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September 2019

  • The September newsletter is now posted. And on September 2nd too.

    August 2019

  • The August newsletter is now posted! Yeah!

    July 2019

  • Once again playing "catch-up" with the newsletters. If you don't get the British Marque newspaper and see our newsletters (as well as those of other clubs across the world), then you can read our newsletters here. The May and June newsletters are now on-line. Yes, it's now July so that's next.
  • The link for the Suncoast British Car Club is corrected on the Links list.
  • The July newsletter is now posted on the newsletters page.

    April 2019

  • Our 27th Annual "Brits by the Bay" Pensacola British Car Show 2019 was a success with 141 cars registered and great Florida beautiful weather! Pictures and winner's lists are posted on the Show page linked above.

    January 2019

  • The Show page has been updated for our upcoming April 26th-27th Pensacola British Car Show, our 27th!
  • Pictures from our recent Garage Tour at Mike Darby's Restoration Shop have been added to the Past Events page for Year 2018.

    October 2018

  • Pictures from the South Alabama British Car Festival have been posted to the South Alabama shows page here.

    September 2018

  • The events list has been updated.

    May 2018

  • The winner's list from our 2018 show is complete and available on the show page.
  • The April and May newsletters are published on the newsletters page.

    April 2018

  • Just completed a successful annual show with great weather and over 130 cars! Many repeat attendees comment that they really enjoy our show. If you have not been here, please make plans to attend next year.
  • The pictures are available on the show page.

    November 2017

  • Getting ready for next year's show, I have uploaded the 2018 registration forms for participants, class sponsors, and major sponsors onto the Show page.
  • The November newsletter is now ready on the Newsletters page.

    May 2017

  • Pictures are now uploaded from the Panhandle Cruiser's National Show 2017 which was held at Five Flags Speedway. See the "Past Events" section.

    April 2017

  • PBCA had a great success with our 25th annual show. We had over 140 registered cars, good weather, live Beatle's music, and a new shady location in historic downtown Pensacola right by the bay. Pictures are now processed and are published on the site.

    December 2016

  • I am changing the menu button layout for most pages and having two rows across the top instead of one column on the left side. I'm doing this so that the short pages may not have to be scrolled down at all and the longer pages will not have to be scrolled as much as before. The main page and show page are not changed yet.

    November 2016

  • This site has been edited to prepare for our 25th Anniversary show in April 2017. The Map page has been updated to reflect our new show site, Seville Square, and the directions from the host hotels are included. The dates on the Show page are now correct but the hotel prices have to be verified. The new registration form requires Adobe PDF and is linked from all the page menus.
  • Newletters have been added.
  • I'm experimenting with a different layout of the menu buttons on this page.

    April 2016

  • We had a great show with over 130 cars registered and no rain at the show site. Pictures are linked on our Show page.

    October 2015

  • We are starting to get ready for our next show in April 2016! The Show page is edited and the registration forms for participants and sponsors are ready except for one Adobe form that will hopefully be changed soon.
  • Photos from the South Alabama British Car Festival at Fairhope are now posted here. PBCA did well at their 24th show with several class winners and placements. A complete list will be in the newsletter.

    April 2015

  • Thank you to those brave enthusiasts who came to our show despite the gloomy predictions of the professional weather guessers! Their predictions of all-day rain with thundershowers did NOT happen. We had our show with some light rain off and on in the morning and NO rain in the afternoon. The Beetles band was able to play with no problems and they sounded great! The voting and the awards presentation was not rained on either (unlike three years ago). Turnout was low because the morning rain caused many of YOU to decide to stay home. But we still had 67 brave owners who helped us make a successful show. This was our 23rd show so two times in 23 years is still good!

    March 2015

  • The March newsletter has now been added to the site as it was published in the British Marque newspaper.
  • Members pages are still being worked on as I have time. I have not completed going through the roster.

    February 2015

  • The newsletters page has been updated with the British Marque's December and January/February editions.
  • The Members pages have been updated after I received a more current roster. I have not completed this task through the entire roster yet, but I'm working on it. It takes time to search for car photos from our recent shows and events for each member in the current roster.

    January 2015

  • I tested a different menu on this page, then installed it to all the pages with the previous Flash menus. I did this because I received an Apple iPad for Christmas and I saw that our Flashbutton menus didn't work on it's Safari and Chrome web browser versions. Last summer I got an Android smartphone and had noticed the same thing. Therefore, I want to try something new for those devices to be included because more people are using these mobile devices. So what do you think?

