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Honoring PBCA members who have passed away:

  • Franz Bachmann - Funeral home obituary
  • John Mahone - Funeral home obituary
  • Richard Cunningham - Find-A-Grave
  • Bill and Monnie Moseley - Dignity Memorial Obituaries: Bill | Monnie
  • Gus and Ann Fell - Find-A-Grave and Obit for Ann
  • Gordon Levi - Obit at PNJ, Obit at, and
    Photo from 2012 at the Pensacola NAS Lighthouse
  • Richard & Betty Lewis - Obituary
  • Jennie Schmitz

  • Margaret Henson

  • Henry C. Hensel III - Obit page with notes

  • Joe Hajcak - Obituary and Photo from High School reunion in 2018

  • Peggy and Ralph Overly - Dignity Memorial Obit

  • George Wakeman
  • Email webmaster of any names of past PBCA members not listed above.

    Jaguar. 2006 Jaguar XK8 Owners:Gus and Ann Fell. Picture from the PBCA 2017 Pensacola British Car Show.
    More photos: PBCA 2018 show
    Triumph TR81980 Triumph TR8
    Owners:Bill & Monnie Moseley. Bill bought this TR8 from club member Tom Schmitz to replace his beautiful Austin Healey that was totalled by a careless driver. Here is a picture of Bill with Donald Healey himself taken in 1984 and a article by Bill Moseley about meeting Donald Healey.
    More Pictures: PBCA 2019 show, PBCA 2018 show, PBCA 2009, PBCA 2008, PBCA 2007, PBCA 2006, PBCA 2005, Pensacola EuroShow 2005, Panama City 2004, Billboard "Thanks Britian" photo.
    1953 MGTD 1953 MG TD Owner:Joe Hajcak. Won 2nd place (as a tie) at the Hadji Temple 2006 All-Car Benefit show. Won "Greybeard" award as the oldest car-owner combination at the PBCA 2001 show. Picture from PBCA 2003 show.
    More pictures: Pensacola Beach British Car Show 2005 and 2006, EuroShow 2004 and 2006, Fish Camp Tour 2004 (far right), Hadji Temple Benefit Show 2006.
    Triumph 1958 Triumph TR3A
    Owner:Jerry Compton. Picture from the Pensacola British Car Show 2017.
    Jaguar 2004 Jaguar XK8Owner:Gordon Levi. Picture from PBCA's Pensacola British Car Show 2009.
    More pictures: PBCA 2010
    Jaguar 1991 Jaguar XJS Owner:Richard Lewis. Picture from PBCA's Pensacola British Car Show 2010.
    Austin Mini Cooper 1979 Austin Mini Cooper Owner:George Wakeman. Appeared at PBCA Pensacola British Car show 2016.

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