITE you!  (photo: Bill Moseley)



Triumphs as far as the eye can see     (photo:  Bill Moseley)







Results of the South Alabama British Car Club's Fairhope British Car Day with the PBCA cars that won trophies.  The ones with (*)  and cars listed are PBCA members.  Other PBCA members attending were: Show Co-Chairman, Richard and Donna Cunningham, '65 XKE coupe; Diane Seals, '73 MGB; Mickey Kay, no car but raced his valve cover racer and was first runner up in a close final race; John and Annette Barber with their two English bulldogs; Russ and Cathy Pascoe, '61 Healey 3000 (too late to register but displayed his car); Bill and Elaine Cornacchione,  Frank and Pat Hubbard. 



Class A       1st –   Thompson, Fletcher                         

                   2nd – Talley, Rodger

                   3rd –   Huggins, John & Cindy



Class B       1st – Ballard, Lou & Pat

                   2nd – Hughes, Cliff

                   3rd -    *Hamrick, Don  ('62 Austin Healey)



Class C       1st –   *Klumpp, Ann and Fritz (XK 120)

                   2nd – *Bruening, Dieter and Inge(XKE)

                   3rd –   Cushman, Pat & Barbara



Class D       1st –   Frutos, Butch

                   2nd – *Henson, Margaret & Bob (XJS)

                   3rd -   *Bruening, Dieter (XJS)



Class E       1st –   *Metz, Vic (XJ6)

                   2nd – Melesurgo, Dan & Mary

                   3rd –   Cronk, Chris



Class F       1st –   *Derby, Curt & Midge ('53 MGTD)

                   2nd – *Henke, Bruce & Nancy ('53 MGTD)

                   3rd –    Forsythe, James & Susan



Class G       1st –   *Daly, Brian ('623 MGA)

                   2nd – Lovett, Steve



Class H       1st – *Burrows, Dave ('67 MGB)

                   2nd – Kreis, Philip & Jean

                   3rd –   Bishop, Richard



Class I        1st –   *Schmitz, Tom and Jeanne ('68 MGB)

                   2nd –   Warren, Tom & Myra

                   3rd –   Roberts, John & Deryl



Class                    J1st – Vezina, Keith

                   2nd – McDonald, Rodney

          tie      3rd –   Enzman, Jim

                   3rd –   Wood, Barbara & Don



Class K       1st –   Harris, William

                   2nd –  Waddington, Stuart

                   3rd –   Greenfelder, Cathy & Mark



Class L       1st –  Hans, John       

                   2nd – *Putriment, Scott and Brenda ('71 MGB GT)

                   3rd –   *Sanders, Keith (('68 MGCGT)



Class M      1st –   *Sanders, Keith ('69 MGC)



Class N       1st –   *Hall, Jerry (('67 Lotus Elan)

                   2nd – Saunders, Dick

                   3rd –   Weathers, Bill



Class O       1st –   Lewis, Michael & Sharon

                   2nd – Pritchett, Don

                   3rd –   Aucoin, Wayne & Joyce



Class P       1st –   *Silhan, Bill and Melissa ('67 Aston Martin)



Class R       1st –   Jarvis, Keith & Donna

                   2nd – Woodward, Donald



Class S       1st –   Wharton, Glenn

                   2nd – Wilden, Robert



Class T       1st –   *Moseley, Bill & Monnie ('80 TR8)

                   2nd -   *Sanders, Steve ('80 TR7 Spider)

(tie )    3rd –           *Fell, Gus & Ann ('80 TR8) *

          3rd –   Briethoff, Bill



Class U       1st –   Friloux, Ann



People’s Choice    -   *Ann and Fritz Klumpp   (1954 Jaguar XK120)



Longest Distance Traveled – Allen Spragins – Greenville, MS