    May 2014

  • We were having problems with some of the names for the photos from the show. The webmaster has been working on the site pages for the cars as the car number list is being compiled. The pictures were published with most but not all of the names listed and then all but one has been corrected.
  • The Winner's List is ready and an extra set of photos from Bill Moseley has just been added May 31st.

    April 2014

  • Thanks for a successful show on April 26th! We had about 126 cars attending with only a few pre-registered cars that did not arrive. The weather was great for a car show. The pictures are being processed and will appear on our site soon.

    January 2014

  • Newsletters and articles for December and January have been added.
  • Pages have been edited and added for our 2014 Pensacola British Car Show including the sponsor registration form which was just added 1/26/2014.

    May 2013

  • Two photos of a Morgan 3-wheeler that was at the show were just added after being received by PBCA members. I did not see it arrive after Noon when we left the photo area as planned, as I saw some others. If any others attended and do not appear in the gallery, send a photo of the car from the show and it will be added. Registration normally closes at Noon.
  • The April newsletter has been added late and the May newsletter is also available.
  • The 2013 PBCA show Winner's list has now been received 5/22 and the display page is being created.

    April 2013

  • Our 21st Annual Pensacola British Car Show "Brits on the Bay" was a fantastic success with a record number of cars attending and great weather! Pictures of every car are available on the gallery pages. When the Winner's list is completed it will be added to the Show page.
  • Some members whose cars are not on the Member's pages will be added as time permits using photos from our 2013 show.

    January 2013

  • Edited the Show pages for 2013 and the registration form.
  • Edited the Officers page for our new 2013 officers.
  • Added Tom Matsoukas and Marc Cherry to the Members pages. If anybody else wants to be added, just send me a note and tell me what event you attended where a photo of your car was taken OR you can send me a photo.
  • Some photos are being moved around as I am trying to organize the site better. So if a link to a photo doesn't work for a few days, send the webmaster an email and I will fix it.

    May 2012

  • Some PBCA members attended the downtown Pensacola National Car Show sponsored by Panhandle Cruisers. If you have photos you want to share, send them to the webmaster to be displayed and credited.

    April 2012

  • Our 20th anniversary show was supposed to be a big one, but got rained on instead. However almost 100 cars attended in spite of the rain! Photos and winner's list are posted.
  • A few PBCA members attended the "Mitty" Historic Sportscar Racing weekend at Road Atlanta, including your webmaster. This years Mitty featured the 50th anniversary of the Spitfire, MGB, and TR4. Photos are under "Past Events" in "Year 2012". We had 97 Triumphs on the track at the same time!

    March 2012

  • Photos from PBCA's attendance at the New Orleans British Car Day are posted under "Car Show Pictures" -> "New Orleans shows".

    November 2011

  • The November newsletter is now posted here as well as published in the "British Marque" newspaper.
  • Pictures from our participation in the 10th Annual Marine Corps League Motor Show are now on the "Other Shows" page for 2011, here.

    October 2011

  • Not exactly new but I have caught up with posting our newsletters here after letting them get behind. Enjoy!

    May 2011

  • PBCA attended several events this month including the European Show at NAS Pensacola and the downtown Pensacola National Show.
  • I just found some photos from the New Orleans show in 2008, so even though it's two years late, I posted them anyway so that they are included. This should show anybody that if you have photos of a PBCA-attended event, send them to me for inclusion on this website, no matter how old the photos are.
  • I will be re-organizing the photos from New Orleans shows just as I have for the South Alabama British Car Festival shows.

    April 2011

  • April of course brings us to our annual show, this year is our 19th.
  • We had 106 British cars, racers, and motorcycles in attendance this year.
  • Pictures and winners list are posted in the Show section of this site.

    March 2011

  • Some PBCA members traveled to the New Orleans British Car Day.
  • PBCA members attended the Fairhope Arts & Crafts fair with a British car display.

    January 2011

  • OK, well I have not written on this page in a while... Let's see, what have I done recently?
  • I re-organized some photos of SABCC shows and club events.
  • I also uploaded new photos from our Christmas party and a local tour to a restaurant in Baldwin county, Alabama.
  • Some newsletters were placed on this late last year as well. We don't produce a newsletter every month.

    April 2010

  • Our 18th Annual Pensacola British Car Show was a success with 104 cars and motorcycles attending, which is about 12 more than last year! The official show photos are now on this website. The winner's list is not ready yet. Other photos submitted to the webmaster will also appear here soon.

    March 2010

  • Some PBCA'ers attended the New Orleans British Car Day on March 20th. Photos taken by the webmaster are posted here.

    December 2009

  • I've noticed a few places that we usually have photos of events but have not had for various reasons. So I have asked some members for past event photos that we don't have on the site. Some members have sent in photos and I am working on those events. So far I have added event photos from:
    1. PBCA Chumuckula Airport activity in 2009
    2. European Car Show at NAS Pensacola in 2008
    3. Christmas Party in December 2006
  • These photos can be found in the "Past Events" section of this site.
  • If you have photos from a PBCA event not shown here, please send them to this site's webmaster using the address "pbca1 (at)" and note that the last character of the userid is a number one (1) not a lowercase letter L (l).

    September 2009

  • The September newsletter is published in the British Marque and on this website here.

    May 2009

  • The pictures from our show are in the main gallery and photos from others are in 3 additional galleries. Click here for the show page.

    April 2009

  • Thanks to all who attended our 17th annual Pensacola "Brits on the Bay" British Car Show! Pictures are here.

    February 2009

  • Pictures from the PBCA/Panhandle Cruisers Road Rally are on the site here.

    January 2009

  • A new year brings new challenges and new events......

    December 2008

  • Our annual Cristmas party and Lillian Christmas parade was fun. Read about it in the newsletters. :-)

    November 2008

  • Pictures from the South Alabama British Car Show are on the site.

    September 2008

  • We had some neat events this summer. The Webmaster got behind on the newsletters but caught up later!

    June 2008

  • I'm trying to catch up on the past newsletters to have them on this website. Little by little they will get done.

    May 2008

  • The winner's list has arrived and was finished on May 8th.

    April 2008

  • Our 16th Annual show on April 19th was fun in a nice new location on a grass field with some shade trees. The location was uphill from last year's location and therefore on higher ground that did not stay wet after the rain that came through the night before. It was a very nice day and sunny but not hot. Pictures from the show are ready here. The winner's list has not arrived yet but probably will in a few more days.

    February 2008

  • Our 16th Annual Pensacola British Car Show will be on April 19. The location was previously announced as being at Seville Square, but has now been changed to a different park nearby and only three blocks north of last year's location. For details on the show and the location, please see this page.

    November 2007

  • Thanks to all who participated in our 2007 Road Rally. Pictures are here:

    April - May 2007

  • Thanks to everyone who attended our 2007 show at a new location. The winner's list on the website was delayed because I had to rush my family down to southwest Florida after we learned that my wife's mother had to be taken to the hospital. I had little time to work on the winner's list page, but I did a bit each night after getting the children asleep until it was finally finished today. (May 6th 5:30am)

    January 2007 -

  • With a new year comes a new idea (at least for me). I now have the ability to make Adobe PDF documents, so I will make the newsletters available for webpage format and Adobe PDF. So when I get caught up with newsletters, that is what you can look for.

    November 2006 -

  • Guess this page has not been updated in a while, but with a new baby in the house to add to our 3-year-old, things are very busy for me as you can imagine (or remember)!
  • Pictures from the 5th Annual PBCA Poker Rally 2006 are up and are located here.

    June 2006 -

  • Pictures from two May events are now up on the Other Shows 2006 page, which is also newly created. The two events are the Euro Show at the National Museam of Naval Aviation, NAS Pensacola, FL and the Hadji Temple Benefit All-Car show, Pensacola, FL.

    May 2006 -

  • The May newsletter is up.

    April 2006 -

  • Our 14th Pensacola Beach British Car Show was a good showing with about 105 cars registered. High winds on our show day for the first time in 14 years did keep some entrants away because the wind was blowing sand from the beach over to the parking lot at a pretty fast clip. In my case, I meant to bring two Triumphs, but a leaky carb on one, discovered on Friday, forced it to stay home.
  • The pictures and winner's list are up from the show linked from the show page.

    March 2006 -

  • The March newsletter is ready.
  • Please try to attend the New Orleans British Car Day, March 25th. Hotels are scarce, but if you can find one, the British Motoring Club New Orleans and the city could sure use your help after two major hurricane strikes only three weeks apart.

    November 2005 -

  • The November newsletter is ready for your viewing ahead of the arrival of the British Marque.
  • Does anybody ever read this page? ...

    October 2005 -

  • I've started a new task: I'm editing the Member's pages for each members car, finding all (or most) other occurances of that car on our site, and linking those other pictures into that member's box. This is very time-consuming and will be done little-by-little, so be patient. IF you want to help, you could help by finding the occurances yourself of your car, getting the filenames of the large pictures (not the thumbnails), and the page you found each on, them email me (webmaster) with that list. That will save me time when I get to your car. (as of 6/6/2006, no one has replied to this effort)

    September 2005 -

  • Well, my new main computer failed for the 3rd time in 11 months, so that's one manufacturer that I will never buy from again. What is the chance of new notebook computer having 3 different major breakdowns at 5 months, 10 months, and 11 months? So I returned it! I am a computer programmer by profession, so I am certainly careful with my equipment. Now I have a different notebook computer with more features than the first. I just hope that it lasts longer too!
  • Because of computer troubles and attention to hurricane details with my family in Louisiana, I let the Events page and the Newsletters page slip. I have taken steps to improve our reporting on the Events page and am working on catching up on the newsletters. The October, September, and August newsletters are now up.

    July 2005 -

  • It's sad to report the passing of one of our members, Vic Metz. He owned a nice 1987 Jaguar XJ6 in British Racing Green. Our condolences to his family and he will be missed.
  • Our annual combined party/picnic with the South Alabama British Car Club was held on the 24th at the home of Tom and Jeannie Schmitz. About 75 people were there with many in their British rides from both clubs. Details will be in the newsletter.

    May 2005 -

  • I've fallen behind on the newsletters due to my main computer being broken for over a month before our show and due to the website work required after our annual show for all the pictures and gallery files. I'll see about catching up on those newsletters when I can.
  • I have also started using the show 2005 pictures into the Member's pages to replace old pictures and add for new members. The Jaguar Member's page is finished, so next will be the MG Members, Triumph members, and other members.
  • Pictures from PBCA's involvement at the European Car Display at the Naval Aviation Museum and the Atlanta British Motorcar Day at Chateau Elan are now on the Other Shows 2005 page.

    April 2005 -

  • Our 13th Annual Pensacola Beach British Show was a good success this year considering that Pensacola Beach was still recovering from the devastation caused by category 3 Hurricane Ivan that roared through in September. We had 95 cars show up and 5 pre-registered cars that did not show up which is down from our usual 126 or so, but that's pretty good considering the reduced number of available hotels on the island this time. Pictures of all entries are now on the show 2005 page with the winner's list also. Thank you for making it a success despite the hurricane damage!
  • Every year there is something amiss with photos and this year is no exception. I borrowed a better Nikkon 990 camera this year and since I was un-familiar with it, somehow it missed four pictures out of 96. I have received two of them from Keith Vezina and Floyd Friloux, had to use last year's picture for a third, but have no recourse for the fourth.
  • Lastly, Please tell your friends with Triumph Spitfires, Triumph TR2s, TR4s, and Triumph TR6s to attend our show next year! We had only ONE Spitfire (mine), NO TR4s, and four TR6's this year, probably due to the hurricane. There were only 13 Triumph cars compared to 17 Jaguars and 34 MGs. I also had my Triumph sedan at the show so a friend drove my Spitfire. Please get your Triumph friends to our show next year!
  • Please sign our Guestbook and tell others about our show.

    March 2005 -

  • The location of our Pensacola Beach British Car Show has had to be moved just a bit from the beach parking lot next to the water tower to the HAMPTON INN parking lot just barely down the road. Click here for a map and directions to our show! It's located about halfway between the water tower and the Best Western hotel, which is still our host hotel even though they suffered damage due to Hurricane Ivan. First floor rooms will not be repaired in time for our show and our Friday night party will have to be in the LOBBY area of the hotel, but we will not let Hurricane Ivan damage spoil our fun!!

    Febuary 2005 -

  • It's sad to report the passing of fellow British car enthusist and former Marine aviator Bob Mason, member of our friends at South Alabama British Car club. His obiturary detailing his Marine career is here.

    January 2005 -

  • Our club is getting ready for our annual show in April and I have the flyer and registration page ready to go! See it here.

    October 2004 -

  • Pictures from the South Alabama British Car Festival are now on this website. Photos were supplied by Bill Moseley and Steve Sanders.

    September 2004 -

  • Good News! Our webhost, Yahoo Geocities, has given us more space (a lot more space!) for our account. Because of that, I will restore the Beach Bash 2003 pictures that were deleted to make room for the 2004 picures.
  • Bad News! Northwest Florida, Southeast Alabama, and portions of other southern states were hit by Hurricane Ivan with the Pensacola area being the hardest hit. Many people lost their homes. PBCA's September outing and meeting were cancelled due to the county-wide curfew that officials setup after the storm. Please donate to the Red Cross to help with the relief efforts.

    August 2004 -

  • The bottom frame is being eliminated. Use the button bar at the top left of each page. This action was explained and forwarned in the May note below.

    July 2004 -

  • I have started changing the Member's section to have multiple-car owners with their cars together instead of all over the page according to when it was submitted.
  • I have also started organizing the list in alphabetical order if the multiple-car owner got all their cars where their highest car was, then that might not be viewed as fair. Our Member's section has been organized according to submission date order ever since I created this website in December 1998. So perhaps it's time for a change.

    June 2004 -

  • Added another PBCA newsletter
  • Changed and added some dates on the events page

    May 2004 -

  • Later this summer, the bottom frame of this site will disappear in favor of the button bar that I am placing on the top left of each page. This is because webpage standards are changing to eliminate frames. This helps voice software read webpages out loud to sight-limited users. Section 508 US Code does not require individuals to change their webpages, but it does require government and corporate sites to change. I have a friend who is legally blind, so he has explained the issue to me. I decided that I want this site to be accessable to my friend and those with his disability.

    April 2004 -

  • Our annual British Car Beach Bash was April 17th! Thank you for making it a success! I have posted pictures from the show. Unfortunately, a smudge on my camera lens makes this years photos not so great. I've edited them as best I can using Adobe Photoshop7, but only so much can be done. I'm very sorry about this. If you have a photo of your car that looks better, or you can edit the show photo better than I did, send it to me and I'll use it instead.
  • Please sign our Guestbook and tell others about our show.

    March 2004 -

  • Added the March newsletter
  • Added a rally event of the Mardi Gras MG's of Fairhope to the Events page.

    Feburary 2004 -

  • Added the Feburary newsletter

    January 2004 -

  • 1st - Updated the site for our PBCA British Car Beach Bash on April 17th! Mark your calendar and be there!
  • Created new events calendar and added events for the 1st half of 2004.
  • Again changed the way you contact me by making flash buttons on most pages. This binary file contains my email address and you will have it when you click on the flash button.
  • Made a new page for PBCA club officers with phone and email contact.

    December 2003 -

  • Added a few new members and existing members to the members page.
  • Added the November newsletter

    November 2003 -

  • Uploaded November 2003 PBCA newsletter with details of our recent Roker Rally that included members of other area car clubs.
  • Uploaded 12 pictures from the Poker Rally 2003 to the Other Shows 2003 page.
  • Returned from the British Car Festival at Fairhope Beach Park sponsored by the South Alabama British Car Club (SABCC) with 18 pictures. I think I missed one or two PBCA cars. Send them in to be included here.
  • Changed most webmaster email address links to use a contact form instead of my email. I was receiving 70 emails a day 95% spam, so I changed my email address. Hopefully this contact form will hide my new email from spammers! If you need to send me a picture and you do not already have my new email address, use the contact form to request that you be able to send me a picture. You will receive a reply email from me having my new email address.
  • My baby is 5 months old on the 30th! This is why I can't update this site as often as I used to be able to. Want to see his picture? Click here.

    October 2003 -

  • Added the September newsletter (better late than never)
  • NOTE:A mistake by the British Marque editors accidently combined the newsletters for PBCA and the Pensacola Austin-Healey Club in the August issue. They are both written by Bill Moseley who belongs to both clubs. Therefore, the September 2003 issue covers PBCA events that should have been in the August 2003 issue. I had earlier had event data in the on-line July issue and since this was re-printed (correctly) in the British Marque September issue, I have corrected the on-line editions here to reflect that.
  • Uploaded pictures from two events: 1)Air Force Armament Museum tour and 2)Brits by the River show.
  • Removed what was left of the pictures from PBCA's 2000 and 2001 shows. We only have the room on our server to have two years worth of PBCA's show pictures and still have room for member's car pictures, events we attend, etc.

    September 2003 -

  • Uploaded pictures from the Montgomery British Car show 2003.
  • Updated the Other shows 2003 page for PBCA's trip to Fish Camp restaurant, Bon Secour Alabama.
  • Made internal page links on the Other shows 2003 and 2002 page to jump to the part of the page you want to see.
  • BTW, the webmaster's baby now weighs 11 pounds and is 3 months old on the 30th!

    August 2003 -

  • Added a new page for British car related Accessories!
  • I have a new format for the events page here.

    July 2003 -

  • Just a note that this site will not be updated as often as it has been before now that my wife and I have a new little baby to take care of. By the end of July he weighed 9 pounds and 8 ounces!

    June 2003 -

  • My son was born on the 30th weighing 7lbs 12oz! Here is a link to my baby's page on my personal site.
  • I'm experimenting with flash buttons that will light up when your mouse moves over them, so appearence and layout of them may change often for a while.

    May 2003 -

  • Added pictures from the Haji Temple Car show to the Past Shows 2003 page.
  • Added pictures from the EuroCar show at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, NAS Pensacola on the same page.
  • Also, I'm disappointed to report that the guestbook has lost 30 recent entries due to the Geocities guestbook archiving system screwing up and NOT saving the entries into and archive file, but reporting that it did. IF you signed our guestbook during the past year, check to see of your entry is gone and please post again. Sorry!

    April 2003 -

  • Thank you for comming to our 11th Annual British Car Beach Bash 2003!
  • Pictures from the show are here on our Show 2003 page.
  • The winner's list has now been posted! (Tuesday, April 29, 2003 11:31:08 PM)
  • On the events list, the Lillian show for this year has been cancelled and removed from the list.
  • and added a link for the West Alabama British Car Club.

    March 2003 -

  • Added the March newsletter to the PBCA Newsletters page.
  • Uploaded pictures from the Panama City Bay British Cars show to the Other Shows 2003 page.
  • Changed the background on most pages from light green to white. I had started with British Racing green but after a few years I decided it looked too dark. Then I changed it to a light green a year ago. Now it's time for white.
  • Uploaded pictures from and New Orleans British Car Day 2003 and created a new page for that with the links from the front and bottom frame page to point to that new page.

    Febuary 2003 -

  • Uploaded 12 pictures from our tour of a private Transportation museum in Gulf Breeze, FL. Other Shows 2003.
  • Updated the registration form for our 2003 Pensacola British Car Beach Bash.
  • Updated the flyer for our 2003 PBCA Show flyer.
  • Updated the directions page on how to get to our show due to new road construction on nearby interstate highways.

    January 2003 -
    Hmm.. Forgot to update this page in a while... Let's see... what have I done this month?

  • Added January/Febuary newsletter and a member article about the club tour to the Flordia Caverns.
  • Added pictures from our 2002 Christmas party.
  • Added a new picture to our Jaguar members page.
  • Updated the Events page for 2003 events local, regional, national, and international.

    12/07/2002 -

  • Added twelve pictures from PBCA's 2002 Poker Rally to the "Other Shows" page.
  • Added December 2002 newsletter.

    10/28/2002 -

  • Added seven pictures from PBCA's 2002 Progressive dinner to the "Other Shows" page.
  • Seperated the "Other Shows" page into seperate pages for each calendar year because it was getting very long.

    9/28/2002 -

  • Added five pictures from the Montgomery British car show to the "Other Shows" page.

    08/10/2002 -

  • Uploaded the July newsletter which I had received a few weeks ago, but getting ready for a family vacation to Puerto Rico took most of my off-work time. We toured all around the island during the eight days we were there.

    06/27/2002 -

  • Added a picture to the Triumph members page.
  • Uploaded the June newsletter (better late than never) :-)

    06/02/2002 -

  • Posted pictures on the "Other Shows" page of members who attended the 4th Lillian Volunteer Fire Department Benefit Car Show at Lillian, Alabama, on June 1st,2002.

    05/13/2002 -

  • Started adding cars to the Members page that were not there before now that I have their picture from the PBCA 2002 Beach Bash. I also tried to make a determination as to the best picture of each car that I have and make it the thumbnail picture for that member. Other pictures for that member have a link in each member's text box.
  • If any member wants the text area next to their car to say something different than what is there now, simply email it to me and I'll change it.

    05/07/2002 -

  • Returned from the 15th Blount British Car Gathering in Townsend, TN. Placed three pictures of members' cars on the "Other Shows" page.

    04/23/2002 -

  • Uploaded 126 pictures from the PBCA 2002 British Car Beach Bash and the Friday night "Red Beans and Rice" dinner.
  • Our club voted to pay Geocities for a larger site with more bandwidth and a domain name!

    03/26/2002 -

  • Returned from the New Orleans British Car Day 2002 with pictures in my new digital camera and created a new page for that in the New Orleans shows section.

    03/13/2002 -

  • Added pictures from the Panama City British car show to the Other shows page.
  • Received another email from Geocities saying that our bandwidth usage is too much for a free site and that they have had to temporarily turn this site off. So if you access the site and get an error, it's not my doing. They measure bandwidth per hour, so I think it would only be off for the remainder of that hour.

    01/28/2002 -

  • You may have noticed the new background color on most site pages. I changed it to a lighter green from the darker British racing green in order to make the pages better readable. Normal black text on a dark background was harder to read and even when I made the text bold or white, the links are still blue. So the blue contrast on the dark green was even harder to read. I tested a few with a white background, but that was too plain-looking. Only old newsletters I did not bother to change.

    01/14/2002 -

  • OK! Drastic measures had to be taken to correct two problems with the site:
    1. our Geocities webserver space is getting maxed out.
    2. the allowable bandwidth for a Geocities free site is also maxed and they turned the site off temporarily. Which means if you get an error accessing the site, then it may not be the webmaster's fault. :-)
  • So many picture files had to be reduced in size and older pages from 1999 car shows were removed. I'm keeping the files for a while, so if you want a picture that is now missing email the PBCA webmaster for it.

    01/03/2002 -

  • Created a new page for our upcoming 10th Annual Pensacola British Car Beach Bash and changed the bottom frame link for that.
  • Fixed a problem with viewing the pictures from our Year 2000 show located on another site.
  • Changed the new membership form so that Microsoft Internet Explorer users can print it on one page.

    12/28/2001 -

  • Added my newest Triumph to the Triumph Members page.

    11/03/2001 -

  • Uploaded the November newsletter to the Newsletters page.

    10/20/2001 -

  • Seperated the Member's page into four pages according to marque: Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Others. The Member's page was getting quite long so this was the logical next step to improve page loading time.

    10/15/2001 -

  • Replaced member Ron Newman's MGBGT picture with one of his new Triumph TR8.
  • Added pictures from the Montgomery British Car show 2001 to the Other Shows page.

    09/25/2001 -

  • Added several new members to the members page. It's getting too long....
  • Added the October newsletter and the September one that I had missed. :-)

    08/16/2001 -

  • Updated a close event listing, the European Car Gathering at the Naval Air Museum, Aug.18th.

    07/21/2001 -

  • Added the July 2001 Newsletter of PBCA to the Newsletters page.
  • More cars added to the Members page from those who were at the 2001 PBCA Beach Bash and were not on the member's page before.

    07/16/2001 -

  • I removed many email addresses links to me and others from the website after I learned how email ad spamers use programs to scan websites and collect email address in order to create lists that they send junk email to and fill up my (and your) email inbox. I have better things to do than to download and delete junk mail from get-rich-quick schemes to ads for porn sites. So due to the nature of the beast, you will have to cut and paste email addresses found on this site.

    7/12/2001 -

  • More cars added to the forsale page and I'm not going to list here when that happens anymore...
  • I noticed that many members had pictures on show pages and not the Members Cars page, so I'm taking care of that bit by bit.

    5/3/2001 -

  • Added the May newsletter to the Newsletters page.

    4/24/2001 -

  • Have now scanned those missing pictures from the Show 2001 Winners page and uploaded them.
  • Added the "West Alabama British Car Club" to the links page. Some of their members were at our show and gave me their address.
  • Entered the date of the PBCA/SABCC picnic at Tom Schmitz' house on the events page. It's the 22 of July 2001.

    4/23/2001 -

  • Just noticed on a different PC that some of the pictures I took at the show appear to be dark. They look fine on my home computer when I cropped them for the site. Do they appear dark to anybody else? I will have to work on this over the coming week.
  • The digital camera missed a few that I retook with a normal camera. When I get the film back and scanned then I will be able to put those up.

    4/22/2001 -

  • Congrats to all the class winners and thanks to all that came to our show! We appreciate it much!
  • Working on pictures and pages after our 9th Annual show. It was a success with about 107 registered cars in attendence. First I have the winner's list and their pictures. Next will come the pages for pictures of all cars.

    4/2/2001 -

  • Added a picture of a TR3 on the cars for sale page.
  • Just discovered two pictures from the Montgomery British Car show Sept.1999, so scanned and uploaded them to the Other Shows page. My new bride is better organized than I am and she is helping me with that. :-)

    3/28/2001 -

  • Updated events page, added several cars to the for sale page.

    3/21/2001 -

  • Changed the link to the Temple of Triumph, Tallahassee, FL on the links page.
  • Added a description and pictures to the Other shows page from PBCA's recent appearance at the Panama City Scottish Festival.

    3/13/2001 -

  • Added two cars to the For Sale page. It's getting quite long. If you or someone you know has an item listed here, please let me know when they have sold it so that I can remove it. I'm providing a free service so I would think that sellers would let me know when they sell.

    3/7/2001 -

  • Added the Big Bend MG's to the Links page and redesigned it a bit.

    2/28/2001 -

  • Entered 2001 events on the Events page.
  • Offically changed the resolution for the website design optimized for. The site is designed with setting 1024x768 in mind, instead of 800x600.

    2/16/2001 -

  • The guestbook had to be changed. Geocities modified guestbook procedures for everybody on their system, so I had to create a new guestbook entry, a new guestbook page, save the old guestbook, and make the old guestbook viewable.

    1/17/2001 -

  • Created 2001 Beach Show page and changed links to it.
  • Cleared 2000 events, waiting for 2001 entries. Ideas: email Tom

    1/7/2001 -

  • Added 1976 Triumph TR-6 on the For Sale page.

    11/16/2000 -

  • Added 1967 Triumph Spitfire from BULGARIA on the For Sale page.
  • Added the newsletter for December 2000 to the newsletters page.

    10/26/2000 -

  • Added more pictures from the Fairhope British Car Day 2000 to the South Alabama shows page.
  • Added pictures from our outing to Fish Camp resturant to the other shows & outings page.

    10/23/2000 -

  • After the South Alabama British Car Day 2000, we have new pictures of our club's participation at their show.

    9/26/2000 -

  • Added two more Triumph cars to the For Sale page.

    9/22/2000 -

  • Posted the October PBCA newsletter on the Newsletters page.
  • Added MGB body parts to the For Sale page.

    9/15/2000 -

  • Added Tom Schmitz's Jaguar 420 to the Member cars page.
  • Posted the August PBCA newsletter on the Newsletters page.

    9/9/2000 -

  • Added a link to the Suncoast British Car Club in the Sarasota, FL area.

    9/5/2000 -

  • Added a link to the TR Register in Austria to the links page.

    8/22/2000 -

  • Added a Jaguar XKE V-12 to the For Sale page and updated the ad submission steps.
  • Added three member cars to the Member cars page.

    8/7/2000 -

  • Added a 1950 Jaguar MkV to the For Sale page.

    7/28/2000 -

  • Added a 1992 Jaguar XJ6 to the For Sale page.

    7/23/2000 -

  • Updated the Events page with some new events for the remainder of the year.

    7/20/2000 -

  • Added a new show picture to the Other area shows page.
  • Replaced the picture of Scott Putriment's MG Midget on the Member's cars with a new picture.

    7/18/2000 -

  • Added a new car to the For Sale page.

    5/13/2000 -

  • Uploaded pictures from our Friday night Social held before the Saturday British Car Beach Bash April 2000. They are on Page 4 of the Car show pictures page. I have been really busy getting ready for my wedding and honeymoon next month. So now that it's less than a month away, I expect the time to fly even faster!

    5/2/2000 -

  • Finally made thumbnail images for the members page, so loading that page should now be faster.
  • Added a new picture of Pete & Norma Peterson's Triumph Spitfire to the members page.

    4/18/2000 -

  • Added the winner's list for our 2000 show on the 8th Annual Show page.

    4/16/2000 -

  • After our successful British Car Beach Bash 2000, I uploaded car show pictures that I took of all the cars from the area. If you were there with a registered car, it should be there.
  • Added a MGBGT to the cars for sale page.

    4/9/2000 -

  • Added a Triumph Stag to the cars for sale page.

    4/3/2000 -

  • Created a page for PBCA at the SABCC shows. Changed the links in the bottom frame to get to that page.
  • Added the Rover logo to the front page because a new member owns one.
  • Changed the graphic links on the front page to a bit smaller and put three per row. This makes the overall page a bit shorter.

    4/1/2000 -

  • Added more pictures to the  Other Shows page.
  • Edited the  links  page.

    3/28/2000 -

  • Created a new page for the 10th Annual New Orleans British Car Day held March 2th, 2000. Made a link to their 1999 show at the bottom of that new page.
  • Finally added a newsletter for the Year 2000!
  • Added two cars to the for sale page.

  • 3/26/2000 -

  • Added a map and directions to Pensacola Beach to the 8th Annual Show 2000 page.
  • Added more cars and parts to the for sale page.

  • 3/17/2000 -

  • The date of the Montgomery British car show has been re-scheduled from June 10th to June 17th. Changed that date on the events page.

  • 3/14/2000 -

  • Added a 75 MGB and MGB parts to the for sale page.

  • 3/2/2000 -

  • Added Jim Bosak's Spitfire to the list of cars for sale.
  • Changed the 8th Annual show page to state that signs will lead people to the show site. We may not be at the same place this year as before.
  • Updated the Events page with more data from Tom Schmitz.

  • 2/19/2000 -

  • Added Bill Moseley's pictures to the members page. A picture of his 1964 Austin Healey 3000 MkIII and a picture taken with Donald Healey in 1984.

  • 1/29/2000 -

  • This page is where I will document what has recently changed.
  • Installed frames on the site, navigation around the site should be much easier!

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